Watching the #apconf2020 keynote and getting excited. Really want to talk to someone real-time about my potential use-case for activitypub now.


my stream is full with the hashtag no matter what instance.
But when I search for the tag and click it on mastodon, nothing is shown (?)
Is there a current issue ?

My keynote for ActivityPub Conference 2020 is now online a few days before the conference begins! Since it's a fully remote conference, the idea is you can (should?) watch the talks before the interactive/live sessions later this week.

Here's the keynote, which is about ways to provide value to users that CANNOT be re-centralized by the big corporations:

And all the other talks, which I'm excited to watch:

Esteemed Audience,

you are probably watching all the videos for now and so you can't read this post. or via peertube

This is intended.
However, I'd like to say that I am overwhelmed by all the enthusiasm.
The page now has the full schedule here

You asked about 🍿?
Attendees of the live portion, please propose your Birds of feather session in the forum.
What would YOU like to debate at the party?

If you want to make yourself familiar with the software, we use for meeting, this page has some
quick videos:

WHEW! That was a lot of videos for #apconf2020 and @mlemweb and I watched all of them and I can tell you in advance: THESE ARE SOME GREAT TALKS!

@mlemweb and I kept turning to each other and saying "How did we get talks that are *this good*? This is incredible!"

"Running a FOSS virtual conference" by Morgan Lemmer-Webber, Sebastian Lasse, and Thomas Markey of FOSSHost

Q&A Session: Sunday Oct 4th, 17:00 UTC #apconf2020

And last but FAR from least, the closing keynote of #apconf2020...

"Let's Play and Win Our Own Game" by Darius Kazemi!!

Q&A Session: Sunday October 4th, 16:00 UTC

"IoT meets SocialWeb using ActivityPub" by Philippe Coval (aka RzR)

Q&A Session: Sat October 3rd, 18:30 UTC #apconf2020

"An analysis of privacy design principles as applied to decentralized systems" by Cristina DeLisle

Q&A Session: Sat October 3rd, 18:00 UTC #apconf2020

Horray, the ActivityPub Conference 2020 videos are live! Which is great news because this presentation is probably the best overview of Spritely that's been made for a general audience yet!

@cwebber and I noticed several common themes as we per-screened the talks, so I put together this handy bingo card for #apconf2020

Play along at home!

"The database is the protocol. Reflections on a 20 year tradition of re-inventing the wheel." by Caleb James DeLisle

Q&A Session: Sat October 3rd, 17:30 UTC #apconf2020

"Building a better GoodReads with ActivityPub" by Nilesh Trivedi

Q&A Session: Sat October 3rd, 15:30 UTC #apconf2020

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