@sikkdays That was a more meaningful blog post than I expected when clicking through. I'm glad you have the self awareness that you display though, good for you. It amazing the patterns in our lives that are set up so young.

@insom I appreciate you taking the time to read it. I think it is even more amazing that though we might learn these patterns at a young age, it is no one's fault. Everyone at this moment, and in my past, is doing their best.

@sikkdays thank you for writing this and sharing it with us. I very much recognize a lot of these feelings in myself and your outlook on it is inspiring. :blobpats:

@sikkdays "It's getting easier to see these damaging thought patterns in my life. However, it often happens after the fact, when I can take a step back and see what transpired. Then, my demon returns to tell me, "So much for getting better. You screwed up again."..A compassionate friend reading this may note that it's great that I can finally recognize the pattern. That's a first step..This is a role I can take, accepting myself as I am now and giving myself compassion."

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