Apple should add furniture assembly to the Workouts app options. I'm working up more of a sweat than some runs.

Another office birthday sponsored by's amazing caterpillar cake, followed by the traditional chant "Eat the face!"

According to Shoshana Zuboff, Google & Facebook are as "ruthless and profit-seeking" as Industrial Revolution tycoons.

"Instead of mining the natural landscape, surveillance capitalists extract their raw material from human experience.”

Performance isn't just a buzz-word - there are definite ethical implications you should consider as part of your tech strategy.

👍for the principle of gitmoji - a standard set of emoji to enhance your Git commit messages

Scratchy Bottom, Brokenwind, Shitterton - thanks to's inspiration, we've now got our camping tour for this Summer sorted with the best place names in Britain

I can't be the only person to swear every time I see the Captcha photo grid. How about using that for testing whether I'm human?

I take it back - a classic hard reboot registered the ethernet connection properly and all the catch-up apps are working again. I love the simplicity of tech sometimes.

Didn't think about on-demand TV with internet provider switch; Talktalk TV box no longer works with Sky Fibre.

It certainly helps having a geeky father-like-son; he's already connected and speed tested the new WiFi router after switching provider today.

My work here is done.

I like the idea of using device buttons rather than screen hot-spots for making mobile maps more accessible

Our Action on Google Assistant is available in the UK and the US now. You can start the conversation by saying: ‘Hey Google, Talk to ASOS’ and start shopping.

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