Your wound is also your super power. Mine is apparently the ability to demonstrate confidence in the face of my obviously mediocre abilities. And then talk about it online.

Before you propose your next project or solution maybe ask "to what extent is this about *actually* doing something versus feeling like/being seen to do something?"

great piece on the possibility of interoperabile social media to enable facebook quitting without loosing your friend network wish I was hopeful, but can't say the options aren't described clearly

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"John Steinbeck once said that socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." -- Ronald Wright, A Short History of Progress


I'm glad for mastodon for largely breaking my Twitter habit, but it's also breaking my mastodon habit. After unfollowing 3 excessive posters who pretty much dominated my timeliness, it's a bit of a ghost town. Maybe time to just chuck all of these anyways, the PLN ain't what it used to be

I am half-seriously considering buying a "...for Dummies" book. I wish I were kidding. And I wish it was a good sign. It's been a rare day in my 30 year career I haven't learned something new but this is more of a sign of getting shit dumped on me that is SO far from my area of expertise as to render me a "dummy." Trying hard not to let the "flight" instinct win. So fucking tired.

I haven't worked in "edtech" for 9 years, but these sunflowers still tie me to the community I found there. I have at least two branches of the family tree, from both @cogdog and @fncll, that are now on their...8th or 9th generation in my garden. Maybe @draggin can recall the first year the seeds were sent out? I miss our large get together around the world and rejoice those times we manage to reconnect

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Took longer than expected, honestly. "Amazon has announced [it's killing the] MOBI file format." and replacing it with... EPUB. Something they could have done 20 years ago, but at least we got there.

T-minus 3 hours until 3 weeks holidays. Can't come soon enough

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There are four good things worth practicing. Being kind toward everything alive. Staying level and steady. Feeling happy for any creature anywhere that is happy. And remembering that any suffering is also yours.

Bewilderment / Richard Powers


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@grantpotter I've heard you mention "solarpunk" a few times in the past, any references you'd share to get someone started?

Taking Friday's off in July, makes the other 4 workdays kind of a crazy pace, but appreciate the month of 3 day weekends. Salut

I often feel self conscious about the level of informality in our systems & processes at the Coop when I deal with big outfits. But then my team turns stuff around in a day which takes those outfits 1-2 MONTHS so they can just bite me with all their ass-covering self-important acronym-laden drama. I know some more maturity is worth aiming at, but I'll take fleet of foot and responsive over hidebound bureaucracy every day.

for the billionth g'damn time "Fast. Cheap. Or Good: you can only have 2." It's a g'damn rule because every single time someone thinks they've beaten it, I guarantee they have just kicked it down the road for the next person. Which, more often than not, is f'ing me.

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"They seem like critical digital infrastructure that we all need to use ... and yet they are privately owned and operated."

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