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The energy consumption of Bitcoin exceeds that of the Netherlands (

Bitcoin is a crime against our habitat and thus a crime against humanity.

TODAY at 4 pm EST:
School of Public Policy at UMass Amherst

Info Session.
Meet students & admissions staff & learn about our grad programs in & & our professional development opportunities.

Grants available.


Darrers dies per veure l'exposició 'Aziz Hazara. The Restless Echo of Tomorrow', coorganitzada amb la Fundació Han Nefkens

Fins el 24 de gener


#AzizHAzara #Art #FundacioTapies #HanNefkens #Videoart

BCN Metropolitan:

There's only one week left to catch the first solo exhibition of Afghan interdisciplinary artist #AzizHazara at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies!

His stunning, emotionally compelling #videoart explores questions of identity, conflict, surveillance and migration.



Your follow is an honour for me.
Thank you.

In my living room:
“Setmanes catalanes a Berlin, 1978” [limited edition]

Hey, this whole lockdown/pandemic thing is, after almost a year, really getting at me. Sunday is my birthday. I’ll turn 51. Alone at my place. Could y‘all send me some happy message on Sunday? It would make me really happy!

FCC head Ajit Pai is out right in time.
VICE with a list of bad stuff his FCC did over the last four years.
Very polite headline :)

Wer mit Grafik arbeitet und keinen Bock mehr auf das monatliche Adobe Abo hat kann sich hier mal umschauen. 50% Rabatt, Einmalkauf und seit Monaten die bessere Alternative zu Adobe

I'm livestreaming a very long 3D print with some chill tunes! It'll be running for the next 5 hours or so, excellent to put on in the background!

@cjd @pettter and yet culture is a pretty good way of directing attention and energy in ways that can be more beneficial. That's kind of what hacker culture is.

And it's not about some kid in the basement, it's about established projects with public faces and conference talks and often loads of funding.

It is reasonable to ask them if they considered certain possible problematic outcomes, I feel.

The first version of our first FAQ is online at

So many firsts! Hope this can help you when someone asks you 'so what is this fediverse'.

Ende Dezember im Testbetrieb aus #Mastodon gestartet, ausprobiert, viele Tipps und Hinweise erhalten (danke!), angepasst (auch unser völlig unverständlicher Weise als irgendwie „ähnlich“ kritisiertes Logo 😉), verändert, und:
ab heute offiziell unterwegs.


is partly back online cause Putin helped 😂

The company DDos-Guard hosts them.
According to Der Spiegel the company worked together with racist-websites and helped the Russian government with websites …

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