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I should experiment with small/fast map generation algorithms, see if there are some that give good results and are still feasible for use on very limited systems (6502, e.g.)

Hello my name is Twitter mcfunny left man I make fun of everyone who's actually doing something to fix the shitty world and get $5000 a month on my paetron

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It's really weird looking at the old stereo system my family had back in the 80's, with the speaker hookups that were just bare wires we had to jam into holes, and also they didn't even have always on microphones with permanent connections back to entirely unaccountable multinational corporations who don't pay their fucking taxes. Primitive AF.

With all the cool queer artists being kicked off social media sites and starting their own websites I guess it makes RSS a lot more relevant again.

Tumblr evacuees: please caption your images!

Everyone else: please caption your images!

MSP Social has an indicator that tells us when an image is captioned, and a lot of us won't boost without a description.

then again you still have the same problem of migration and service failure with the identity providers, which I suppose is why they tend to end up being only the big monopolies.

this is also a problem—aside from being both evil and monopolies—with "sign in with [google/facebook/twitter]": just about all sites serving as openid and/or oauth identity providers ALSO do something else. I think ideally an identity provider would be ONLY that, and you'd just have a public profile page on it that links out (e.g. with rel="me") to the accounts you want to verify as yours.

But that displaces the identity verification problem to a hypothetical other service, rather than solving it.

On the other hand I kind of think a trusted identity brokerage protocol _should_ be separate from other services. it's just that the "trusted identity brokerage protocol" problem is also not solved AFAIK.

so if you have a site you control, you can have reliable verification that the new account and the old one are the same person.

I guess there's data export (toots and media, follow list, block and mute lists) and import (follow, block, and mute lists), though those are still annoyingly manual steps.

And there seems to be a profile option to redirect to another account, and support for inbound links using rel="me" to verify that the account is held by the site owner.

I increasingly feel like I should move to another instance, but also, AFAIK account portability still isn't implemented.

ah, it's that time again when some other social media platform fucks up in some way, and there's a big influx of users who don't know how to properly tag their nsfw content yet

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