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Hackergotchi simpler

Stuart Langridge @sil

@mcg those are basic, and manage, in the same way that libreoffice draw manages. Something better would be lovely...

@lmorchard there is; it's called "California"

(also, that *were* nicer to use, sorry)

Aha, Libreoffice Draw lets one put callouts on an image, so at least there's *something* for Ubuntu which can do it. Pretty clunky, though; I wish there were another app that could do this that was nicer to use. (And defining new callouts for Libreoffice Draw to add to its anaemic collection seems to be very hard and un(der)documented.) Small project for someone, perhaps me.

Anyone know anything about Jack the Ripper walking tours in London? Specifically, if I were buying one for a couple as a present, are they any good? And which ones are actually good and which a ripoff? I do not trust tripadvisor...

random video idea for the @elementary team; a view of a cable, tangled into a ball. It rotates slowly about a vertical axis until we're looking through the same ball from the "right" hand side, at which point we see that from there it looks like the elementary logo. Slogan appears: "take a different view. elementary OS".

If I had an ounce of skill at Blender I'd mock something up but I don't. :)

@sil I made so you can peek at them.

Meanwhile, new people come to the fediverse and say "which instance should I join?" and they get sent to the thing: it says "do you wanna be in a big place? somewhere for artists? a place with coders? somewhere with a strong content policy? a safe space?" until they arrive at the instance which is right for them.

(Why don't I do this? Because I could build it, but don't have the time to publicise and manage it.)

you know the Akinator genie thing which guesses a famous person by asking yes/no questions of you until it's eliminated everything except the right answer? ( Someone should do that for (a) people who want to find a good Mastodon instance and (b) people running, or thinking of setting up instances. It asks questions, gets to a "there's no instance for this", you click "yes there is!" and give it your address. So it learns and grows over time.

@snwh cool. @Wimpress @popey is this the sort of thing that's snappable? Or does it require weird invasive hooks into the OS?

@snwh oh if it's better as ibus, great. Is there a popup emoji autocompleter for every input field then? How do I turn it on??

Gtk idea: can we do popup typeahead suggestions in text fields? Obviously people want this for emoji shortcodes, but what I want it for is when I type "http" I start getting typeahead suggestions for web URLs autocompleted against my Chrome address bar.

@TimSueberkrueb there are some that play with the boundary -- see frex Rameses, where you give all these outlandish commands and the protagonist is all "wow it'd be great if I had the nerve to do that but I'll just sit here instead" about it (which is entertaining). I don't know of one where there's an *opposing* force, though. Also, I'm not sure how it actually plays out in game terms; needs more thought.

Random idea. A piece of interactive fiction where it becomes obvious over the first bit of the game that you're not actually controlling the protagonist; you are the devil (or angel) on the protagonist's shoulder, and the other one is opposing you. So your goals and the protagonist's aren't the same. Exactly which you are is dictated by your first few choices; after that if you switch it gets turned up to 11 because you and the other shoulder now agree. Play with the player/protagonist boundary.

@garrett gnome tweak tool lets you add extensions, right? Although it doesn't have an extension _browser_ that shows you the list fetched from e.g.o but in a native UI.

Seems that I've done everything I should; now I'll see how long review takes. If it takes longer than a week I should, apparently, ping people on IRC.

Huh, is a chap racing the Tube in a wheelchair. Very cool... particularly the end bit. Worth watching, I think. I hadn't really thought of this. (via @kornel)

Interesting how different Linux desktops cater (or not) for "I don't want to see the clock on the screen".
MATE -> Right click, remove
Unity -> Tickbox in settings
GNOME Shell -> You can't. Write an extension
elementaryOS -> Uninstall a Debian package

Gnome types: do I have to do something to get my extension reviewed other than just uploading it to e.g.o?

I don't mind if it takes a while to review; it's only been 3 days, and the iOS store takes a week, so that's ok. (Although it'd be disappointing if it were longer.) But I've had no acknowledgement that it's even under consideration for review, so I'm worried that maybe there's a "yes actually review this please" button somewhere that I haven't pressed.

@lmorchard @mcg enjoy it while it's still fun, then :-)