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… this is not an acceptable number of nested quotation marks.

Trying toot, a Mastodon client for the terminal.. doesit work?!

Remember to support your local Linux usergroup if you want the platform to grow on the desktop side. (I feel like we are winning in the server/mobile space). I've been a member of the LUG in my hometown for about 3 years. We're like 4-5 hardcore people that show up every time, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get new people to show up

I've made several attempts to switch from Windows to Linux before. A few months ago, when I was cleaning up and getting rid of old papers, I found a printed RedHat-manual of some sort dating back to 1997 lol .. As far as I recall I never made it past the login prompt

I just realized I've been using Linux as my primary OS for 1,5 years now, The platform and it's community is incredible

... And yes, I did tweet personally too.. I guess their antispamfilter doesn't know danish 😆

Twitter deemed my OpenSouceInn account a spambot - I'd admit I did tweet automated news updates, but not in a spammy way (twice a day, _several_ hours in between).

Tried appealing their decision - to no avail, even though I sent them polite emails about doing things differently once the ban is lifted. If that's their way of doing business, I'm out.. I'm also considering deleting my longtime personal accounts.

Finally Pidgin 2.13.0 is available on Windows!! You can get it at the normal places!!

Be sure to give Eion Robb some love for jumping through the code signing cert hoops and consider donating to him at

I just noticed how snappy Mastodon is to navigate .. awesome!


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