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As a friendly reminder: both my Mastodon accounts will be dedicated solely to happy things. I'm making happy and that's it.

And you're all welcome to join me :)

This is a #GlitterShip appreciation post! Because GlitterShip is fucking awesome, okay? Do you like #sciencefiction or #fantasy or whatever other variety of #speculativefiction with awesome #lgbt characters and storylines? Did you only just realize now that I mentioned it how much you might want that?

If yes, GlitterShip is the #sff #podcast and #anthology for you, my #queer frendos and queer-friendly folks also.

Spread the word: GlitterShip is great #ownvoices in action.

I like being on a diet that still lets me eat things I want to eat. Halo Top for ice cream. Mexican food (surprisingly, you can eat almost anything if you make it yourself). Omelettes. Bacon. Chili. All the good stuff. It just comes down to making it myself, eating a reasonable amount, and filled all the gaps with copious amounts of tea.

It's time! The big announcement is here!

Welcome to 2018: New Website, New Feeds, New Annual Theme, and New Everything!

We're super excited to share all this wonderful news with everyone. Enjoy the new look, y'all!

Hey all! How is everyone doing this fine Tuesday?

I'm watching Lethal Weapon because I need a classic to go to sleep to. There's probably something wrong with me...

Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know!

Over on the blog I wrap up my reading challenges for Goodreads and #aww2017.

Did you participate in any reading challenges last year? How did you go?

I swear. If any of you get drunk and try to drive tonight, I will personally show up at your jail cell and feed you to a very hungry tiger. Don't ask me where I will get the tiger. Heed the warning. Call an uber, lyft, cab, friend. Don't drive. Party smart to usher in 2018.

Oh, it's the Cybermen. Of course it would be. The second you see one, you just know there will be more...

Today's vlog: I saw the start of a hunt and spoilery Doctor Who Christmas Special thoughts (to go with general Doctor Who rambling)

Doctor Who! Time for a game of catch-up, since I haven't watched in years. But a female doctor = exciting!

My lord, that last message had way too many spelling errors in it. I'm not drunk. I swear.

Just another friendly notice: I'm still in quiet mode. It's finals week around these parts, there's a lot of grading to do, which means I'm not very active on social media right now. I'll be back soon, though. Promise!

Just letting folks know that I'm going to be a little quiet this week on all social media platforms. Getting caught up on work!

I am going to play the living crap out of Wolfenstein 2 once I have time!

Good morning, everyone. Who is going black Friday shopping today?

Friendly reminder that today is thanksgiving here in the United States, and we should say nice things because 2017 is already a year of darkness.

So I'm thankful for all who follow me and support me, my friends and family, my podcast listeners, and all the wonderful people out there who make life good.

In my latest blog post, I talk about the value of compliments and why you should tell people how much their work means to you. Read away.

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