here's a hot take i would like to remind people on the internet: you can max out something's volume so it gets all clipped and distorted and then make it quiet again. it will still register to viewers as being humorously loud, but it will not hurt their ears or damage their speakers. please. do that.

i think wild gesticulation is acceptable to me just. don't yell. i am uncomfortable with it and i am very uncomfortable watching that around people

i mostly just want lets plays where the people talk a lot but never scream or yell

some part of me wants to build a mario ticker tape checkpoint thing, i don't even know why, i don't even plaay mario. here is how it would be:

eight to ten feet tall, barber pole kinda things with the blue and white spiral spinning inside a clear tube

a ticker tape spanning between the poles (possibly with magnets? possibly with rings around the poles?) that slides up and down them steadily

probably a heavy base that they all mount to. i would probably make it a dark grey.

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Trans girls who don't wear chokers are still valid.

Trans girls who don't wear thigh highs are still valid.

Trans girls who don't know how to code are still valid.

Stereotypical in-jokes about the community might seem harmless, but it makes others feel left out.

i am planning to try to make videos of some sort and i think i am going to learn to take pretty videos and post them and stuff by taking videos of coffee mixing because it's very pretty when you put the creamer in

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So here’s @‍Watch, the watchOS complication I’ve been putting together!

It shows the Internet Time, on any Apple Watch face you like.

If you’ve got an Apple Watch of any flavour, you’re welcome to come help me test it!

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