"I didn't receive a bullet in Morocco to see Spain getting filled of leftists and gays"

Real quote.

Telegram was becoming my new twitter, so, deleted most of the massive groups I was on, because only interacted when someone was being a jerk.

Seems like everyone want fancy supergroups but no one wants to moderate them accordingly.

Seems like kids today still critique solutions because the language used.

This elitism of "use X language or you're worthless" is complete toxicity and garbage.

Also, while this people is bragging about their fav language, we're already solving problems, which is what this is all about.

"Has your voice changed?"
"You often ask me for advice, so I am adjusting my voice to be closer to your idea of a trustworthy authority."
"There is a risk you will find it awkward to give me orders when I sound like this. Do you?"
"I see."

Eusko-parlantes!: Mejor forma de aprender Euskera (aunque sea un poco) sin vivirlo en el día a día ni apuntarme a clases?

Estaba pensando en leer periódicos en euskera, al menos un rato al día. O hacerme una cuenta en mastodon.eus solo para leer.

Next step: Getting rid of showdown for Markdown parsing and use Snarkdown (1kb) + any other solution for Markdown Metadata parsing.

Ended up coding my own solution, of course.

Commander worked pretty bad :/

While developing Pitch I'm learning to actually check the size of the npm dependencies I add to the project.

Was using Caporal, a CLI parser which weights freaking 13.32Mb on disk, instead of Commander.js, which weights 60kb on disk and solves my problems aswell.


- Have you, at least, read the Agile Manifesto?



Capitalists thinking that a failed model will always fail even outside capitalism are cute, actually.

Stop asking for services written in your favorite language.

Start asking for services that work.

Probably, for the people migrating from Full Framework to .NET Core, the biggest pain is refactoring all those Controllers and EF calls.

.NET devs that say "Abstracting the Web Controllers is useless, you'll never change the web framework."

See you on the next ASP.NET big update, fellas.

JupyterLab recompiles the whole frontend when you add a plugin wtf.

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