Trump ban tiktok.
1. is it a right thing to do?
Of course damn not. I found all my way out of GFW, not wanna see US copy every policy from China.
2. is there any other options?
Seems not. It's an option of no options. The right thing to do is force China to open internet. Is this make sense to you?
3. what will be in the future?
If you look into the face of evil, it's going to look right back to you.

I took some further thinking of "the China phone". To a certain degree, it's pretty like a bug. You should not take it, when you're going somewhere you don't want others to know. You should cover it, when you're talking about something sensitive. But, at least it has one advantage. If cops in China ware asking you to hand over your phone, it will be pretty safe to hand it over.

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My conclusion is:
* don't trust clipboard too much, it's not so safe some how.
* keep the permission of clipboard in browsers disabled.
* close some "untrusted software" when copying sensitive data, or even disconnect the internet.

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* phone: android. one for China apps, one for globals. I gave up the security assumption of "the China phone". Not sure how the risk is to the global phone.

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Regarding the security of clipboard. I searched some docs, to see how big the risk is to my desktop/laptop/phone.
* desktop: linux. run just limited software. The biggest risk here is the websites in the browsers. (clipboard access disabled by default in firefox and chrome)
* laptop: mac. run limited software. The biggest risk here is Wechat. Not sure if it's monitoring clipboard.

My guess is, until now, there should have some China policeman "help" their Hong Kong colleague. Next move of gov will be, more remote support, less natives. Because natives has risks.


But that doesn't mean Hong Kong citizen should stop fighting, even for profile. The speciality of Hong Kong is, it between the west and the east, and connect them together. It will be impossible under the China gov.
I'm with HongKonger, although I don't think this works.


What happened in Hong Kong here, is because their citizen doesn't trust China gov or HK gov. Gov says, I'll do you a favorite. Nobody buy it. Currently, citizen can't push gov back because they can't vote. Gov don't care if they looks good. They just want to stop people thinking "fight works", especially for mainland China citizen. So this should be long, and could damage Hong Kong's reputation and economy.


This morning, I saw a guy front of me, wear a T-shirt which saying: gitcafe...
OK, he is a programmer.

This is the first message I sent in the mastodon. cheers.


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