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Yann Heurtaux 馃悩馃啓 @shalf@mastodon.social

We are Live with our first iteration of joinmastodon.org which is going to serve as the Mastodon landing page for new users.

It is still a Work In Progress, but we are now sufficiently far along to be able to share it with you.
We want to make it easier for new users to join up.

Feedback thread

shamelessly jacked from birdsite, where it was jacked from the national post website (a real actual national newspaper here in canada)

i present this infographic, which is a little old, but still amazing glitch.social/media/QQDjzi9O3g

La phrase la plus sens茅e de la matin茅e : 芦 Moi j'vais m'reprendre un p'tit caf茅... 禄

Pour ceux qui n'ont pas vu hier, @cerdic a cr茅茅 une #PouetRadio automatiquement aliment茅e par nos toots !

Que mille notes de musique enchant茅e tapissent son fond d'茅cran pour cette belle invention <3


#PouetRadio #TootRadio

"community" entitlement - rant Show more

"Je ne suis pas commoner pour jouer aux billes mais pour gagner. Il faut viser l'h茅g茅monie" - Benjamin Coriat

#Communs #GrandsVoisins

"La d茅mocratie, c'est aussi du temps, pour qu'un projet appartienne 脿 tous." - Antonella Corsani

#Communs #GrandsVoisins

, putain 10 ans:
- Principes de design d'un : Allemagne, 2007, CCC, concept que les californiens et les new-yorkais importeront pour donner Noisebridge et NYC Resistor [1][2].
- Des pionniers des US (Tara Hunt et Chris Messina) ont beaucoup aid茅 脿 populariser le concept de c. 2005 [3].

[1] events.ccc.de/.../1003_Buildin...
[2] noisebridge.net/wiki/Hackerspa )
[3] blog.coworking.com/about/

it shall be m4st0.club

I'll set that up tomorrow if I'm high enough to compensate for laziness :p

a mastodon instance that automatically turns all toots into leet

Profitez du libre acc猫s 脿 M茅diapart jusqu'脿 demain soir pour aller lire ce retour d'exp茅rience sur l'aventure de Rasl'Front, un des principaux r茅seaux de lutte contre le FN des ann茅es 90 mediapart.fr/journal/france/06

Time to look at ways to switch all your two-factor auth away from SMS.

"After years of warnings, mobile network hackers exploit SS7 flaws to drain bank accounts -
O2 confirms online thefts using stolen 2FA SMS codes"

Actually TBQH if somebody steps up and says they want to adopt this puppy, and if the community wants it too, then I'll happily step down today. I've already got a lot going on in my life (work, open source, toot.cafe, some health issues atm) so I would love nothing more than to put someone else on the "about this instance" page: admins.town/about/more

Oh and also I fully intend to step down as Supreme Leader, especially if admins.town actually becomes A Thing鈩: admins.town/@nolan/308

Just so everyone's on the same page, here's the deal with admins.town (see glitch.social/users/bea/update for context):

- It's running on masto.host, generously provided by @hugo
- I'm paying for the DNS; that's my contribution
- Yes it's the 15th competing standard, sorry 馃檭
- Yes it provides transparency at least; no more shadowy cabal
- No I don't know if it's a perfect solution
- Yes something better very likely will come along
- It's there for folks to use. Enjoy! 馃檪