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John Naughton, "'The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism"

[The asymmetry of informational content (high-quality behind paywall & substandard for "free") is part of the "asymmetry of knowledge" that "translates into asymmetries of power". In that dynamic, the "free" informational services don't emancipate users & foster democracy, but stiften & exacerbate the undemocratic divide. becomes part of the problem, not the solution.]

Orion Rummler, "Ahead of Zuckerberg testimony, new setbacks for Libra"

[Interesting that Visa, Mastercard, ebay, PayPal are pulling out of Libra. Will the chinese Alipay and WeChat Pay get on board instead?]

As my flat gets too small to house the "Museum of Outdated & Neglected Dictionaries & Encyclopaedias" I started putting book shelves on transport rolls so that I can push them aside when needed.

It took me a while, but now ... The Encyclopaedia Britannica (32 vols, 2005) made it as latest acquisiton of the "Museum of Outdated & Neglected Dictioanries & Encyclopaedias". Near perfect condition! The price has been ridiculously low, which is sad and great at once.

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If Yang wins, the amount of Patreon girls will go down. This is a tragedy and cannot be allowed to happen.

Hurray! The new exhibit of the "Museum of Outdated & Neglected Dictionaries & Encyclopaedias" has arrived: "McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology" (11th ed., 2012, 20 vols). (I had been looking for it for quite some time, got it second-hand)

Dan Goldberg, " ‘The nightmare everyone is worried about’: HIV cases tied to opioids spike in West Virginia county"

[And obviously Purdue Pharma and the Sackler familky won't be held accountable for this indirect impact of their pushing doctors to over-prescribe OxyContin.]

Lenny Bernstein et al., "Sacklers could hold on to most of personal fortune in proposed Purdue settlement"

[They would have tp pay 3 billion $ (out of a fortune of 10-12 billion $) and wouldn't face any jail time. And that after they actively had lobbied doctors to oversubscribe OxyContin to more people and in higehr dosis, thus intensifying the opiod crisis.]

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You have no shovel, so you forage in the cupboards
to find only a plastic fork and two knives
Is this what it feels like in those fairy tales
where the girl is sentenced to labor after impossible
labor, before being granted access and social mobility?
What the villain/ess doesn't understand: the girl
was born in a third world country, where she learned
to shampoo and bathe with a scant pailful of water,
where snacks are a euphemism for all the inventive
ways one might use every part of the animal for food.
Stables, lions, sky-darkening hordes of birds --
A deus ex machina, just another name
for cheating. Your parents have to work
in the fields. Or they are sick, missing, dead.
Try dandling your new baby brother on one
hip while feeding your two-year old sister
when you're only five. Take them out
into the avenue to weave through traffic, splay
begging fingers, against the tinted window glass
of cars. Shred after shred layers the years;
petulance and bad temper are so unneccessary.
They will not make the miracle you pray for --
only stubborn patience, the work of your hands
as you make a hollow in the gravelly soil deep enough
for this plant you have brought to take root and grow.

~ Luisa A. Igloria

("The Buddha Wonders If She Is Having A Mid-Life Crisis", 2018)
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Nathaniel Weixel, "Purdue offers $10B-$12B settlement in opioid lawsuits"

[As was already clear in March (see above in the thread). Seeking Chapter 11 protection says nothing about the company being actually bankrupt or not, it simply halts all pending lawsuits and protects the company to negotiate (and settle) all legal claims in court. A way to shed responsibility. Plus the Sackler family gets off the hook w/ relinquishing ownership of the company & paying $3 billion.]

Cade Metz, "A.I. Is Learning From Humans. Many Humans."

[They call it "humans" but it's mostly women! — again! — who are doing these dull jobs, like when they were confined to telephone operator jobs decades ago. Nothing ever changes...]

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EEB (European Environmental Bureau), "Decoupling debunked – Evidence and arguments against green growth as a sole strategy for sustainability"

via @benni
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♪ Fátima Miranda, "Epitafio a las Ballenas - Epitaph to the whales" (Las voces de la voz)
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If this image (seen on matches your mood you should immediately engage with and donate to and (or other such organizations). Otherwise you merely (ab-)use the catastrophe in a moralizing fashion to look down on others.

To all: I'm moving to @simsa03 , at least for a while. Perhaps you like to re-subscribe . This account @simsa02 on stays around, if only for archival purposes. Cheers.

As mastodon is going to drop Ostatus support, I look for a nice pleroma instance to to. Any suggestions?

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