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Our goal on Mastodon is simple:

We want to help build, contribute to, and support members of a vibrant and inclusive community of geeks, nerds, artists, writers, fans, and everything between.

That's our mission as a podcast. That's our mission everywhere.

We always have and always will support a woman's right to choose.

If you are able to, please donate to Planned Parenthood or another org supporting reproductive rights.

This applies to us, too, though our social media ninja may post some things :). Anywhoodles.
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Hey all!

Taking a brief hiatus from social media (including scheduling things) to get caught up on a mountain of work I'm behind on.

Should be good in a few days.

Question of the Day:
Tell us about your favorite re-read: the book you've come back to, three, four, or more times in your life. What draws you to this book, this author, this story?

For the Sunday crowd:

Hey! Friends of the show @missdefying & @loopdilou have a much important and very incredible horror project that you need to support on Indiegogo!

Throw down some cash!

Deets right here:
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If you liked Lovecraft Country and True Blood, you’re gonna love @AfflictedAudio.

Hoodoo, a demonic book bound in human flesh, and supernatural disasters. What more could you ask for?

Help us bring …

One of our favorite Totally Pretentious is none other than @shaunduke & @David_Annandale’s discussion of the bizarre horror comedy House (Hausu; 1977).

You can listen to it in our archives! Right here:

Friendly reminder for the Sunday crowd:

We’ve got a Patreon! A beautiful, delicious Patreon full of exclusive podcasts, Discord channel nonsense, Torture Cinema polls, and more!

Join up! All it takes is $1!

Since we’re very much on the @StarWars train again, we’d like to remind you of our fantastic on Season One of The Mandalorian. It’s chock full of Yoditos, discussions of narrative and myth, and more!

Get it!

Good morning and Happy Father's Day.
So our question for today is an obvious one. What are your favorite father figures in SFF?

Hey hey! There’s a new @kbwagers book coming out! Hold Fast Through the Fire! And inspired by the Coast Guard, which is pretty nifty :D.

Check it!

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Tonight is a good time to remember that the paperback for HOLD FAST THROUGH THE FIRE by @kbwagers is out tomorrow!

LGBTQ+ military sci-fi inspired by the Coast Guard, this is action adventure SF that you can jump right into!…

Well this is mega cool! You can make your very own Star Wars Starlight Beacon bookend. Instructions here:

Maybe some of y’all are creative enough to do this on your own :).

Pretty sure this is gonna be darn awesome!

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For those who don't yet know DARK BREAKERS, it's my 2022 collection of 5 novellas & stories, all taking place in the same world as my @tordotcom novella DESDEMONA AND THE DEEP. 3 worlds: human, gentry & goblin enfolded. Romance, mystery, reflection, hope.

ICYMI: Flying whales, cyberstalking, and the metaverse, oh my! @shaunduke @therisingtithes & @IoriKusano team up to discuss 2021’s Belle (Ryû to sobakasu no hime), a new film by Mamoru Hosoda.
Get the episode! Listen! Review the show :D.Tell your friends!

Y’all! They made a Nine Fox Gambit TTRPG! Did you see? DID YOU SEE? We want it. We want to play it. Our @PrinceJvstin
wants to RUN it.

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Huge announcement! Coming in 2023 from Android Press, the official Ninefox Gambit TRPG, based on the Nebula and Hugo Award nominated space opera by New York Times bestselling author, Yoon Ha Lee (이윤하) @deuceofgears !!

Congratulations are in order for the finalists of the 2022 Utopia Awards! Far too many names to list here, so you should go check out the full list!

Huge congrats to a good friend of the show!

We know who we're going to beg for an interview in 2024.
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dropping this in here like

Just want to remind y'all that friend of the show @gregoryawilson's Kickstarter for Grayshade is live!

You can get a sweet dark fantasy trilogy and a 5E-powered RPG based in the same world which one of our number will forced to run one of these days.

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Both seasons of @cw_kungfu are apparently already on HBO Max (at least in the Caribbean, as I can see right now).


If you wanna know how amazing, last year @GeekMelange came on The @skiffyandfanty Show to gush about S1:

This 1985 advert for the now-defunct Western Airlines is kinda adorable. Stars William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy. Sometimes retro is fun!

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