Please tell me it's possible to become a better coder by looking at really shit code.

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Is it possible to become a better coder by looking at really shit code?

politics, ableist slur 

Them: "Uneducated voters are a danger to democracy."

Also them: "Too much democracy is bad because people are stupid."

Me: "Maybe the only way to have a functional democracy is ensuring people have the time and opportunity to become educated about the issues. Maybe democracy is about more than just voting every few years. Maybe democracy requires a strong civil society and we haven't had a functional democracy in decades, if we ever did."

heyyyy we're [@goodgoodwork is] looking for another developer! interested in co-ops? interested in getting involved with co-ops? check us out 😎

I suspect that the way Inupiat whale hunters use VHF radio to communicate is actually the best form of social network.

Suddenly Mastodon is a bunch of libertarian socialists with 🌹 s

One of the things that we've already got an author for is how the isn't really a .

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Instead of getting into arguments with strangers online, I've been trying to funnel my thoughts into things that are a bit more productive.

I guess I'm now organizing a about the left in .

Hacking the holocaust: Remembering the data pirates, forgers, and social engineers who saved thousands.

Starting to read China Mielville's October to celebrate the Revolution's centenary.

Paul Mason writes:

'...As we approach the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, responses will come in three flavours: conservative condemnation; the liberal mixture of admiration and regret; and enthusiastic commemoration. Though I reject Bolshevism, and date the degeneration of the revolution to the early 20s, I will be among those celebrating. The Russian Revolution was an intervention by the masses into history, like the French before it, and it is possible to celebrate that if you also acknowledge and celebrate the fight workers put up against the fairly rapid shutdown of their freedoms that happened in the years afterwards...'

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watch this #video
{especially if you are an American}

re: Dunkirk (the new film)
– even if this is a fucking fantastic film...

It will still mislead Americans into thinking that WWII was mostly fought in Western Europe. This is the what Hollywood does to the American mind.


Who needs a place in Berlin? My room in 2-ppl flat, near U Rathaus Neukölln, huge garden backyard, 575 €. Activists & hackers preferred 👩‍💻

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