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‘[CSS as used for layout] is an elegant system, far more powerful than any framework, designed for the realities of a flexible, multilingual, multi-device web.’ – h

« Font of all knowledge? Researchers develop typeface they say can boost memory »
Or should we conclude that the font it was tested against – Arial – is the culprit in preventing your memories by putting you to sleep?

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⚠️ THREAD! Who's Hiring :215: ? October Edition.

Reply to THIS THREAD throughout the month with links to opportunities. Freelance gigs + part/full time welcome. Include #onsite & #remote tags.

Please stick to jobs/employers you know/trust, vs any old thing out there. We'll keep them organized into a monthly thread. replies will be removed.

I'll boost the thread again every week to resurface throughout the month.

Please share!

Okay, so what's this? The web hits back?

"Solid was created by the inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Its mission is to reshape the web as we know it. Solid will foster a new breed of applications with capabilities above and beyond anything that exists today."

"Solid empowers users and organizations to separate their data from the applications that use it. It allows people to look at the same data with different apps at the same time."

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I wrote a book. Please buy it. Show more

Chrome Canary revenge mode
(I'd been saying you can ditch Chrome and use Firefox dev tools)

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United Nations accidentally exposed passwords and other sensitive information to the whole internet by making Trello boards, Google Docs, and some sensitive bugs on Jira open to the public

Ha, this intrinsicsize attribute proposal would save us many hacky workarounds to prevent content jumping up and down following responsive image load (and help us maintain video ratios also without aforementioned hacks). Can’t see any mention of dealing with different aspect for non homothetic <picture> sources though?

@zachleat would this be something you came across on your webfont journeys?

Fiddling with variable fonts I came across one with a weight range of 22–188 (and 188 is very black indeed). For consistency when setting font-weight in CSS shouldn’t it rather scale from 1 to 999? Thoughts?

<!-- Weight -->

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"Whatever Happened to the Semantic Web?" by Sinclair Target

Great post. Lot of history there I wasn't aware of.

The [EU] commission acknowledged that Facebook had made some changes but said its terms and conditions remained problematic because Facebook “tells consumers that their data and content is used only to improve their overall ‘experience’ and does not mention that the company uses these data for commercial purposes”.

"On using tracking scripts"

I must say I rather like 1)

Here is a list, how a business can handle tracking scripts, from best to worst.

1) Don’t use any tracking at all
2) Only track on the server-side
3) Only use self-hosted tracking scripts
4) Load third-party tracking scripts
5) Load several third-party tracking scripts
6) Load all the third-party tracking scripts
7) Load all the third-party tracking scripts before anything else

CSS vs Safari vs Perf question:

-webkit-overflow-scrolling defaults to 'auto' on iOS instead of 'touch' which would seem more adequate for a browser you use your fingers on.
Guess it requires more work from the browser — it creates a stacking context — is that the main reason for the chosen default?

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More sobering reports from reality...

‘We are now exceeding the safe operating space for #humanity on this planet, and there is no sign that economic activity is being decoupled from resource use or #pollution at anything like the scale required [to get back in the safe zone].’

And as multiple studies have now shown, it’s impossible anyway to have constant economic growth an remain #green...

I don’t know how anyone ever thought different, TBH.

@heydon has got you covered for all your syntactic sugar needs.

"Choosing The Right JavaScript Arrow Function: A Guide"

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“NASA Has Discovered Arctic Lakes Bubbling With Methane—and That’s Very Bad News”


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Hello Pals,

I'm looking for a new challenge. I'm looking to go back into a UX and design role, but I'm also into front-end development, so a hybrid role could work too.

I made a ​page describing what I'm looking for:

Boosts are very much welcomed, thank you 🙂

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