I would go for a larger font size then.
Before your posts had about 80 characters per line which is still fine but 110 feels too wide for me …


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@sl007 Yeah I was thinking about that, kinda forgot about it cause the current width isn't too bad but I'll probably bump it a little. I don't want to make it responsive sizing so I need to pick something that also isn't too big on a small screen.


I see.

btw: We would be honoured if you could attend this year

also CFP is open until WED


and btw,
tried something for a new site:

[a social stream "masonry" layout]
Wanted to write media queries based on characters like

@media (min-width: calc(70ch + 4 * 0.83333333vw))

It *kind of* works.
In FF, Safari etc. : Yay!
but not in Chrome :(


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