I'm so into the golden lovers now... I'm so into wrestling y'all...

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I would like to know how to start a strike fund

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Serious recommendation: if you like solarpunk, look into AfroFuturism. It's been around -way- longer, and tbh, solarpunk was probably inspired by it. The aesthetics and ideals often overlap, and there's way more lore and fiction to read! Also, you'll be giving a platform to people that have great ideas and need the attention.

but the spiderverse soundtrack really was great

idk whatever done typing now i always try to accept criticism and also love, if u engage with what i say feel free to comment or provide thoughts!

there's something here about how leftist infighting bothers me not because of how it sets us back (i think leftist infighting is really useful for pushing us forward and getting things into our brains sometimes, or at least, it''s complex) but rather because i think we tend to... we say "there isn't much i can do about that thing outside, but i can do something about this person being too tanky" and in aggregate that means we are ineffective as a whole

it's nice that we have evolving and thought-out positions on things, i really like that about The Discourse. but i'm also extremely wary of it of course, because like. there is no sense behind what gets Discoursed. by which i mean it is a literally random/chaotic process and i don't trust that because of how it can be directed by angry actors and how it hurts people who don't have enough safety net and stuff

i feel like this comes off more judgmental than i mean it, sorry about that. i'm just verbalizing my thought process here as a way to redirect the energy of "oh everyone's talking about x, i want to talk about x"

it is hard because i have that built in human urge to weigh in on things when people around me are talking about them. but i am trying to be more in control of that feeling, because i don't want to contribute to the thing where suddenly everyone has opinions about a thing just because we're all talking about it, like, id rather be more sparing with when i do opinions i guess?

there is discourse happening and i am doing my best to not participate on account of i dont care

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Fondly remembering that time some guy created PonziCoin as a joke, made it clear in plain words it was a pyramid scheme, and people bought into it in such alarming numbers that he freaked and pulled the plug. I love the internet.

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artist: okay, your commission comes out to $20
me, chuckling: I don't think so
artist: ???
me, laughing louder as I tip a bunch: hahahaHAHAHA

Honestly most of the time these days I don't have these kindsa big anxiety and panic feelings but I am stressed and didnt know what to do and he kept making that sighing noise you make when someone's fuckin it all up and you're a half hour from the end of your shift

I mailed a package and I only a LITTLE want to cry

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are there poisonous grains? like, to make bread from?

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