Every user of Google, Facebook, ... should absolutely watch

It makes people understand how those services are designed with the ultimate goal to sell your brain time at the highest price.

Show it to Children, show it to Friends!


Tutanota is the best choice for hosting your custom domain emails online! 😀👇

✅ encrypted by default
✅ affordable price (1€/month)
✅ multiple domains possible
✅ easily add alias addresses
✅ multi-user support
✅ GDPR-compliant

You'll find more details here:

📰 PINE64 to launch #PineCom, a cheaper, modem-free #PinePhone-like PDA

"The first PinePhone, initially launched (more or less) as a cheaper alternative to the Librem 5, gained enormous success thanks to continuous efforts by both software developers and the team, releasing several variants, upgrading specifications and making this $150 Linux phone probably much better than most people would have expected, to the point of having several..."

Read more:
tuxphones.com/pine64-pinecom-l #linux

Highly sensitive information about South Africans from Experian breach now freely available online (21,263,393 unique records)

This is actually pretty detailed information about over 21 million "people", assuming a unique record represents people as even ID numbers are included. Given that the POPI Act has been a time coming and has actually been promulgated I'm really hoping a good example is set here... considering penalties include the CEO of the responsible company being sent to jail. If it's not done we can expect sloppy security and preventative measures to continue.
And for the record, even though this was socially engineered that has zero to do with the information not being protected. The POPI Act is not only for breaches of firewalls, it is for protection of personal information even if it is kept in a shoebox on paper pages. To state otherwise is inexcusable ignorance around the Act. squeet.me/objects/962c3e108818

With last week's updates, we've improved the speed of Tutanota a lot. We feel like it's at least twice as fast. Hope you feel it, too. 😃🥳

Today, we announce that e Foundation is getting a financial grant from the SIDN fund to develop an integrated "privacy center" for Android, and improve PWA app support in /e/OS


e Foundation has received a financial grant from SIDN Fund
to support the development of an integrated privacy center for and improve PWA support in /e/OS.
Find out more here:
Read in Dutch here:

Single sign-on is not only convenient, it also comes with a lot of security risks: wired.com/story/single-sign-on
Instead, use a password manager like KeePass, and look out for Google alternatives whenever possible. Here are some recommendations: tutanota.com/blog/posts/how-to 😀💪

Think Twice Before Using Facebook, Google, or Apple to Sign In Everywhere - So-called single sign-on options offer a lot of convenience. But they have downsides that a good old fashioned pass

If one of your go-to passwords is compromised, credential stuffers and phishers can access all the accounts you secured with that password. The best way to get around that is to use a password manager, which creates strong, secure passwords wherever you need them. Like SSO, password managers can also become a single point of failure if an attacker takes over control of your devices or steals your unique master password. But unlike single sign-on setups, a password manager doesn't require you to rely on multiple random entities across the web.
The inherent risks aren't just hypothetical. In September 2018, Facebook disclosed a massive data breach that impacted at least 50 million of its users and, among other things, exposed any other account those people logged into using Facebook SSO.
See Think Twice Before Using Facebook, Google, or Apple to Sign In Everywhere

wired.com/story/single-sign-on squeet.me/objects/962c3e10ede0

AMD launches new Zen-based Ryzen processors for Chromebooks - A game changer with up to 212% better performance for multitasking and content creation and 251% better graphics performance

Chromebooks ran a "lighter" OS and never had a reputation for power or performance really but this looks all set to dramatically change with AMD going in.
See AMD launches new Zen-based Ryzen processors for Chromebooks
#technology #chromeos #AMD
> AMD has announced new Zen-based Ryzen 3000 C-Series and Athlon 3000 C-Series processors for high-end Chromebooks.

gadgeteer.co.za/amd-launches-n squeet.me/objects/962c3e100110

First boot of a new /e/ build on Gigaset GS290.
And first time that /e/OS is running on a Mediatek SoC.

SpaceX's Starlink satellite internet only has 20-millisecond lag and over 100 Mbps download rates

SpaceX included the data in a presentation it sent to the FCC last Friday, which was spotted by Reddit users. The two benchmark tests, conducted using Ookla’s Speedtest service, show Starlink achieving a 102 to 103Mbps download rate, 40 to 42Mbps upload rate, and a latency of 18 to 19ms.
The presentation is also attached to a letter from SpaceX’s director of satellite policy, David Goldman, which says initial beta tests for Starlink are hitting below 30ms on latency. For comparison, the average latency for fixed broadband in the US is 25ms, while the rate on mobile networks is at 48ms, according to Speedtest.
According to the presentation, SpaceX is manufacturing about 120 Starlink satellites each month. The goal is to launch thousands of them into space to enable worldwide coverage and download speeds of 1Gbps.
The bigger challenge may be the 'political' one - how will US, Australia, China, etc censorships be enforced for bannings. squeet.me/objects/962c3e106d6b

These days everyone seems to be rather busy being anti-this and anti-that and anti-everything-in-between.

You know what? I'd rather people tell me what they actually stand *for*, not everything they are *against*.

The kind of message we often receive! ❤️

"Hello /e/ team, I just wanted to congratulate and thank you for your admirable work! I've just received my S8 and I love the experience! It's easy, it works smoothly and the phone looks brand new 🤩 And... bye bye Google! Thanks again!"

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