Trump's 'Clownishly Corrupt' EPA chief Scott Pruitt to roll back mercury regulations on coal-fired power plants

Remember when Trump's longtime attorney, Michael Cohen, stood in a federal courtroom and, under oath, said that the president instructed him to commit two felonies?

That was just 39 days ago

I was released from confinement. I don't feel free.

β€” Lorbam TitthalΓΉshrir Akrulegur KΓ₯tdir, Mace Lord

I'm trying to decide if the Trump White House is bungling the handling of the Kavanaugh nomination to distract us from the Rosenstein firing, or if Trump is firing Rosenstein to distract from the disaster of the Kavanaugh nomination.

It’s interesting that Brett Kavanaugh does not seem interested in having a thorough investigation that would clear his good name. πŸ€”

What we learned from the hearings:

β€’ Lied under oath 5x

β€’ Only 4% of records made public

β€’ "Proud" of upholding voter suppression laws

β€’ Would make Russian election interference easier

β€’ Doesn't think Roe v Wade "settled precedent"

β€’ Wouldn't shake hands with Parkland father

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain. - Vivian Greene

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