I love when the next book I pick up is *exactly* the book I needed to be reading. In this case, John Gray's "The Silence of Animals" which has been sitting on my to-read table for 6 months. Can we live without myths?

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If you're in Canada, the @CRTCeng@twitter.com and @CBC@twitter.com are STILL trying push for an insane internet tax and you should contact your MP to kill this nonsense off because what the hell is wrong with these people. act.openmedia.org/AxeTheIntern

if you think "fake news," bots and all of the other online confusions of the past decade are best combatted with info lit curriculum, I hate to tell you, but you've bringing a pea shooter to gun fight twitter.com/i/moments/91897865

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I'll let you in on a secret: you can hate "real" taxi services for running a price kartel and refusing to modernize, AND hate @Uber@twitter.com and @lyft@twitter.com for making traffic substantially worse, not better. It's not one or the other: they're both terrible industries.

I wanna bite the hand that feeds me
I wanna bite that hand so badly
I want to make them wish they'd never seen me

We've become a global super-organism though we still harbour our tribal inclinations. What could possibly go wrong?
We're the Last Humans Left


It's always a challenge to stump @blamb and @grantpotter on a jam night, combined their musical knowledge is VAST, but I think if I practice up on this obscure gem of Canadiana I might pull it off youtu.be/2Pt6VPZhMUQ

on my 3rd cold call of the day. Maybe "lukewarm call" is a better term - I'm not selling anything, just reaching out to folks in my and adjacent sectors to discuss and learn. It can feel super uncomfortable to reach out to folks you don't know and ask for a meeting, but in my experience it bears unexpected fruit more than half the time.

I still think that wiki-driven google custom search for OER I prototyped in 2008 STILL kicks most of the other OER search engines' butts scottleslie.ca/edtechpost/word sure, it only returned maybe 75% of the resources - but for 1% of the cost/effort! Alas, it borked and I have no desire to resurrect, but I'll take 80/20 any day over perfection

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One of the Principles of Co-operatives is "Support for other Cooperatives" and it was in this spirit that I did a call today with someone trying to start a new one. Every time I do a call like that it reminds me how well co-op's fit my values and who lucky I am to be working in one. Much less of a duck-out-of-water than I am apt to be in many other kinds of orgs (though don't get me wrong they still think I'm a weirdo)

every time I play with @grantpotter he gets a new song stuck in my head, this time the classic "Motor Away" by Guided by Voices youtu.be/9J-V6AGuA2k image of him and Brian and Irwin warming up to this one will now forever be imprinted in my mind

yet another indicator of how intellectually out of step I am with well..everyone? I searched ALL library catalogues in BC (post sec and public) through our ILL and found pretty much a single copy of only 3 of the titles in this series mitpress.mit.edu/books/series/ Apparently not only will the revolution not be televised, we can't even read about it

Well that was hella fun. Had to hightail it back to Victoria first thing this morning for a full day strat planning session (which I mostly whispered through, having almost lost my voice singing last night) but huge smile on my face. Eternally grateful to the immensely talented musical friends who make space for this duffer. My cup runneth over

funny how time separates the wheat from the chaff. Tonight I gather with folks I met online and professionally 10+ years ago to make joyous music together. Yet I bet I can think of a dozen or so folks from that time who dropped us like hotcakes when we were no longer of "use." I'm not bitter (ok, a bit) but have learned that my gut instincts about those folks were pretty damn spot on. But I also probably need to be a little less naive. Anyways...to friends & to music, cheers

Just learned that Canada has produced offspring to our national shame, Nickleback. This monstrosity is named "Monster Truck" and yes, they are as bad as all that youtube.com/watch?v=Zdeo-i6uw5

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If you are only hearing now I encourage you to spend some with elements of this syllabus as a primer to better understand what is going on nycstandswithstandingrock.file

Well my mini retreat is done. 4 songs started, zero pieces written but read Harari's Sapiens which has been on my list for ages. I knew going in my biggest enemy was expectations, so I'm just going to be grateful for what it was and for the break.

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