After a couple of years using Ubuntu as my work/development platform and a couple of weeks trying things out on my laptop, I’ve finally settled on switching over to Fedora as my underlying Linux distro with Sway as the windows manager.

Setting up a WM is more work than just installing a full desktop environment but building a stripped down, bespoke setup is incredibly satisfying and the control you have over it and how it is configured is hugely empowering.

I’ll be blogging about it all soon.

Happy 10th birthday to ! 🎉

I came across it around six years ago and have been an developer professionally for the last three and it invigorated my work life and introduced me to a wonderful new community. ❤️

After I recently wrote about getting a new, fairly low spec laptop, I was asked about how I work using Linux is general, how I handle cross-platform compatibility and how realistic it is to use a computer with a fairly small amount of RAM.

A follow-up post about it all is at

This morning my 4th generation StarLite laptop was delivered and so I decided to write a few words about it because a few years ago I’d not have believed that a £400 laptop would steal my heart.

A couple of weeks ago I replace my old WiFi-only iPad with one with cellular data. I don’t need it often but having it available is a game-changer and I can now express informed surprise that laptops with cellular data are not more widespread.

It’s filed away with banks not allowing us to generate virtual card details for on-line payments to help combat fraud and tedious updates when cards expire.

Today’s ElixirWeekly included a link to a blog post about Ecto and Binary IDs ( which had helped me to get PostgreSQL to generate the UUID values and prompted me to write up how I did it:


I’ve lost almost 30kg in weight since the summer by improving my diet. In 2019 I’m getting back on my rowing machine and as a warm-up I’ve just done 5k. It wasn’t fast but I don’t feel like death… a good trade-off!

Are any mid-level macOS developers looking for work? The job is based in Nottingham but some remote working might be possible (but UK based people only). Salary c. £45k-£55k.

Give me a shout if you want more details and I’ll put you in touch with the recruiter.

Loosing weight means you have a good excuse to buy some new t-shirts. And it’s lovely that narrower ones lie flat between the side rails of my drying stand rather than being rumpled up at the sides because they are too wide.

Four days in and I have three observations about so far.

It’s great fun and a great challenge but can be very time consuming. It’s definitely worth doing with either your primary development language or one you are learning if you want more of a challenge.


I’m doing the Advent of Code for the first time and I’m using Elixir which is not my day-job language and so, as intended, it is getting me to learn new things.

Most mornings I read in the bath. Sometimes a novel but often a technical book related to something I’m working on or want to research. It’s a good way to have some quiet learning time, gets my mind ready for work and often triggers the solution to a problem I’ve been stuck on.

Does anyone else find it odd that we’ve really not moved on from ‘my Spectrum is better than your Commodore 64’-type arguments? iPads and iOS are great for some people, MacBooks and macOS are great for others. Some people love both. There’s no need to be judgemental or defensive.

Face ID combined with 1Password integration is really useful in iOS 12 on my iPhone. On my iPad, which I use a lot more, it’s fantastic. It feels seamless and login forms really don’t get in the way any more. Both need to be added to Macs.

Signing into the YouTube app on my new iPad triggers this email. If Google didn’t feel invasive enough already it does now.

I am looking forward to getting a dedicated cover however because the Keyboard Folio is not what I want on it all of the time (and it is a very boring colour). The new magnetic attachment system will at least make changing between a case and the keyboard much easier than it used to be.

Picked up a 12.9” iPad Pro earlier today and my first impressions are that it is a beautiful iteration of a device I’ve always loved. The Keyboard Folio is much better than the old one and the new pencil is great (played with in store since they are back-ordered).

I decided to write up some notes about my decision to move from Evernote to Notes, some concerns and the one gotcha I encountered during the migration process:

I never played the 2016 Hitman so being able to play the chapters as part of Hitman 2 (albeit as an additional purchase) is great. I now get the full story since I gather than 2 is more of a continuation than a separate game. But there is so much data to download…

I do it infrequently enough that I still find it immensely pleasing that I can review and annotate a PDF which is stored in Notes on my iPad using an Apple Pencil and it syncs back to my Mac pretty much instantly.

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