I'm listening to an episode of this podcast Switchblade Sisters, which is about women filmmakers talking about genre film, and this one has Marianna Palka on it talking about Star Trek Generations.

It's an interesting conversation, but also, whew, Scottish accents are very good.

RT @GrimKim@twitter.com The new WOMAN (Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis) comp is out! 44 tracks of antifascist death, black, and thrash metal, crust, and industrial from the likes of @GhoulOfficial @RedbaitSTL @NDeathcamp and more. Day 1 sales donated to @MSF blackeneddeath.bandcamp.com/al

mulder saying nice every time the number 69 or 420 is mentioned as scully gets visibly more frustrated by each instance

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Announcing VOID BASTARDS, a sci fi procedural strategy Douglas Adams-em-up. Jon Chey directs, I narrative design, etc youtube.com/watch?v=HkQvQ7H5HR

@sirosenbaum what client do you use to cross-post between Mastodon and twitter?

twitter has announced another bad UX change so I assume there will be another wave of new mastodon users shortly

I've done really badly at catching up on the inktobers

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It might be gold. Day 9, "Precious". Watercolors to come.

Two lemons, sage, salt and pepper. Just add chicken and oven. Day 5, "Chicken". Watercolors to come.

I usually don't even consider going to a show if the tickets are in the $30-40 range, buttttt…for Neko Case at the Royale, which is a reasonably sized venue, not a huge pavilion or some shit, I might break that rule.

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

i feel like google plus shutting down and fucking over the people who used it for tabletop gaming is like the sequel to google wave shutting down and fucking over the people who used it for tabletop gaming

A rustic porch with a bench. Come and set a spell. Day 4, "Spell"

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