Samsung just unveiled a foldable phone...

But you suck Samsung!
This is the best foldable phone! Ever!

I've passed (and rocked) my course from the University of Maryland about usable security!

Because, yeah, there's still lots of work to design more usable systems for the security and privacy of all the people all over the world*...

(* and not only the white male hacker elite)

A time traveller from the 2000's visits a modern software company

traveller: all your laptops have 32 GB of RAM in them?! Your devs must be doing some really heavy stuff, what the hell do they need all that memory for?

guide: web browsing.

traveller: fukken wat mate?

Janvier :
Macron crache (encore) sur les français en disant qu'ils n'ont pas "le sens de l'effort".

Février :
M6 lance une émission où une dizaine de jeunes décrocheurs partent en bootcamp avec des militaires qui vont les humilier. L'émission s'appelle "Le sens de l'effort".


Ça tombe quand même suuuuper bien!

Pile au moment où tous les idiots du gouvernement et de l'assemblée veulent remettre le service militaire et dresser la jeunesse...

Security isn’t about protecting everything from everything. It’s knowing what you’re protecting from what (and what you’re not protecting). That’s why we use threat models.

An analogy: you don’t protect food from the environment; you protect different types of food from different factors of the environment. You might design a heat lamp to protect the freshness of your dinner but a freezer for your ice cream. What you don’t do is design a heat lamp and assume it’ll protect your ice cream also.

Je pense qu’on ne se rend pas encore compte que ce “Grand Débat” est peut-être la plus grande arnaque politique de l’histoire de la France!…

This ad at the end of an italian cyberpunk anthology is fantastic!
The BBS is open from 16:00 to 8:00, at 300 to 14400 bauds!
"The best of InterNet!" :)

Sorry, it's a Twitter thread, but this story of a guy who finds his old Apple IIe with the floppies is golden!

Games backups, demos screens on hacked games, his essay in high school, and even an electronic letter from his dad who passed away...


so... um... radio is up.

go stick that in your ear.

Today I was recording the new episode of our @hackstock podcast with my partner in crime @GeoffreyDorne, so I had to dress accordingly, wearing my hoodie!

If you are a member of an underrepresented or marginalised group, interested in public speaking, come join this event!

As part of "Global Diversity CFP Day" we are proud to offer a workshop in our office in Zurich.

Nouvel épisode de @hackstock enregistré! Maintenant plus qu'à monter les musiques et notre nouveau jingle et on pourra publier ça...

Libertarians attempting to do irony, but proposing a good idea instead:

(Good morning.)

Dear America,
Please stop using the term “leader of the free world”.


A free inhabitant of the world who doesn’t consider your orange puppet (or any other person living in your White House) his leader.

The mountains are calling, and we must go!

My girl and I are again spending the weekend in the moutains, and the night in a nice little cabin off the grid...

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