I don't think neurotypical people have a clue what making travel arrangements does to me. I hate it so much. It's so stressful.

sci fi ideas, #80: a long-running comedy by white people without a blackface scene

I'm supposed to be asleep, not looking at piles and piles of my own horrible clothes

The Cereal Defence episode of IASIP is every internet "debate" throughout the entire 2000s

And modern political debate :(

My clothes didn't come in time either so I dunno what i'll wear.

maybe a dress that elecrocutes everyone near me

I'm gonna have to get up at 5 tomorrow, travel, commute in london during rush hour, then spend the entire day in a noisy crowd being nice to strangers while people try to get my attention

I knew I should have bought that flask. This is going to be hell.

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concept: software but it actually fucking works

soulmates are bullshit obv but brain twinning is 100% real

I was hoping to follow up my review with a couple of related posts, but for various reasons that's not happened. Glad to see someone else picking up the slack.

Jenny Saucerman interviewed the creator of Eliza, which I should probably just accept is already one of my favourite games ever.


Can't believe this actually works on me. Quite pleased with the stuff I bought overall, really. Fills in some gaps for quick and easy work/day off wear

Can't believe there's no other place where you can see your character in Freeman. Why let me look like this and call myself "The Gull" if I can't pose

not in all of europe's history has there been a monarch as slavishly sucked off as americans squat for the "founding fathers"

anyway I should probably be more worried that I'm still not hungry :|

We've actually got a man in the gang now, some random marauder approached us asking to join. He's pretty handy with a rifle so I figured why not.

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