Really gotta remember to post to Mastodon more

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somebody on ebay is offering an "exetremely rare" [sic] Dinosaur Planet N64 prototype for $15,000 and the only working photo is the fakest looking shit i have ever seen. it's clearly just two regular n64 carts jammed together with scotch tape

Gonna stream making lemon bars and mozzarella sticks later tonight

Preliminary tests work, we are go for Wifestream Kingdom Hearts in approx 22 minutes

“my readers still might not get this, I better be sure”
*adds a tiny Colin K->*

on the one hand, i am obsessed with yakuza 0 minigames

on the other, i should really revisit Devilman on PSX and try to suss out the plot myself having not seen the anime or anything

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The hope: BlockParty500 will fix twitter by blocking promoted tweets and thereby revenue

The reality: Twitter will make promoted tweets unblockable if that happens.

Just get here already

What's the modern HTML equivalent of this? something something div tags?

“I was a triple threat in my sorority days. Dancing, and math!”
Me: “Ha! Oh shit I just laughed at a joke from the Boss Baby show”

Went on vacation, decided “fuck it, not doin birdsite this whole time” - think I’m better for it

Chill romhacking stream at

Wife: I wanna see the movie Crazy Rich Asians
Me: I wanna see the movie Sorry To Bother You
Daughter: I wanna see the movie Frozen

Daughter: “I love everyone in the world. ...Especially me.”

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