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Homeless transwoman needing urgent help:

Having to move out of current housing ASAP.
Was due to move start of week, but arrangements have fallen through.

Looking for any leads for trans friendly rooms/sofas/corners of rooms in Washington; need somewhere to live for 4-5 weeks while I get some freelance gigs through for somewhere permanent.

Pretty broke right now, but can cover food, internet contributions, maybe rent if it's not too much.

(boosts appreciated)

@superbranch setting it up can be a pain if you're not super familiar with sysadmin things (like I am) but if it has been set up right - and this looks like it has, installed without a hitch - then it's really convenient.

What's the easiest way to get started on editing a Theme? Asking for a friend. Is it still with Mamp?

"People’s humanity matters. How we talk about their identity matters. Political correctness may not overthrow capitalism–which, of course, exacerbates and amplifies bigotry’s effect–but it’s worth doing for its own sake."

The best take on identity politics and political correctness I've seen that summarizes it nicely.

Why be upset when people ask you to be inclusive and think about others?

I've seen a lot of sass in Weird Left Internet, but I've also seen a lot of lifting up and inclusion.

Maybe coming for the sass, staying for the community is a viable recruitment technique.

The fact that you have to qualify Democrats with whether they're left leaning or not speaks volumes.

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Just so you all know:

Google gives a lot of money (well more than your year's salary) to these guys for political favours. Enough to be called "platinum" sponsors.

Microsoft gives enough to be merely "gold" level 😂

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And it's also why it's important to make our communities good communities to be in. If we allow ourselves to become as toxic as they say we are, that psychological effect is gonna happen and it hurts our ability to organize and have positive effects.

We need to model the better world we want to see. Anger and outrage are of course justified in face of violence and Injustice, but we gotta think twice before we take that out on each other over if there are better targets.

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Some cynical and funny person is summarizing the highest-scoring "Hacker" "News" posts.

The latest summary is always available at

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As usual, Ben Thompson has one of the most interesting and well-thought-out points of view to offer regarding the Amazon/Whole Foods deal:

Gonna be DJing on KHNS in about 15 minutes: Tune in if you want to listen to some sweet tunes and also get an idea of what life is like in small town AK USA

I just tried in Firefox and it's _much_ faster.

Also, its integration with GitHub for saving images and xml is pretty awesome, tbh.

@GlitchThief Holy cow we should keep it south east focused because then it can be South East Alaska Lefties reading group (SEAL reading group).

@raucao In Germany, zero. In Belgium things were pretty dire a couple of years ago when it comes to craft brews, but I hear it's getting better.

"how can the public possibly sort through all the noise that celebrity-minded data people like Nate Silver hand to them on a silver platter? Whose job is it to push back against rubbish disguised as authoritative scientific theory?"


@GlitchThief (pinging you on this instance cause it seems most appropriate) I think there's quite a few people in Anchorage DSA that might be interested in a reading group as well. Are you interested in expanding it to state wide, or would you rather keep it SEA focused? I think smaller would help us target locals, but larger would maybe build more solidarity?

It bothers me that one of the better media sources is cropped up by an oil regime, and that it is possible that it might be shut down by a blockade of that country.

Can you imagine Europe demanding that one of the clauses for Brexit is shutting down the BBC?

This blockade is such blatant hypocrisy.

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#ff (Follow Friday) because @simonv3 suggested that it might help people find others to follow...

@KindlyFire very awesome admin of malyi.o
@BradyDale: tech reporter, posts infrequently
@consentacles & @KatamariChaos: awesome admins of -- both post infrequently
@craigmaloney: FOSS geek, pretty laid back
@daemoneye: FOSS geek worth following