Thinking about my sister's cat, who had many of the same illnesses I do but got treated for them immediately while the cumulative waits i've had for doctors and consultants to do something are longer than her entire lifespan

Doing some D&D. The team are getting possessed or mind contorlled or something, worrying about demons, and I've said "I'll do detect magic", then wandered off to grill some meat I found

I was meant to go buy food too, but ugh that's not happening now. Good thing I made bread for lunch.

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My housemate came home after I guess being away for a few days and immediately started hoovering, so my anxiety has gone through the roof right before I'm meant to be doing my only big social thing, hooray

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Deadly Premonition, trans presentation (+) 

I know a few people on here were following this, so I'm passing it along for folks not on Twitter.

SWERY has put up an apology for how a particular character was handled in-game, and is in the process of getting the relevant scenes rewritten and patched.

Twitter link:

today I allstaffed an email asking for advice on murdering someone for inheritance. I am going to be completely unemployable by 2021

More people would enjoy MMOs if they stopped playing them like such fuckin nerds

Anyway I know how gross this probably sounds but my hair has always been super dry, to the point where I've brushed it only a handful of times in my life because it just floomfs up to biffro levels. I don't think it feels greasy either

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I hope the whole fashion industry vanishes tbh. We've never needed them to look good

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I really hope that we'll come out of this as a society going "hey, it's okay to not look like a model. It's okay if your hair is a mess", but I am pretty sure we'll instead have a few weeks of "LOL H A HAH EVERYONE IS GET HAIRCUTS MUST BE DONE NOW IMMEDIATE" and then go back to normal. See also: clothes

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My hair looks great today and I've done nothing to it besides the usual hot shower

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It's probably made easier by being indoors, and especially by not being in a disgustingly polluted city. I think if I was in london it would have gone disgusting by now

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I've taken advantage of the lockdown to stop shampooing my hair for the first time ever, to see how it goes. To my great surprise, it hasn't been itchy or gross. I used to wash it every 7-10 days but it's been a couple of months now and my curls are looking much more defined

Off camera, you sneer in sadistic glee. "This will really get them", you think (or did you say it aloud?), as you turn to your next instrument of torment: a cake made to look like a copy of Portal. Reaching for your spatula, you recoil. It is not a spatula, it is cake.

Chuckling nervously, you pick up your knife. The knife is also cake. Trembling, you reach for a towel, to mop your brow, but feel only cake. Your hand mops your brow, but it too is cake.

Something at work reminded me of my theory on time travel would u like hear

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