The file size limits here are a bit anaemic. Especially for video, with no server side compression option. Posting to third party sites is very.. 2010 Twitter?

I see some of that is due to the federation structure, but are there any modified instances that allow larger files? Has upped it for example?

An empty feed gives me "new sketchbook" anxiety. With a sketchbook, the best way to deal with that is to scribble and blot ink on every page to get over the worry of messing up. So I think you can expect most my posts to be the equivalent of that.

I'm in a weird position at the moment where the bulk of my daily freelance work for the last two and a half years is still in stealth mode.

It's interesting how quickly you can fade out and become irrelevant when you don't have constant stream of output or decide to cool off on the acerbic Twitter posts.


I'm going to be posting less on the hell-site and more on here now. Expect a mix of game development and games industry chat, photography and the occasional gardening post.


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