average person at high risk of getting cancelled" factoid actualy just statistical error. average person at very low risk of getting cancelled. JK Rowling, who is extremely an asshole & gets cancelled 10,000 times each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

uspol fascism, gamergate 

Direct line from gamergate as the testing grounds for the alt-right to trump today RTing Ian Miles Cheong saying critical race theory is "the greatest threat to western civilization"

from mossworm on tumblr

finally something that explains the CW effect

uspol, covid 

One analysis of the virus situation that I haven't really seen a lot of is that it is a crisis that nationalists (starting with Trump) see as serving their goals. The worse it gets, the more it serves their goals.

Besides that letting it ravage the country operates as a form of passive eugenics, the US is now more effectively isolated from the rest of the world, and faster than any tolerable political act could have expediently achieved.

The Mastodon improvement cycle 

🍍"Hey this would be a great idea"
🍍 (Optional: someone codes it and makes a pull request)
🍍 Eugen rejects the idea out of hand
🍍 Maybe this feature gets put in a fork, usually not
🍍 Someone else independently comes up with the idea, months later, they find out that Eugen has pre-rejected it
🍍 Masto does not improve

This is just gorgeous:

Meander is a procedural system for generating historical maps of rivers that never existed.

/ via ~pushcx


in a discussion about how many games the average person buys, i said "we are all spiders georg after that itch bundle" and it's the best sentence i've come up with all week

When people say "defund the police" they mean "take the money away from police departments", also known as "defunding".

It is not an "unclear phrase", and anyone who uses that argument to say it means anything other is ignorant or malicious. It could not BE more clear.

lol so pizza luce stopped giving cops discounts
and so i was like "fuck yeah. you know what? i want some pizza" and tried to place an order
i called them bc the online wouldn't let me do it.
they have literally cut off orders tonight because they are TOO BUSY selling pizzas to take more orders

one way you can tell that cops are bad people is that they're not mass-resigning right now

Starwars is a movie about a space galaxy where they have laser sticks and space airplanes, but they don't have google drive, so the princess has to save her secret plans inside a toy and throw the toy down at her brother Lucas, who lives on the planet "sand"

When Lucas's dad finds out about the toy, he kills Lucas's aunt and uncle, and then he kills Ben, and then he cuts off Lucas's hand just to fuck with him. Then Lucas cuts off his dad's hand and burns his dead body on the planet "trees"


I know hating on electoral politics is Very Cool and this is probably one of the takes that'll get my instance canceled but local politics has a much larger potential than a lot of people would expect to alleviate suffering and there's no reason this can't happen alongside stuff like spamming snitch tiplines.

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The building I live in is a model for urban community. Mixed use (retail, housing, and offices), mixed income, racially diverse. And the way we've come together in this to defend our homes and support one another demonstrates the strength of that model.

I think whats happening in the US right now is the best example why accelerationism is shit

If your support of arson of affordable housing is that it wasn't going to be affordable enough, how does that make housing more affordable?

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