Murphy's law of Wifi:

Whenever there are two or more Wifi networks available, your device will connect to the least desirable one.

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Can we stop?

Can we stop with bullshit writing like this?

Say it.
Fucking say it.
Say "we're discontinuing the iPod".

If any person talked to you like that IRL, you'd cut them out of your life by yesterday.

Company of sociopaths, I swear.

Mounting a CD-ROM from 20 years ago on modern macOS...

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Okay, Mastodon still feels a bit clumsy. I'm not sure how to do this via the regular web UI, but you can get to people's profiles on your home server via:

[your server]/web/@[their handle]@[their server]

For people on your home server, you also get more options there than at just /@[their handle].


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