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I'm Shortwings and I draw comics, furries, and many other things!

Also, just being real here, most of what I draw is at least some level of horny, so I hope you know that before you follow! 18+ followers only, no kids!

Here's a little snippet of my currently running comic Valerie & the Covenborough Cult!

Is there a hashtag for art you want critique on? Should there be??

Trying to get back into art dailies, I cooked this up yesterday. Crits welcome.


My friend's #OC is so beautiful, and I love doing motion with long hair <3

This here is Fangs, a character I’ve been working on for a while. She’s a half vampire, and part of a new story I’m writing at the moment. Hope you like her as much as I do!

#vampire #fangs #instagram #illustration #mastoart mastodon.art/media/KLmYuYvQF53

hey, did you know you can get all my comics either for ~free~ or $2 here: sambeck.itch.io/

Cadmus and Songs for the Dead are also on comixology! bit.ly/2ASmP4d

Been away while I've been coming back to the states, here's a thing!

if you've got any advice on how to paint better I'm all ears

[mild nsfw]

sorry I haven't been here very much, i've been busy

In the Valley of the Gods looks hype af