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Grand Moff Duke

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As a friendly reminder: both my Mastodon accounts will be dedicated solely to happy things. I'm making happy and that's it.

And you're all welcome to join me :)

Tonight's story I'm sharing is:

"Untitled" by K.A. Teryna, translated from Russian by Alex Shvartsman from Apex #102.

Just finished it so I'm still turning it around in my mind, but I liked this story about pain and love that felt like it could only take place in the very late-night hours when the subway stops running, as it does.

I just spent 20 straight minutes watching videos of people with unusual bonds with animals you wouldn't expect. And it's making me so happy.

Good morning, everyone! What and things are you up to today? Are you listening to any good or enjoying any exciting ?

Out tonight so no time to read and rec a story by a reasonable hour so I’m sharing a favorite from the beginning of the year.

“Black Like Them” by Troy L. Wiggins from Fireside Fiction.

Love the format of this one - a fictional magazine article on a ‘Dolezal Drug’. I think it’s getting a look at by some people for awards season right now and rightfully so.

Let's get back to editing that novel I'm being paid to edit. *typetypetype*

In a self promotion kind of post, I have that upcoming game called We Used To Be Friends happening, and we've got an actual play podcast of someone playing with the rules. You should check it out!

So I'm totally looking for people to discuss pen and paper gaming if you want to discuss hot me up!

BTW--I'm a producer of free, weekly podcast fiction including sci-fi, techno-thrillers, horror, and very dark fantasy. Come checkout or find me on iTunes to start listening. 3 years without missing an episode.

Putting the feelers out for all my friends. Say hello. Share a link to your podcast. Tell me stuff! :D

Good morning, people. How are you all doing this fine Monday?

Life lesson for today: don't eat too many prunes.

Good morning, everyone. How are you today? I'm a tad "hurt back and stressed out about work" today, but I'll probably live :P

Our goal on Mastodon is simple:

We want to help build, contribute to, and support members of a vibrant and inclusive community of geeks, nerds, artists, writers, fans, and everything between.

That's our mission as a podcast. That's our mission everywhere.

Magik leaping epically over the X-Men to attack with her sword is a panel created specifically delight me.

Good morning, everyone! How are all our and people today?

@Gargron Not sure if you're aware, but I cannot find any of the push notification options in my settings for Mastodon on Chrome. I can't deactivate notifications at all on Firefox (I can on Chrome by banning Mastodon through Chrome's settings, though). So getting lots of blips and no way to control any of it. :S

Does anyone know how to turn off the sound effect for notifications from Mastodon?