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John Naughton, "'The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism"

[The asymmetry of informational content (high-quality behind paywall & substandard for "free") is part of the "asymmetry of knowledge" that "translates into asymmetries of power". In that dynamic, the "free" informational services don't emancipate users & foster democracy, but stiften & exacerbate the undemocratic divide. becomes part of the problem, not the solution.]

@dark_earth Sorry for talking so much ... no need to reply.

♪ The Neville Brothers, "Sons and Daughters & Sons and Daughters (reprise)"

Good bye, Art Neville, R.I.P.

(Enough of the rant about the malignant world "coders" create.)

Wikipedia, by its production model of paraphrasing content taken from other sources, is a license-conversion utility: from strict copyright to open license (w/ granting of second- and tertiary economic exploitation). Even a weapons' dealer does a more honest business than Wikimedia Foundation -- he doesn't lie about the neoliberal structure of his business and doesn't sugarcoat his endeavour w/ chatter about humanistic ideals.

Andy Newman, "My Frantic Life as a Cab-Dodging, Tip-Chasing Food App Deliveryman"

"You’re one step above an Amazon drone.”

"[...] the couriers’ real value to the app companies is in the data harvested like pollen as we make our rounds, data that will allow them to eventually replace us with machines."

[I usually don't post stuff about cycling. Bicycles are an ungreen menace. But this is about the platform based slavery of gig-delivery, and this world is abysmal]

Elizabeth Dunn, "How Delivery Apps May Put Your Favorite Restaurant Out of Business"

[Ultimately, whole restaurants & crews becoming employees or semi-employees of platforms but w/o the benefits of respective labour laws. Yes, I fricking love this "coders' paradise" our world has become. You coders created a world that is pretty much a hell to live in, which , of course, you'll deny, as all "tools" are "neutral"...]

The Heso Matsuri Festival, Japan

Furano Heso Matsuri (Bellybutton Festival), Hokkaido, Japan

A festival to present your navel? I want to go there! Or start one in my town. Looks like fun :-))

Does Uchimizu (watering streets in summer) help reduce temperature in an area?

Bunny Bissoux, "Uchimizu: The Japanese Tradition of Sprinkling Water to Beat the Heat"

[Not sure if it works -- it cools the sidewalk but at the same time raises the humidity of the air, so the heat seems to be felt the same -- but it's an intersting suggestion. Will try it out in the coming days when the next heat wave is about to set in.]

NHK World-Japan live

Japan's national public broadcaster foreign language service.

Zak Doffman, "Russia's Secret Intelligence Agency Hacked: 'Largest Data Breach In Its History'"

Something about Trump and collusion found, by the way? *grin*

I would like to have a functionality on mastodon by which posts that contain certain terms blacklisted by me won't show up in my TLs. Is that possible or already available?

There are topic I don't want to see flushed into my TLs.

cc @Gargron

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@wion I forget which book I skimmed covers this - a Naomi Klein one, I think - but it mentioned the deeper notion that climate change represents the antithesis of the capitalist dream; it requires collective effort to tackle, which goes against individual effort and gain.

A variant of above argument (on the rise of Tea Party in 2009):

Tom Junod, "The Sore Winners: Will America's Super Minority Sink Us All?"

"It is what poor black folk used to tell their children. Now it is what wealthy white folk tell theirs. Because of who you are, you are not getting a fair shake. Because of who you are, you are lacking in opportunity. Because of who you are, they don't like you — and because of who they are, they stand to take all you stand to lose."

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