"In a final hearing last month, Google argued it was financially burdensome and logistically challenging to compile and hand over the salary records the DoL had requested, saying it would have to spend up to 500 hours and $100,000 to comply with the ongoing demands."

The company that times their searches of the whole web in milliseconds can't extract a bunch of rows from their internal database. GTFO.

A Google Keep app without the Google for Nextcloud.

I'm looking at a Todoist wall and can't really figure out which brick to attack first.

"Theresa May calls on tech firms to lead fight against online extremism"


Now on to addressing the other parts of this problem: the social and economic standing of the (target) audience.

So, when do you think Bitcoin will crash and burn? The rocket it's currently riding must run out of fuel eventually.

Currently pondering whether to upgrade to latest AngularJS version or start the move to Angular 2+...

https://gs.sdf.org/attachment/199699  Because the news, as ever, is obsessed with red-versus-blue, winners and losers, and doesn't drive this point home enough. #election2016

@Gargron Congrats on reaching your Patreon goal! Also, thanks for writing the extensive updates

@waterbug Lastig ook om te zien hoeveel euro/dollar je overmaakt naar iemand.

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@waterbug Ok, de inkomende transactie is confirmed. Nu de uitgaande nog. Echter, ik betaal een hele lage fee dus dat kan ff duren. Weet jij hoe snel nieuwe blocks ontgonnen worden?

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@waterbug Hoe kom je aan BTCs? Welke dienst/site gebruik je?

@tasmijn vindt dit prachtig, shit die aan alle kanten stuk gaat en mensen die dat prachtig vinden

We hebben in ieder geval wel het sterretje terug!

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