I remember to check Mastodon maybe once a week these days? But it seems I'm still getting notifications on a toot that's two months old πŸ‘€

And Linux people, don't you dare think you're better, because I've SEEN WHAT LIVES INSIDE /etc

I've seen things there

terrible things

Some human invented M4 and sendmail and X11 conf files. Some actual human. We did this. We did it to ourselves.

We deserved every bit of the Windows registry.

I just launched my mini consulting service - $55 for 55 minutes of working with me on a variety of matters. I can do diversity/inclusion training, user or content research, content editing, travel advice, brainstorming, and much more!

Check it out: creatrixtiara.com/55-55

@jk Any engineer who tells you that well-written code is self-documenting has failed to understand the question: code can only tell you _what_ it is doing. It cannot tell you _why_. It cannot answer the fundamental question "what made this design the right choice, as opposed to any other implementation, based on the constraints that existed when we wrote it?" As such, even the best-written code cannot truly "self-document."

twitter thinks i'm 13-54, male, English (US), Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, Haitian, Welsh

Your regular reminder that β€œConvenient proxy factory bean superclass for proxy factory beans that create only singletons.” is real documentation docs.spring.io/spring-framewor

there's a google chrome plugin called Spectrum that simulates the effects of various forms of colorblindness on webpages. i found it while looking for tools for my web design final project this past semester, and it's proven more useful than i had anticipated

1. Painkillers make people less empathetic
2. Large parts of America are in the grip of a painkiller and opiate abuse epidemic
3. The same parts of America elected a President who sneers at empathy


Why We Can't Have Nice Things On The Internet: A Visual Essay In One Browser Screenshot: May 14, 2017 mastodon.social/media/hkjth7Bz

So I try to thank @rey for being an awesome admin repetitively. Really whenever I can reasonably do so. Because they are awesome. But I'd like to takes this toot and co-opt it to thank all of the #MastadonAdministrators, #GNUSocialAdministrators, and generally all of the #FediverseAdministrators for putting up with this stupidly stressful clusterfuck of a volunteer service.

You are all awesome. @rey is just slightly more awesome due to proximity. Root, root root for the home-min :3 #ThankYou

Please attend my three day long conference talk on the falsehoods most programmers believe about CSS

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