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Putin should get a friggin' Nobel prize for forcing all of Europe to heavily invest in renewables.

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For a billionaire, Elon Musk is surprisingly needy.

@Gargron assuming some instances get very large, and local timelines get too voluminous for casual browsing, has there been discussion of what a mastodon visibility algorithm (or preference system) might look like someday?

I realize some don't like cross posting (which I doubt will scale in the future with many instances) but sometimes it's just too much work to do otherwise. I'll just post the link, and an imaged version.

After a few years of watching this all evolve, I think that Twitter people need to see Mastodon as a "Twitter alternative," because they really need one. But Mastodon people see Mastodon as a social media alternative because they've always wanted one.

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formulating a conspiracy theory that explains the proliferation of conspiracy theories - including itself

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I've had to tell people this before and I don't mind doing it again, but as much as I personally don't like him or others may not, Joe Manchin is definitely a Democrat and votes with them more often than not, including several votes to confirm Biden appointees recently:

We can't get a liberal in W.Va. Focus on defeating MAGA and increasing Democrats' numbers in the Senate so Manchin is irrelevant.

@Fenix Did you start on mstdn social. Why there, and not here? Just curious. Also, are you cross posting, or are all those Crooks posts originating from masto.

Tthis conversation is from late last year. Do you agree that a great many mastodon accounts are dormant, caused by curiosity seekers returning to Twitter or other silos?

@KevinMarks Hi KM. Do you think this Musk panic is different from earlier /Mastodon look-sees by Twitter folks? I realize not everyone cares, but I think this is a better model long term and needs a more lasting surge to really get momentum. I ponder ways we can all help it along.

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@shoq Some instances have their own rules and don't accept crossposting.

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Good morning, Mocialites. A newbie friend, @nicksearles asks me a good question: "How do I translate tweets?" Is there any plan for adding it to the core? I can only find an old Greasemonkey script based on GoogleTranslate.

@Gargron is there a particular forum or chat where mastodon's future and development priorities are being discussed regularly?

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It's starting to feel like the world is indulging someone with a serious mental disorder. This is so self-indulgent, it's terrifying. He just doesn't seem to have any brakes on his crazy train.

Anyone: what determines whether "show more" or less is used in a Toot?

I keep hearing that some people on mastos dislike it when people cross-post from twitter. If the content is good, why does it matter how many platforms it's shared on?

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