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I'm Shortwings and I draw comics, furries, and many other things!

Also, just being real here, most of what I draw is at least some level of horny, so I hope you know that before you follow! 18+ followers only, no kids!

Here's a little snippet of my currently running comic Valerie & the Covenborough Cult!

okay that's the last call, I think after that I'll just delete all mentions of it

Anyways, im horny for antitrust

Im going to bed. Break up big banks!

Listen, I understand you have a review process, but I'm horny NOW

me after a basic unix intro class: sudo draw my fursona

feel like the past month I've just barely been hanging in there

I've had no energy or motivation to do anything

The real April Fools were the friends you made along the way

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