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To the US :
As a European citizen I am deeply sorry for the "Global tyranny of the metric system"

Am 15.06. gibt es in Berlin die Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften. Ich bin an der HTW doppelt dabei und hab noch ein paar Plätze auf der Gästeliste frei. Wer möchte?

This was a pretty crazy day.

Some of us criticised the SPD germany for publishing resignations on FB only.

The SPD newsroom then sent us Amazon-links to "Shut up" / "Fresse halten" articles and now the SPD social media lead BLOCKS journalists.

This is so unreal !!!

German chancellor Merkel received the honorary doctorate of Harvard University –
Merkel speaks in front of the Class of 2019, full length

@cwebber Was there ever a reply regarding the workshop? Now that everything was nearly organized; It is not far away from my summer holidays and I think Manus idea was very kind, wasn't it ?
On the other hand the organizers of Perpignan want me to reply now but I can't … … …
And off course it is too late now for the EU money because they have summer holidays as well …


This is the official Mastodon account for the site

It's a guide for non-technical people who are concerned about protecting their privacy online. It only lists easy-to-use sites and apps that are ethical and privacy-friendly.

You can find out more at

If you know someone who might benefit from this guide, please share the link with them!

#Introductions #NewHere #DeleteFacebook #DeleteGoogle #ReplaceFacebook

If you're a #nextcloud contributor, translator or app developer, we'd love to support your travel to the conference in September! Hurry up and submit a request before the deadline!

Eben Moglen in his keynote at :

"The federation of all services is not an inconceivable idea....This is the intended goal of the little gesture I call : the manufacture of simple, inexpensive, self-administrating servers that we can hold in the palm of our hands and distribute throughout the world like apple seeds."

VIDEO: "Why Freedom of Thought Requires Attention"

@cwebber Just wanted to mention that I like the idea to do the AP workshop in Prague very much.
Indeed a cool intersection …
There are awesome places we could share to stay.

just btw (featured in a favourite german blog today) :

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