going to see carrieeeee she is so cuuuuuuute aaaaaaaah

Oh jesus christ, the melancholy and existential niggling of this comic always resonated with me, but after the year I've had, this strip has just punched me in the heart


Can't believe RPS let me link to NPWIL just as a tangent for the hell of it. God I'm so lucky.


The upvote ratio on the "top" replies on this are everything

Fun game: guess which is for a cis man ranting about how clever he is, and which is for a woman who understands anatomy


100Gb is bigger than an entire week's worth of UP games, there is no way I can justify that shit. And face it, we passed the point of diminishing marginal returns with graphics years ago

Considered installing Hitman 2 because it sounds extremely Hitman but 100Gb can fuck right off

she's had a strop and got down now. I think she wants to be outside, but she's not allowed because she is a crap cat.

Everyone else she knows is like "gosh that was bad" and I immediately told her how proud I am

Can't believe I wasn't around when my friend got trashed, stripped off and started beating people with a belt. I have known her for twelve years and always hoped that day would come, but I missed it.

It's hard because she is utterly transfixed by certain shapes and movements. Even scrolling some sites catches her attention and I worry it'll stress her out if she doesn't figure out she can just ignore it.

I am trying to teach Tempcat to understand that my pc monitor is a benign thing that can neither harm nor feed her. I will not always have the strength to resist the urge to play videos of mice and birds and that just to watch her freak the fuck out when they walk off screen

"Do you have any photographic or documentary evidence that-"

"No, but I have pictures of every cat I have enfloofened since 2009"

"Th... that's not-"

"This one was so cute that next time I was going by her house and saw her I got off the bus to say hello and was late for work"


"This one used to be feral but we were friends after a month or so"


"This one scared the shit out of us because when he looked up he had no eyes"

I mean even before all this shit, I was lucky enough to only befriend people who would spend nights out in my company, y'know, enjoying our time instead of trying to prove to dickheads on facebook that we were hip

oh silly me, I forgot to spend the last 5 years taking constant photographs and uploading them all over the internet to prove I'm someone who IS A PRIME FUCKING TARGET FOR STALKING AND MURDER YOU IDIOTS

(I should really watch Freeze Frame again, but it's REALLY hard to find despite being a memorable and remarkably fucked up film)

Another fun day tomorrow where I'll have to prove that I exist. OH sure, I am physically here and have clearly been alive and functioning for at least several years, but can you PROVE it sin, can you PROVE IT.

Motherfuckers want us all to be that crazy guy in Freeze Frame just

eating some peppers in front of my plants. Is... is this porn to them

"Sin why are you shouting at the garden?"

I'm not entirely sure these are even aphids because they are almost exclusively targeting the flowers and ignoring the leaves, even clustering around buds that are about to open. Unfamiliar behaviour to me.

Still death though.

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