Terminal.app is much faster than iTerm 2 when it comes to latency, odd

just discovered how powerful ublock origin is, wow

gonna try to get osu! working on wine 3.0.2 once more

it's so demotivating and annoying to hear the usual "webdev is terrible" drawl that's continuously being echoed throughout this hellspace

completely ruining my sleep schedule, just in time for class

wondering if i should move instances


polygon is a really nice map for helping me improve my finger control and reading abilities, hoping to fc it eventually

looking at someone's cute art and melting over it is the best thing ever

frosted cinnamon rolls are my weakness

rewrote my react app that i've been working on for the past 7 days in typescript. it was interesting bc it forced me to explicitly address all of the inconsistencies in my codebase

my sublime broke so i had to set it up again, did it properly this time

finally moved from caddy to nginx, setting up ssl was easier than expected

it's such a good day when you find a new favorite artist to listen to

been building a somewhat-complex application using react and blueprint, a UI kit, and being able to stuff components everywhere are great

damn i wish discord was open source, self-hostable, and federated...


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