I'm super fan of @Cryoclaire's great work. I'm happy to have supported the creation of this "Drugs & Wires" comic book. It's a crazy fantastic retro-futuro-hacker-cyberpunk story!
(And yes, this is a real floppy disk! I even bought a USB drive to read it :)

This cassette from Master Boot Record is awesome!

RT twitter.com/laquadrature
Vous vous demandez pourquoi Google vous affiche ce pop-up ?

La @CNIL s'est reconnue compétente pour traiter notre plainte collective contre Google : laquadrature.net/2018/10/10/no

Google fuit en Irlande pour échapper à la @CNIL, espérant que l'autorité irlandaise soit moins stricte.

Dear folks, please welcome my friend and colleague, the one and only @97wasablast.
He just joined Mastodon tonight because he's a huge fan of ;)

And my mum was secretly in love with Rutger Hauer (playing Roy Batty).
It was impossible for me to understand that when I was a kid, but now I can. Roy is such an iconic vilain!

The beautiful building where J.F. Sebastian lives is the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles.
It has been also used to shoot Justin Timberlake's fantastic video for "Say Something" (done in one single cut!)

I'm so eager to be in 2019, so I'll be able to wear shades with led lights during the night...

We had a fantastic evening with the French chapter of Protect Our Winters, discussing about all their great projects of 2018 and the plans for 2019.

Now I'm enjoying the ski resort by night and the great hotel I found :)

If you're interested in helping to fight climate change, check protectourwinters.org
and don't hesitate if you have questions, I'll be happy to help!

"En Suisse, les élus sont réticents à la notion de l'environnement"

Tout juste rentré de la COP24 en Pologne, le président de la fondation Solar Impulse Bertrand Piccard veut privilégier les questions financières et économiques, avant l'argument environnemental, pour lutter efficacement contre les changements climatiques.


Franchement y du boulot pour sortir de l'ornière de la croissance verte. La vérité est qui si notre capitalisme n'étais pas vert on aurait éviter tellement d'effet rebond qu'on s'en sortirait actuellement mieux. Une triste vérité. Les technoprophètes doivent prendre leur responsabilité.

On my way to Les Ménuires, a French ski resort, for the general assembly of Protect Our Winters France.

I'm a supporting member for a year now, but I'm gonna step up and be more active, and help them with their website and process.

I'm happy to be able to use my skills to help others...

If GenX and Millenials worked together, we could achieve the slack we were born for.

They called us Xers lazy and not interested in work... turns out it was just a way to manipulate us into a unquestioning work ethic.

all I'm saying is... we outnumber them now.

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