Great article by @jamesm and @shevski about why #Labour—any party really—should take an active stance to develop open standards and identity portability, instead of creating #statebook

5+ years of thinking on decentralisation -> a post about:
* There’s more to decentralisation than blockchain
* Decentralisation is a tech tactic and a movement that values agency, privacy, collaboration and choice
* We need to decentralise power by distributing control, knowledge and capability to the network
* Focus on the impact and change we want to see
* An ecosystem of alternatives that work together through open protocols is more compelling than one killer app

There's more to decentralisation than blockchain - we need to decentralise power, by distributing control, knowledge and capability:

Day got derailed writing an article about a political thing. Politicians!

Kindle died unexpectedly in the night.
Going on holiday tomorrow. What shall I do?

What are your favourite articles on why centralisation / surveillance capitalism / monopolies are bad?

Excited that people are using mastodon. Don't know if that's due to my love of new shiny apps or @Redecentralize / @redecentralize love (I guess me and @frabcus created one each?) 😂

@Mastodon I'd like to be able to have multiple accounts displayed side by side here - which is what made tweetdeck amazing! ❤️

This is why we need an open standard for social graphs. I really want to be able to export and import my twitter/fb connections into an alternative like this.


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