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⭐ anyone can follow unless youre a terf, pedo/map, lgbtphobe !
🌈 tootuals feel free to ask me for discord! im shy but ill do my best
☁️ my carrd link w/ all info will be up soon
πŸ’• thats all! just making a toot to pinπŸ’•


tomorrow...i will try and make a carrd if i dont spend the whole day being lazy and it will be the most epic style victory royale cool kid carrd uve ever seen...but for now i sleep, goodnight tutuals i love you with my whole heart and goodnight alyson i hope u wake up from ur wind turbine snore coma soon because im genuinely concerned for u the noises youre making are terrifying

id like to formally apologize to kenku for all the disrespect i did tonight

had a spiritual experience watching big money hustlas tonight

i genuinely cant believe th enoises coming out of alysons mouth in this call rn

omw to meet the big bozo in the sky tonight lads

alysons making bird noises in call in her sleep and im so concerned

nobodys boosted the foreskin toot guys im starting to become skeptical

this is for science class boost this if u have foreskin and are alive

its worm time its worm time its worm time its worm time its w

If you hold up a mirror to ur cat then now you got two cats, congratulations life hacked.

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