Random father's day gift from Mrs J took us to see Jasper Carrott at the end of his tour in MK.

I do love his Brummie dad humour but the old rock medleys were lost on me. At least the surrounding middle-aged club seemed to enjoy themselves.

Is there a community where you can pitch website / app ideas for people (devs, designers, testers etc) to get involved in? I'd like to think Twitter is good for it but past experience suggests otherwise.

Why have I only just seen the Amazon smirk in the arrow? 😏

A reminder that accessibility is not always a permanent thing.

Guess what I'm doing on a Friday evening? Setting up a Windows machine for web development.

When I see a young family with a new WHITE pram, I do smile to myself.


When you're first in the lift for an upper floor then three people follow for all the floors beneath you.

Helping the homeless + loud feature socks = @Stand4Socks@twitter.com FTW! 🏳️‍🌈🧦


What have you been reading over the weekend that would make a good Article of the Week on @VerbalDiaryShow@twitter.com?

Well done to the @Lionesses@twitter.com on their victory over Scotland today. It was a joy to watch a game of fair play without the drama of a typical men's game.

Youtube Premium family plan is £17.99/month direct or £22.99/month on iOS (through Apple Subscriptions).

Is that how much commission they take?

Planning to move @VerbalDiaryShow@twitter.com over to @getpinecast@twitter.com next week. Importing archive was seamless and functionality is awesome but all old URLs will be lost in migration.

I nearly deleted this email as it looked like a dodgy scam. It was, in fact, the stage to verify an SSL certificate request.

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