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I'm Shortwings and I draw comics, furries, and many other things!

Also, just being real here, most of what I draw is at least some level of horny, so I hope you know that before you follow! 18+ followers only, no kids!

Here's a little snippet of my currently running comic Valerie & the Covenborough Cult!

I miss baking, but I just haven't had the energy this month

The Birth of Eden

Check out more at

Send me your characters and I might draw 'em. Also willing to trade if you wanna draw mine.

meanwhile look at these doodles, I decided she should have MORE EARS

Hey I'm gonna do a public (shared canvas drawing) soon because I'm being lonely, hope to see any of you there

Honestly I might just permanently switch to Mastodon only because less engagement here will probably mean I'll waste less time on social media...

Some character designs for a story I've been affectionately calling Anxiety Cat.

Wanted something really summer-y for this month’s mail club print since it’s finally getting warm again

this is actually a p big illust so I don't give a hoot about posting a million WIP shots

the Skelebros

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