Setting myself one goal for the weekend: lubricate a window lock. Wish I had confidence it would get done, but my weekends haven't been particularly productive lately.

Our region has a stay-at-home order starting tomorrow. There was some real hope and a prayer type stuff leading up to this, so.. I guess better late than never?

I know nothing of Kingdom Hearts lore, but it seems like it would be on brand for the characters to finally escape their fate and return to a normal, everyday life in Japan by traveling to the Cars world and getting hit by truck-kun.

I wish I was a bit more experienced when it came to using Vegas. I really wanted to overlap the audio between cuts, at times, instead of using the crossfades it inserts automatically, but I couldn't figure out how to change it.

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Made a short film with the kids today. Editing took a couple orders of magnitude longer than the recording. I think the kids had fun though!

Tools: Fade In (demo), Canon Powershot ELPH100HS, Vegas 14.0.

Script was a page and a half.
Total running time: 1m37s

Looks like that 'page a minute' rule of thumb holds true even for this one.

First time trying papaya. Should not have bought an entire one.

The bowl is mocking me.

Work day was terminated unexpectedly due to a kid pee incident. It was on tile, but ran to the wall, under the baseboard. That was cleaned up an hour ago, but I'm now hearing that a soiled carpet was just discovered in a bedroom that's probably another ground zero..

Brett Domino's stuck in my head still. This song in particular. (It's in the second half of the video, but the first half sets it up quite cleverly.)

I had to set aside Caliban's War last night at a point where the authors decided to (figuratively) kick a puppy. Needed to get some distance before I could continue.. and I still haven't had enough distance, tbh.

It's not a new thing; I'll often physically leave the room if a TV show or movie is pulling a major emotional number on a character. I just.. can't. I don't know how people can sit through those situations.

Considering buying some Brett Domino albums for listening to in the car. Not sure what genre that would be.. wall of sound comedy? Whatever it is, the production value is tight.

Our left joy-con has the stick drift problem. I guess I get to figure that Nintendo repair service junk out now. Tempted to just put it off more..

Am currently "preparing" for a medical appointment.

Not fun. But not as bad as last time.

Given the allegations coming to light, how 'timely' that I picked this week to introduce my daughter to Firefly. :/

Of the actors and actresses who haven't spoken up, I'm kind of waiting to see if Kristine Sutherland has anything to say, given the hand her character was dealt.

There's a fan on the side of my case that's been incredibly reliable, a Nidec Gentle Typhoon. (It feeds the GPU cooler through an air filter so I don't have to blow dust as often.) I thought maybe I'd see if I could get another, but.. nope; it looks like they're completely out of that business. Old stock is going for $$$ too.. sigh.

Instead, I've ordered a pack of Arctic F12s. That way when one inevitably fails, I have others in the queue.

This disposable culture we have really blows.

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I tried using Zoom for Jackbox, but it and Steam seem to get into a knife fight over who gets to steal the system audio. Not sure if that's a Windows thing or a Firefox thing.. I guess I could retest with Chrome.

Similarly I've noticed that Google Meets says I'm not streaming the audio for my presentation, when viewing the participants from a separate computer. Didn't realize that was possible. Can't seem to find presentation audio sharing.. Maybe it's only on Chrome? Will need to test.

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Casablanca went over better than I hoped.
So much eye roll.
Much success.

Next classics night: Firefly

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The replacement case fan I bought a few months ago is already rattling. I guess it's time to find another..

Looking at the motherboard specs online, I may actually have a speed-controlled case fan header I can use. That might be nice to try and make use of. Hopefully it isn't complete junk.. this is a very old motherboard at this point, so it could be one of those situations where the hardware exists but the software doesn't.

Art badging fail.
At least they don't use rectangles.

(I think this is on Humble; the most recent templates I can find from them specify the badge regions as being on the bottom, not the top.)

Found it! Now to schedule a family Casablanca night..

(Huh, and I also found my Firefly and Die Hard DVDs. Score.)

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