It's not "human resources".

It's "carbon based work units".

How often do you email someone out the blue for help? I've just found some code on Github I'd like to reuse but can't work out how so done just that.

"If security is at all a concern for you (or the client you’re building the site for), then a shared hosting plan won’t be ideal. If any website on the shared server is attacked, it could easily spread to your own."

I'd love to see some user research results to support this theory that you should lean towards semi-transparent disabled buttons over greyed out

How many dodgy products is Harry Redknapp endorsing at the moment? First GoDaddy, now Bet Victor. It'll be a payday loan company next.

Today, not only did I brave shorts but also double denim.

I use the term "brave" loosely.

Finally paid the annual subscription for - by far the best iOS podcast player on the market (for me at least). £9/yr is nothing for the amount of time I use it.

Time for my two favourite female comedians, now on Channel 4. Make me laugh after a crappy day.

Chaos at Euston isnty helped by blank screens on the concourse

I love the look of - a tool for managers to plan and run common habits with their teams.

Bumped in to an old uni mate from nearly 20 years ago on the train this morning. He lives in Manchester, I'm in the Midlands, both heading to London. What are those odds?

Has anyone tried - a $10 monthly subscription to productive Mac apps?

Our Slack community has grown up after a few months, now with it's own domain 👉

Join us if you need help focussing on and finishing off your side projects.

Installing Gatsby to try on a little side project and my MBP fans have gone wild, moreso than rendering an hour long iMovie project. Doesn't bode well for performance.

Is there an app that shows your direct debits or recurring payments in your calendar?

Anyway, enough ranting about Brexit. I'm nearly back from a wonderful time in France so I will be biased.

I can only imagine how well this will turn out with a no-deal Brexit.

Border control at Calais ferry port is a farce of a process. After making amazing time on the roads, it's taken us 2 hours to get through multiple broken road systems, two passport controls and a ticket office with more delays to come on the channel crossing and Dartford tunnel.

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