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I’ve put together an in-depth guide to overcome loneliness, boredom and anxiety as we self isolate due to the pandemic.

I’m sharing my tips and strategies for ; dealing with anxiety; and ideas for things we can do while we’re in lock down. {Being an introverted hermit, I’ve basically been self quarantining for most of life! 🤪}

I hope you find some useful pointers here.

Stay safe, guys!

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‪As we celebrate is it time to rethink who “We” are?‬

New on the politics - a post that I had in my drafts for a very long time. Today seems the apt day to put my thoughts together.

Read & tell me what you think? Who is the “We” in We, the people of India?‬

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Alrighty then! I’m going to try and do this as a thread.

This is the first stage of the painting. I just chose a few colors that were calling to me, and added them onto the canvas.

No agenda, other than laying down some color and making a few marks.

When the husband saw it as this stage, he said it looked like a painting of a rat’s ass! 🙄 {I’ve helpfully labelled said rat’s ass on the painting 😏}

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Hola! I’m Shinjini. I tweet on Birdsite as @modern_gypsy. I’m a self-taught artist, exploring my inner landscape through paint & mixed media. I bring my interest in depth psychology to my deck of tarot cards, which I also use as a jumping off point for art & writing.

I’m a cat momma to two tomcats, Simba & Loki. I’m an avid reader - fiction, mostly, & some depth psychology & a tiny bit of philosophy.

Left, liberal, secular.

Just recorded a podcast episode that I think I’m gonna have to scrap. And re-record. Why am I so iffy about sharing my thoughts? 😤

Have been there know how much it hurts; now i change position every 30 mins, do neck and arm stretches, go for a walk. Of course I have a customized computer chair and for the odd hour on the bed a laptop table

‪Just sent off all the videos (11 of them!) and PDFs for my lesson in Pull Pen Paint: a 10-month journey with and .

‪Can’t wait for it to go live, and for the PPP community to dive into it!

There’s a fabulous line-up of teachers with some amazing classes on tarot, art, and more.

‪Details + sign up: ‬

I’m planning to try out Substack for one of my newsletters. The platform let’s you charge for them, which is interesting and is something I may consider - for a spin-off more in-depth version of the newsletter.

But this one will always be free - with a paid option sometime down the line.

If you’re interested in & , consider signing up:


Folks, do listen to this if you want to understand Modi's economic policies and their impact on the masses. In a simple language and the perspective that I know nobody else could explain. I learn a lot from him. So, today at 5 PM. Here is the link:


Don't hold me responsible for the wrongdoings of the society I was born into. Judge me for what I am.

History will not be kind to us. We shall be known as the generation that haplily surrendered India's independence.

Sooo....I have a couple of creative projects up my sleeve. One of them is an art !

It’s just a totally crazy whim, though I do have quite a few ideas brainstormed.

The intro/teaser is here, with the first episode to release on 1 August.

Have a listen and subscribe? It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher. 😄

Ich hatte vergessen, dass Kornblumen meine Lieblingsblumen sind. Gestern wurde ich daran erinnert ❤️


I had forgotten that cornflowers are my favourite flowers. Yesterday I was reminded ❤️
#nature #florespondence

Can you please boost this so people can find my instance? Thanks <3

I have been interested in Regenerative Agriculture for some time. It goes far beyond 'conservation' as it recognises that there are centuries of farming practices that have degraded the soil that need restorative action.

I've just been introduced to an organisation that is working to promote and defend this and, in particular, seed diversity which is also part of the necessary restorative change required.

Seeds of Change in Times of Crisis

Or maybe I just need to mute/unfollow a whole bunch on handles on bird site? 🤔

I love all the cat photos I see every time I log onto Mastodon. :)

That, and the political tweets seem to be fewer and less triggering, somehow.

I just wish there were more of us here. It seems awful quiet here sometimes.

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