I love the idea of Pixelfed – an image-sharing Web app using open standards. That UI was clearly inspired by another popular competitor too… pixelfed.social/si

Why Mastodon is defying the “critical mass” by @poshaughnessy@twitter.com - it's not a Twitter replacement so don't think of it as such


That’s two @SlackHQ@twitter.com tweets in a row. And now three.

Slack billboard spotted in Euston. It’s no longer a techies club.

How accessible is your online shopping experience? is here to encourage you to check and improve it for your customers purpletuesday.org.uk/

Thanks to BBC Sounds, I’ve now discovered Evil Genius - a brilliant podcast with @russell_kane@twitter.com chewing the fat with fellow comedians evaluating iconic people. Coincidentally, evil genius.

MySpace clearly want you to agree to their T&Cs with an infinite loop UX

A day in the life of… @Natty_Huitson@twitter.com - one of the most energetic and inspiring people you'll ever meet. I'm so proud to have her in our team


Code: Selfish – a pragmatic approach to GSD with an MVP by @simonhamp@twitter.com


iPhone screen is seriously cracked now. Do I get someone else to repair it or go for a DIY job?

I like the idea of limiting access to your Gmail to 3 times a day but I'm a little cautious of letting a third party take control adios.ai/

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I don't!

But I do remember it not being such a controversial platform for egotistical leaders and fame-hungry celebrities.

Also, Jabber (instant messaging) access was the norm. Now THAT was a simple UX.

Did anyone else go through the habit of creating Twitter accounts for side projects but nothing ever come of them? I've just discovered 10.

*opens Twitter*

*reads a lot of complicated political tweets from US*

*closes Twitter feeling stupid and ignorant*

I just can't let good domain names go, despite them getting zero use or ROI. Does that make me a hoarder?

That’s enough retweeting for one morning. It has got me thinking about what I should tweet though. Why DO 4,000 odd accounts follow me?

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