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I'm Shortwings and I draw comics, furries, and many other things!

Also, just being real here, most of what I draw is at least some level of horny, so I hope you know that before you follow! 18+ followers only, no kids!

Here's a little snippet of my currently running comic Valerie & the Covenborough Cult!

my cat magic would always get bad reactions from people because she's black and had Resting Cat Face. but she was actually the sweetest cat I ever had, would greet strangers and loved perching on people's shoulders.

Important game tip: Make your lizardman blep by choosing this option in viewing mode when creating a character

in that mood again where I leave most discord servers I'm on

kinda wish I had a beer

or maybe something stronger

I'm sad and lonely,

a person I sent art to still hasn't replied and I'm afraid they might be avoiding me

When was the last time I even browsed tumblr, maybe I should just delete my accounts because I don't think I'll be posting there again anytime soon

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