I'm enjoying the anime "Remake Our Life!" this season. I was hoping it would eschew the fan service, after mostly avoiding it in the first episode, but the 4th episode starts with 2 minutes of pure tropey fan service. At least, if I squint a bit, they didn't compromise the characters in it, and it did set up the rest of the episode, so.. ...yay?

Ugh, I stupidly left my Pinebook Pro in suspend mode, and it completely ran down the battery.. now seems to be unable to charge. :(

The design seems flawed; it you suspend it when closing the lid, it doesn't seem to have any way of waking up to shut down. It might happen at 0%, but by then it's too late. (Lithium-ion batteries don't like 0% charge. Macs shut down around 12%, for reference.)

Trying again with a USB-C cable, but I'm not optimistic..

Small pleasures: the curvature of your spoon matches the curvature of the bowl, when used at a comfortable angle.

Still sporting one heckuva yellow bruise where I got my 2nd shot. Not sure what that's all about..

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Yesterday I opened a new bag of coffee beans with a pair of scissors, only to discover a hidden resealable opening in the back.

That second shot of Moderna packs a real wallop. Went to lie down for much of the afternoon, but was unable to get any sleep.

Hopefully tomorrow is better.

I've got some 'devout' antivax relatives.. for the last couple days all that's run through my head is they're 'one Ben Shapiro expose on blood transfusions away from becoming Jehovah's Witnesses'..

(Which probably isn't fair to JW's. Or maybe even them. But I'm getting tired of hearing this garbage..)

Nope, still stings like heck. Oh well.

Other weird thing I noticed; I went for a jog earlier in the day, and the fingers on that side started to go numb. Never had that happen before, so I stopped running for the day.

Guess I'll take it easy for the next few days, until things are a bit more back to normal.

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Partner and I got our first doses today. Got mine in the afternoon, and she got hers in the evening, from the same location. Somehow I ended up with Moderna and she ended up with Pfizer.

My arm didn't bug me much earlier, but it's hurting more now. Hopefully it's better tomorrow.

33 degrees centigrade here today with 45% humidity. Glad to be indoors.

Wonder if anyone's done a TTRPG that has a Paw Patrol flavor to it. Might be interesting to see what sorts of collaborative tasks would work for that target age group.

We bought a raspberry plant a few days ago. I still need to plant it. I hope I know what I'm getting myself into.

For the first time in a while, being asked about doing a summer vacation thing. These trips are never my cup of tea, especially with the young kids, but.. if others in the family are going, maybe it's worth it for the bonding time?

Also, it looks like the place has a pool table.

Racing to meet the Canadian income tax deadline again. I guess it's motivating.. All the coarse easy-to-obtain stuff is in; now to find those charitable donation receipts and update the spreadsheet with the foreign income currency conversions... sigh..

(Honestly, this stuff can usually be kind of fun, but this year the prospect has just seemed exhausting..)

But nothing offends me quite so much as when they water down the soap. The mixture falls apart into this non-homogenous cloudy gunk that's extremely unpalatable to use, and has barely any cleaning power..

The thing about dealing with kids is, if you don't like others regularly ignoring your warnings, exhortations and suggestions, you're gonna have a bad time.

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One of these days I should put together a list of ways kids can damage a house. Between picking at nail pops, nibbling on the trim, body-checking doors that are half-opened.. there are so many unexpected ways they can leave their mark.

Woke up to snow on the ground this morning; it's melted since, but the tulips aren't looking so hot. I fear the below-freezing weather tonight will finish them off.

Setting myself one goal for the weekend: lubricate a window lock. Wish I had confidence it would get done, but my weekends haven't been particularly productive lately.

Our region has a stay-at-home order starting tomorrow. There was some real hope and a prayer type stuff leading up to this, so.. I guess better late than never?

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