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8 janvier, relançons l'opération #JeChercheUnJob

Indiquez :
- le poste recherché
- votre expérience du poste (en années ou senior / junior)
- le type de contrat (free, mission, CDD, CDI, stage)
- le lieu (Paris, Toulouse, Trifouillis-les-Oies, remote)
- ce que vous ne souhaitez absolument pas (ex : PARIS JAMAIS !! - facultatif)
- si possible un ou des liens vers un CV, Linkedin, Github, blog, DoYouBuzz, etc.
- le tag #JeChercheUnJob

Et on relaie un max

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- Développeur Web Fullstack
- CDI en Télétravail

PHP / Node.JS
Expert Framework Laravel et Symfony
Bootstrap / Material Design
AngularJS / VueJS/ EmberJS

Ce que j'offres : Mon savoir faire et ma grande capacité d'adaptation. Réactif et force de proposition. Pour en savoir plus sur moi, n’hésitez pas a consulter mon profil.

Retoots appreciés :)

Défaut : Mes cheveux ont leur volonté propre.


OK, "some" CSS properties… nevertheless…

I say what? New CSS properties would require https?

Requiring secure contexts for all new features:

[…] A feature can be anything from an extension of an existing IDL-defined object, a new CSS property, a new HTTP response header, to bigger features such as WebVR. […]

Note that I’m all for https everywhere.

via @adactio

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Kinda tempted to start writing "Google" thus: G👀gle

'Cos, y'know, when everybody first got cross with Microsoft and stuff, "M$" was basically the best we could do with ASCII, right? But now it is absolutely time we enlisted the full address space of Unicode in developing better online passive-aggressive typing habits.

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First post here, finally dared to take the plunge! :-) For people who have been here a while/left Twitter for this, how do you feel about it? Happy? Fear of missing out?

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OMG how do I not know about git worktree? Sweet mother of automation, 'tis the secret ingredient I was missing.

Hey, you can use nc for a quick & easy file transfer… neat:

Start by using nc to listen on a specific port, with output captured into a file:
$ nc -l 1234 > filename.out

Using a second machine, connect to the listening nc process, feeding it the file which is to be transferred:
$ nc 1234 <

After the file has been transferred, the connection will close automatically.

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I've been playing with SapperJS and it's downright amazing. I really enjoy the developer experience of SvelteJS components (it's just HTML!), and the bundle size of the production app is ridiculously small since there's no runtime.

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This is one of the main reasons I switched to LineageOS. I was just getting exhausted of all the "help us learn more about this restaurant/store/whatever" notifications:

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Amazed that over 500 people have signed and we now have 6 translation efforts running in parallel.

We've been aware that designing web sites via workflows involving stating comps is a thing of the past. New take on todays ways: Design via prototypes

Via @adactio

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Anyone have any web developer/designer friends they recommend following on here? ❤️

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Icon font rendering tips (without modifying font files):

1️⃣ Don’t use Icon Fonts
2️⃣ Icon too bold? Use font-smooth
3️⃣ Icon too light? Faux bold it: `@​font-face {font-weight: 400;} .icon {font-weight: 700;}`
4️⃣ Don’t use Icon Fonts

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