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Hackergotchi simpler

Stuart Langridge @sil

OK, turning off Attached Modal Dialogs in Gnome. I like the idea, but I need to see what's below them too often.

@BrendanEich aha, I didn't realise it wasn't fully rolled out! I'll have another look once that happens. (Not particularly looking for a job right now, but maybe we should have a chat in case there's anything I'd be particularly right for...)

@BrendanEich ok, that's interesting! How does one get some of the 300M BAT? I looked at but that talks about a sale, and the sale is over anyway...?

(also, the site has a tracker. Which Brave blocks, of course :))

@federicomena nikola is good, and written by ralsina from Ubuntu

@iain do! I hope you enjoy Bad Voltage :)

@iain it does in my opinion a better job of blocking things from tracking me around the internet

Hearing people talk about Brave and @BrendanEich and money and crypto currency, which is nice, speaking as a wholly brave user on phone for many months now. I need to read up and understand why it's some newly invented currency they're using, though, and decide what I think about that

@nolan just think, they might use 'tablet' and 'iPad' interchangeably too, and then where would we be?

@lmorchard erm. The obvious point is that people running this stuff as a service are doing it in order to get paid. (Ideally by customers; more likely by giving away the service and then getting VC millions.) They're not doing it for love, and if they got the money and not the love they'd be OK. But you already know this and didn't mention it, and I'm not sure why :)

@mala were you inspired or sceptical about the hutch? :)

@iGarni I'm perfectly happy just using the website itself, added to my home screen. No "app" required.

Props to Microsoft for an effortless (and 100% screen reader accessible) Windows 10 install process using Narrator and Cortana.

It's the first time I've independently installed Windows, since I lost my sight back in 2k. This is a truly happy moment.

@munin @BrendanEich huh, that's properly fascinating. Apparently the other Tironian symbol still in use is ⁊ meaning "and", which is still in use in Irish (you see it on road signs). Interesting stuff!

@bashfulrobot I think it's on but hasn't been rolled out by other instances yet; it's coming though

@penguin42 I assume it's based on the language one chooses in one's preferences, although I don't know the details. I'm sure @gargron does.

(well. I do now. After it didn't work, and then I went back into the preferences and discovered there's a save button if you scroll down and it's not instant apply, almost as though we're still in the 1990s, sigh, etc)

Filtering all non English languages. Now I feel like the worst imperialist English bastard imaginable.

@sri you're the famous Sri though :)