How I built a framework to measure team health

This is a deep dive into PETALS, a framework I created and trialled this year to support some of our teams with frequent, rapid fire questions over 5 dimensions that create a simple visualisation

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The era of fluid robots begins. These robots, made of magnetic slime, can be inserted into the human body for operations such as removing accidentally swallowed objects.

The boy: It’s detected your IP and worked out where you are.

Princess. Teehee! I P!

£15 for 15 days roaming in Europe with Vodafone. Remind me again of these Brexit benefits‽

One of my favourite photos so far from our wedding vow renewal on Saturday. Such love for my beautiful wife but also shared with all our nearest and dearest.

Here’s to the next chapter… 💕

It was great fun picking out my favourite tunes from past 10 years and playing them back was truly uplifting. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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10 years ago this week, we launched the House Finesse podcast so today we’re celebrating with a special 2 hour mix from @onephatdj selecting some of his favourite tunes over the years.

Download and enjoy in Apple Pods and our website…

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The last supermoon of the year is tonight 🌕

It's called the Sturgeon moon as it's the full moon for the month of August.

If you are out and about this evening, we would love to see your images of the Sturgeon moon, share then below using 👇

We’re renewing our wedding vows on our 17th anniversary with our kids, family and friends.

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Beautiful day to get out the house and head to the office. It’s made even more special knowing it’s my last day before signing off for two weeks and our wedding blessing on Saturday.

Come join our amazing team of passionate to help provide updates on matchdays. There's over 13.4K followers who depend on the updates. 🐏
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Hope find this coverage useful. Most of our team attend home matches so commenting on them can be patchy! If you’d like to join us please DM.

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Behind the scenes recording with @cole007 - it was a proper head-scratching moment. Find out what he was thinking about in the Season 9 finalé.

A momentous day for this long running side project. I'm also conjuring up a special mix for this Friday.
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Happy birthday to us! 🥳

10 years ago, @onephatdj, @official_lyp & @gweilolyp joined forces to release the first House Finesse show.

Today, we’re celebrating with an exclusive remix of ‘s Break My Soul by LYP, free to download now!


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The season finale is with one of @si’s oldest friends from the web, @cole007 - talking about how he got through a serious health scare in the pandemic and illustrated a book with @MichaelRosenYes that’s not about tomatoes 🍅

Heading to the Alex for a morning of athletics. To think we used to live over the road from this stadium too.

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Want to write more frequently? Sometimes it's as simple as turning an existing Twitter thread, or in this case, an email exchanging on branding, into a quick post. Enjoy.

How am I old enough to have a kid with a NI number?

At least he can start earning his keep now.

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A senior lady and grocery store employee have a stand off every time she comes by shopping

After meeting so many people remotely through the pandemic, whenever we meet in person, I like to play Taller or Shorter. Camera angles can be so deceiving.

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