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John Naughton, "'The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism"

[The asymmetry of informational content (high-quality behind paywall & substandard for "free") is part of the "asymmetry of knowledge" that "translates into asymmetries of power". In that dynamic, the "free" informational services don't emancipate users & foster democracy, but stiften & exacerbate the undemocratic divide. becomes part of the problem, not the solution.]

"Dead Pixels" is exactly what I needed. And I didn't even know.

Nathaniel Weixel, "Vaccine patent waivers face more hurdles despite Biden support"

« [...] Some experts have raised concerns that bigger problems exist, like ramping up manufacturing capacity, increasing supplies of raw materials and providing the technical know-how to be able to make the vaccines, which could occur under voluntary agreements between companies without waiving patents. »

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Laura Spinney, "Are there too many people? All bets are off"

« Optimists tend to think it’s OK to convert natural capital into human capital, he told the webinar, whereas pessimists see declining natural capital as a problem for socioeconomic, health and ethical reasons. “It’s fair to say that many optimists don’t value nature as much as many pessimists do,” Bongaarts said. »

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In the metaverse / I met a verse / And now I wonder / which is worse.

How to change the world? — How quickly and thoroughly can you change infrastructures and their interdependencies?

The discussion on patents and patent waivers with regard to Covid vaccines seems to rest on a confusion. It places the reasons for the lack vaccine equity on economic, legal, and moral factors when these are far more those of infrastructure, logistics, and engineering.

An example of this confusion: .

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Carl O'donnell & Manas Mishra, "Moderna sees no impact on COVID-19 vaccine from potential patent waiver"

« Moderna, which said in October it would not enforce patents on its vaccine during the pandemic, noted the lack of companies able to rapidly scale up complex manufacturing of a similar vaccine to meet surging global demand. »

[Has there been any boost in vaccine production due to Moderna's decision not to enforce its patent during the pandemic? I really doubt that.]

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Julian Borger & Patrick Wintour, "US-Germany rift as Berlin opposes plan to ditch Covid vaccine patents"

« Any WTO decision on a waiver would have to be by consensus, so Germany opposition is a major obstacle to intellectual property rights on vaccines being suspended. »

[Very good.]

.. and after having trained its users to tip-for-tweet Twitter will ring in the second round and ask people to pay it a fee if they want to fav or RT.

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Twitter starts the "tip jar" to help people monetize their tweets.

They banned the leader of a fascist movement and now make fundraising for him even easier? I cannot imagine a better way to create a crowdfunding platform to finance extreme political movements. Morons!

You cannot vote out fascism! The GOP as a consolidated and streamlined fascist movement will forcefully reappear in 2022 and 2024. You better heed the warnign sings.

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No, CNN and MSNBC, the GOP is not a Trump "cult". Stop belittleing the danger as you did in 2015 and 2016. Current AZ election "audits", FL and TX voter suppression laws, ousting of Liz Cheney... this is a GOP moving to become a more streamlined & forceful fascist movement.

Perhaps you better get back to your history books and look up how Hitler consolidated his power (purge of the Strasser brothers, "Röhm putch").

I only noticed lately that Queer and LQBT are pretty much the new hippie movement. Just look at all the colour involved. (And the revulsion it produces in the old.)

(Just thinking, people, just thinking. Don't freak out.)

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That is: Sustainibility may not be the way to reach the climate goals but reaching the climate goals may be a way to reach sustainibility. In fact, these may indeed be very different goals.

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Right now we seem to think that the way to reach the climate goals is via a methods and actions that bring about a state of economic and societal sustainibility. Perhaps this is wrong. Perhaps sustainibility can only be reached after (!) the climate goals are met.

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... and perhaps we should think about that to reach the climate goals we may have to give up the idea of sustainibility. That is, the decoupling (!) of climate goals and environmental sustainibility may be ahead and necessary.

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In order to achieve the climate goals we will have to (!) consume far more electricity than currently estimated.

I don't think that during the pandemic some people turned to science whereas others turned to homoeopathy, esoterics, and/or rightwing anti-vaccination propaganda. Rather, the pandemic revealed which position people already adhered to, now only more determined than before. The split has been there all along.

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