A little slower today, or at least I felt slower. not very much worse by the numbers, though. total distance 50.45 miles. Monday will push me over the double-marathon mark.

one way to defeat ideas is with reverse ideas

true to form: slower today. it was 20 degrees hotter than Monday, and also the air is soup (rain is coming). oof. running: still terrible.

Friday I'll pass 50 miles total distance since I started c25k.

Apparently my mom met Richard Stallman once. She made a joke and said "no GNUs is good GNUs!", and Stallman apparently did not appreciate that.

I'm proud to have a mom who annoyed Richard Stallman

(I would like to get close to an 11-minute mile, i.e. a 35-minute 5k, but for now I'm just collecting data, not worrying about trying to speed up.)

hence, I have added some columns to my spreadsheet.

I pushed Friday's run to Saturday afternoon so I could run with my brother (who was in town as a surprise for our mom's 70th), but they have a nice bike path down on the cape so we jogged along that, and this morning I also did a full 25 minutes. now that the runs aren't broken up with walking anymore, I can get a better idea of my actual jogging mile pace, which looks to be hovering around 12:30.

Hi! I made this goose emojo set for the fediverse to enjoy. :grape_heart:

:goose_silly: :goose_peek: :goose_hacker: :goose_flap:

patreon.com/flan_foundry also has download packs in 200x200 and 500x500 sizes for use outside Fedi under a CC-BY-NC-SA license (or to ease addition to your emoji set). Attribution appreciated. Enjoy!

Huh, when did masto add the capability to search for text in posts? I thought not allowing that was an explicit design decision.

Wednesday will be 10 minutes jogging, 5 walking, 10 jogging, and Friday is 25 minutes unbroken jogging.

Week 6 day 1 done, this was back to shorter jogs broken up by walking (jog 5, walk 3, jog 8, walk 3, jog 5) and so my average pace was slower than Friday.

oh wait again, mapmyrun 1) didn't lose the data (it just wasn't showing it until the site came back up but it had it sitting there waiting to sync), and 2) does say 2.23, with a time of 32:52. I will stick with its figures since that's what I've been relying on generally. check out the right-hand side of my chart!

oh, wait, google fit captured the data too, its timer isn't as precise (just gives me whole minutes) but it's better than guessing. and I must have transposed the digits when I glanced at mapmyrun before I closed it, google says 2.32 miles, not 2.23. even better!

week 5 day 3 didn't beat me! a full 20 minutes straight of jogging, 2.23 miles. not sure of my time because the mapmyrun site is down and I closed the app, thinking it had saved my workout, before I copied all the figures into the spreadsheet, but I guess probably around 33 minutes. I'm gonna be pretty annoyed if it turns out it lost all that data.

Day 2 done, so I'm officially halfway through. I've been pretty consistently going the same distance (2.13 miles, some days a little more) since the beginning of week 4, but Friday is a solid 20 minute jog so I expect it to be higher then.

Week 5 Day 1 done, 2.13 miles, 33:25. Excluding warmup and cooldown (always 5 minutes walking each) today was 5 minutes jogging, 3 walking, 5 jogging, 3 walking, 5 jogging. Wednesday is 8 jogging, 5 walking, 8 jogging.

14 days, 28 miles, 4 weeks of C25K done, next week it gets really hard. This program only gives you a week to go from short jogs broken up by walking, to jogging a full 20 minutes at a stretch, and I don't know how that will go.

11 days, 22 miles, almost two hours of total jogging time (out of almost six hours total workout time).

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