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"Swearing in Twitch chat too many times apparently gives you a 6-hour long time out, including private messaging, and deletes all loaded chat messages + doesn't show new ones"

guess who just found this out on account of BEING FUCKING SCOTTISH

anyway I hope all Amazon projects fail and all their executives die

my character is the talkiest one, I can't help it 😒

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spent pretty much an entire D&D session drunkenly theorising and STILL feel guilty for monopolosing the session EVEN THOUGH half the theorising was about how to kill a motherfucker who never showed up

the main thing I miss about writing a lot is doing a good subheading

honestly, the rest of the article is basically a waste of time

the doritos guy is pretending that the most boring games in the world are the only ones that exist again

americans conceive of a world not built on 1980s teen film stereotypes challenge

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one day I'm going to write about the fucking weird pathological issues betrayed by the way so many porn games interpret society and relationships

there are several reasons why I wrote almost exclusively about very old games

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would like to research an article but buying just 2 or 3 games for it would cost me Β£60, which can fuck right off πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

come for the stabfights, stay for the DRAMA and the COLOUR and the GODDAMN OUTFITS

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I am obsessed with into the badlands please join me

I already no longer care if the widow is fully evil. she is magnificent

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every time a new costume appears on Into The Badlands, my heart explodes. This happens at least twice in every episode

being booted out of the car then watching it crash 😐

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the way you know we are living in a great economic system is that scientists have developed a miracle drug that could prevent some of the most horrible diseases that afflict humankind and our political leaders are squabbling over whether a group of about two dozen old men should be able to control its distribution and use for the entire world

It is fucking massive and astonishingly free of tea stains. Possibly unique among everything I have ever owned. It's a bit pathetic to sit and think about how much of my life this machine affected.

I'd reuse the case if I could be arsed to swap all the fiddly parts out (or thought it worth the high chance I'd get frustrated and damage it). I bought it because it was the least hideous cheap option but it actually looks surprisingly nice

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