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Simon @simonv3

Went on a walk earlier to the beach and it was low tide.

Right now my ginger bug makes so much ginger beer that I can't possibly give it away or consume it fast enough while still holding on to the bottles.

I just found out that under Alaskan food exemption laws for cottage foods I could arguably produce and sell ginger beer for the heck of it.

I honestly just thought mastodon was a fancy blog that automatically receives rss feeds in a standardized manner from other, similarly set up, blogs?

I feel like that's a much simpler way of thinking about Mastodon that will involve less heart-ache.

I just brought up marxist exploitation of labour in an open source setting. Sound like fun? Join the conversation!


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If Wikipedia had become a "success" per Silicon Valley standards, it would be full of ads and sponsored content, and instead of bugging you to donate every year, it would be bugging you to try Mentos, the freshmaker and sponsor of this article on dental hygiene

@Guide42XYZ exactly. If you want sweet yoghurt add your own flavors! Or some brown sugar or maple syrup. I've got nothing against sweet yoghurt, I'm just always disappointed when I taste yoghurt and expect it to be plain and it's vanilla (which is kind of a funny statement).

Does anyone ever buy vanilla flavored yoghurt on purpose? The only reason I've ever bought it is because I didn't pay close enough attention to the flavor.

I would not be surprised if brands thought the vanilla flavored yoghurt was hot flying off the shelfs but all the customers were always disappointed when they get home.

I don't know about this new Mountain Goats track.

I think that's the first time I've ever said that about a Mountain Goats track.

I think I would enjoy it if I wasn't expecting something more along the lines of Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds (the previous single).


If the world stopped producing "vanilla flavored" yoghurt tomorrow I would not shed a single tear.

How to discourage people from contributing to your project, in three comments:

Regardless of what you think of the OP, the attitude from the first two responders is kind of baffling.

I took some of the thoughts from that article and formalized them in a post on the #opensourcedesign forum:

For a lot of people open source contributions are their one thing that isn't monetized. How do you convince outsiders that that's worthwhile? Especially in an industry that has struggled for a long time with being taken seriously and being able to charge people money for what they do (designers).

@nolan The folks at uncommon have been trying to work on this for a while:

@nolan The slow web movement is definitely a thing:

Or rather, it's the part where that responder derides someone for having attended a public school.

"They are the final logic of late capitalism, the engine of human creativity applied to the essential work of making life worse for regular people."

The best part of this article is the diatribe in one of the responses about how who's actually to blame for the destruction of the american worker is not capitalists because the government overburdens small business owners with regulations.

"Just because you aren’t being paid to do something doesn’t mean you are being exploited; exploitation is necessarily the act of siphoning value from the worker for the benefit of the boss."

^ I think I need to print that out and stick it on my wall.

Which is super relevant to the conversation around being paid for working on FLOSS and being able to survive while working on FLOSS.