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@sl007 Don't let Eugen's particular poorly-moderated instance spoil your mood for the rest of the Fediverse.


Hey @cwebber

the little Eugen is censoring our Afghanistan posts and thus helping the Taliban.
The last journalists I knew left

I do not think anymore that ActivityPub is a good thing.
The wannabe Mark Zuckerberg makes us all mad.

Mein Kollege Wolfgang Bauer über den Offenen Brief und unsere Kollegen und Helfer vor Ort …

[Instance censored (e.g. UN figures),
so posting from here to fedi,

Hey @chpietsch

I would like to move my account from who censored my informations like United Nations figures for Afghanistan.

Do you have experience if it works to migrate existing content and the followers ?

The Vice President of Afghanistan 

“Clarity: As per d constitution of Afg, in absence, escape, resignation or death of the President the FVP becomes the caretaker President. I am currently inside my country & am the legitimate care taker President. Am reaching out to all leaders to secure their support & consensus.”


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The Vice President of Afghanistan 

“It is futile to argue with [@]POTUS on Afg now. Let him digest it.

We d Afgs must prove tht Afgh isn't Vietnam & the Talibs aren't even remotely like Vietcong.

Unlike US/NATO we hvn't lost spirit & see enormous oprtnities ahead. Useless caveats are finished.



/ remark:
Saleh is from Valley the last location of resistance where the ANA soldiers are gathering now …

Update via Matthias Gebauer, chief correspondent for DER SPIEGEL, 22:14 CEST, reads :

Update on the evacuation mission: After long circling over Kabul, an A400M of landed in Kabul a few minutes ago. US soldiers have cleared the runway, apparently other rescue machines can now land.


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with Jay Graber as lead is hiring a protocol developer and a web developer

“[…] We're focusing on re-building the social web by connecting disconnected silos and returning control of the social experience to users. Our mission is to develop and drive the adoption of technologies for open and decentralized public conversation.”


cc @activitypub

The German Air Force sent 3x A400M.
The range is 3.300 km – it needs refueling on ground which might happen in Baku.

Currently, the first aircraft is mid-Georgia …

After the ISAF mandate from 2014 - 2019 about 45.000 soldiers of the Afghan National Army lost their lives.

Now 7.000 local helpers for Germany are trapped within

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In 2005 when I visited for the first time, a friend and interpreter gifted me a book.

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DER SPIEGEL, arte, BDZV, Deutsche Welle, Deutschlandradio, DIE ZEIT, dpa, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, MDR, n-tv, Reporter ohne Grenzen, RTL, Stern, Süddeutsche Zeitung und taz :

– In eigener Sache –

Farzana Wahidy, Kabul.
One of the most impressive colleagues met.

Today my mind is with Anja Niedringhaus, Jim Foley, Chris Hondros … and so many others :(
And somehow thinking of Robert Frank and Stanley Greene.


The power will be transitioned to the Taliban now. Negotiations in Kabul began, their cars are at Torkham Gate. ANA left the area.

President will hand over the power to Ali Ahmad Jalali in the coming hours.
Mullah Bradar arrived to with Jalali for interim government.

Unconfirmed reports that Jalali arrived at Kabul airport.

When it was all for nothing.

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