It took a bunch of coast to coast flights and some weekends and I'm still not happy, but this is as done as it's ever gonna be: 10 kilowords on how and why you can and should learn Common Lisp:

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Idea for how to set up your own personal pastebin:

1. Make /var/www/pastes/ on server.
2. Points at server.
3. Have nginx serve content of /var/www/pastes/.
4. alias paste=$'ssh \'cat > paste && mv paste /var/www/pastes/`sha1sum paste | cut -d" " -f1`\''

That's it that's the pastebin.

*slaps roof of scala implicits* this bad boy can hide so many bugs

I didn't realize htop could show disk read/write rates for processes til just now. Nice!

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#PSA: The latest release of #pass 1.7.2 fixed a fairly major security hole: In prior versions, if an attacker could write to your ~/.password-store directory, they could exploit a bug in pass' regex to add a new GPG key, potentially granting access to the passwords.

Though rare, it's worth updating ASAP.

Update here:

NOTE: this bug does *not* impact my #pass-gen project, which remains the most secure way to generate passwords.

Halfway through day 2 of setting up Linux. I have drawn a DAG on a whiteboard of all the shit I still need to set up.

But dear god, it's *so* much faster than OS X. No bullshit animations eating seconds of my life hundreds of times every day. It's lovely.

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This is how #gamedev and sheep farming looks like at 2 AM during lambing season. #godotengine on right monitor and sheep surveillance camera on the left. 🎮


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