I love to see Hackers' easter eggs here and there... :)

Yesterday I talked with the husband of a colleague. He's a consultant at Ernst & Young (EY helps optimizing the profits of big companies).

He explained how their work is to help companies with "performance improvement" and "value creation".
In other words : firing lots of people and cutting on spendings (and on taxes)...

How fucking cynical it is, and what a fucking twisted world we're living in!

J'aime bien quand @pyg mentionne notre élitisme, notre indigence dans le libre. Sur ce plan, l'apport de Framasoft est tellement constructif <3 (souvenirs de super discussions !!) #CdL2018

This session was, once again, great!
Thank you folks!
And thanks to our great @ella_kane for hosting it!

"Military" + Amazon logo = Megacorps rule the world...
We live in a fucking dystopia!

Source : twitter.com/WorkforceVA/status

The thing that pisses me of with is this "century/millenium" thing...
Like the majority of the planet, this movie was wrong about the year 2000 being a new century and millenium...

This "2K" thing reminds me when I was working for a big French company to fix the Y2K bug at their HQ and R&D center... on Dec. 31 1999 I was secretly hoping for a world tech apocalypse... that never happened! :)

Yikes, less than 10 minutes. Warm up that popcorn, cool down those drinks. Strange Days starts on the hour.

#WeAreNameless #StrangeDays

In the train, while waiting for our screening to start, I'm listening to @cat's LOW WIRE show on aNONradio!



I've just finished "Wizzywig", the comic book from Ed Piskor about a "serial hacker" (mostly inspired by the story of Mitnick). Quite good.
Thanks @cat for the inspiration to read it :)

Good morning! Deactivated my personal Twitter account yesterday. And deleted the Mastodon fan page on Facebook, along with the temporary account I had created for it ☺️

Damn! My DVD rip app doesn't work anymore.
I don't want to hack around. I just copied the full DVD content to my hard drive, and I'll watch it with VLC... It's easier/faster! :)

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