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John Naughton, "'The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism"

[The asymmetry of informational content (high-quality behind paywall & substandard for "free") is part of the "asymmetry of knowledge" that "translates into asymmetries of power". In that dynamic, the "free" informational services don't emancipate users & foster democracy, but stiften & exacerbate the undemocratic divide. becomes part of the problem, not the solution.]

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The Greta Conundrum :

Again I ponder whether to vote in the coming federal election this year or abstain, as usual. My main dilemma is this: Of all parties, only the fascist AfD supports nuclear power. (All other parties advocate the phase-out of nuclear in 2022.) I believe that without nuclear power Germany will have no chance to meet even the most modest climate goals. So, now, do I vote fascist to express my wish for nuclear power? Or do I abstain, because you cannot vote for fascists? Greta would say that climate change is the most urgent problem, to which every other needs to succumb. Well then, Greta, do you want me to vote fascist for your climate dreams?
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My rants about "Progressives", Social Democrats, Greens, in the U.S. & in Germany, is not because I'm conservative. I'm not, quite the contrary. But as I never vote, I'm not forced by needs of cognitive consistency to defend any identification with any position of this or that party.
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Germany: The exit from nuclear energy is a trauma that is just as profound for the Greens as the Hartz reforms for the SPD. Except that the Greens haven't noticed yet.

« At Volga., 1888 »

An interesting piece. The reflections in the water do not truly mirror the ridge of hills, nor the boat or the rower. Which seems to emphasise that Levitan is not interested in a realistic depiction of the landscape but how the colours of the natural assamblage, the hills, and their resumption in the dark waters, create a sphere of its own, enclosed by the light from above and below.

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I really have a talent for bugs and glitches <sigh>

To all:

I no longer use my account @simsa03 as is about to shut down.

Instead I migrated to @simsa04 as its instance successfully federates with accounts from gnusocial, mastodon, and pleroma.

Thus my account @simsa02 is reverted back to "dormant" (i.e., to fallback account and for archiving/backup).

If you want to stay in touch, please consider subscribing to @simsa04.

Sorry for all the confusions. Have a lovely day.

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Over on GSNO announced that he shuts down the instance; it's simply nort running properly and it takes him too much time to find what might be the cause. Which means 1) I am back on mastodon (and for the time being until 2) I find a 'nightly' gnusocial instance (or some other) that can federate with GS, MS, and Pleroma equally.. Pity that with GSNO, @stigatle put so much effort into it. ActivityPub killed gnusocial, it seems.

Sara Mesa, "Bla, bla, bla"

« Having money to pay for housing and food, i.e. to live, is no longer a basic right but a kind of reward: only those who work deserve it. »

I shortened the sleeves of my T'ai Chi jacket, then sewed the hem edge on both sleeves. Fits nice now.

Alexis Petridis,"Jon Hassell: radical musician who studied with Stockhausen and worked with Eno" .

[In memory of Jon Hassell who passed away today.]

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