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I regularly get Japanese websites displaying or e-mailing prices in \

This is all Microsoft's fault because they literally have a hack in Windows to display the \ codepoint as ¥ in Japanese locales/fonts because Japanese people were used to it looking like that in DOS/Win9x. twitter.com/dekisu/status/1269

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Change of date: due to the pandemic the Challenge, originally planned for 3-7 November 2020 in Vienna, is now slated for 2021 in Prague 🇨🇿. Find out more➡️ europa.eu/!YW76HT

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Dragon manned flight telemetry received on 2272.5MHz - very fluttery signal but hopefully strong enough to do the needful ;-)

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There is just something very satisfying about having a root shell on your phone

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Debian instalation is a hidden RPG-like game. I just got an unwanted achievement. Or, if you are more into Pokemon, a wild bug has appeared…



Unfortunately, my Internet provider (T-Mobile CZ, AS13036) does NOT implement BGP safely. Check out isbgpsafeyet.com to see if your ISP implements BGP in a safe way or if it leaves the Internet vulnerable to malicious route hijacks. via @Cloudflare@twitter.com Ping: @TMobile_CZE@twitter.com

I have never seen phishing so targeted on the Czech Republic, the @CT24zive@twitter.com homepage looks so real

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Honestly, I wouldn't be too surprised if Mr Prime Minister really said something like that

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I just tried to telnet to the Fortnite server port and I don't see what all the fuss is about.

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Side channel research is getting ridiculous (twitter.com/stefant/status/123)
Here's "malware" that transmit data by changing the wifi signal power:

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