reminder that i am no longer active on this account and can be found at @shoofle

i imagine most people have noticed by now, but if you didn't: i moved to @shoofle! go there from now on for your Hot Shoofle Content. there hasnt been much hot content yet tho just the regular kind

Alright, here's the plunge:

I'm moving instances! Follow me at @shoofle. The account hasn't really ramped up yet but I'm moving there!

trying to get girlfriends by pushing a polycule core through the mall while humming the Katamari Damacy theme

i keep watching videos about lathes and biochemistry and i'm so proud of humanity for what we have become capable of

I'm a centrist: both the united states AND spain owe puerto rico reparations!

i need to stop watching videos about how awful the hyperloop is because it just makes me angry about america's lack of high speed or low speed rail

i want to finish this project half so that i can have another working monitor and half because i'm tired of this thing taking up space on my desk. i'm recovering my desk this year god dammit

oh! the rear legs of my monitor don't have to attach to the back! they can attach to the sides!

I guess at least I can say that I only wasted ten bucks on this thing? If I decide to scrap the project, that is. I'm going to let it sit for a couple days to discharge before I attempt to reflow a few solder joints and apply superglue to some transformers.

I poked several transformers with a stick but I could not verify if any of them were responsible for the whine. This is very sad because the whine is the primary reason I am not interested in using this further :(

OK I successfully verified that I can adjust the focus knobs... I think the picture is a little better now. Unfortunately, it was not obvious where the high frequency noise is coming from...

I think I am taking sufficient precautions (actuallh I think I'm going overkill) but I am still scared.

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