The software industry has engendered a culture of distracted programmers using bad tools to solve problems they don’t have time to fully understand. In this essay, I try to explore why.

I am slightly concerned with how expensive my hobbies are getting. Not entirely unrelatedly, I may be about to bid on a Pilatus PC-9.

I spent a few hours looking at Godot Game Engine yesterday. It's quite satisfying in terms of usability, design language and clarity. I do have concerns about GDScript's cache efficiency and such. But overall, it's a nice thing to play with as a contrast to Unity. Not that I'm a game developer or anything. Just foolin' around.

Happy new year people. Philosophical poll time. (+e where needed)

Decided to park behind five cars at a car wash, because visibility through side windows was substantially diminished by recent storms. I figured it'd take 3-4 mins per car. How wrong I was. Now I'm deep in sunk costs fallacy territory, but also next in line.

Tell me your most controversial opinions about Black Swan / Black Elephant events, systemic resilience and disaster response.

The British people are apparently collectively incapable of making decisions that aren't harmful to their own interests.

Okay guys. Who has the best capybara pictures?

An elderly colleague came to me after a meeting in the economy and trade committee earlier and said, "we need to discuss logarithmic differentiation sometime." Part of me thought he was trying to make a poor quality joke on my expense, but a bigger part of me wondered if he had discovered some kind of fascinating feature of Maurer-Cartan forms that he urgently wanted to share with me. Either way, he grinned at himself and disappeared into an elevator.

Bordelaise is only hard to make because demi-glace is hard to make. Demi-glace is only hard to make because it takes a long time and it's hard to get the ingredients (at least around here). Solving this in a reasonable way would improve my life substantially.

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If you ever hear someone argue socialism only works in "homogeneous societies/populations," just know that they swallowed the nazi propaganda.

Abuse of power is really embarrassingly shitty behavior.

Hello! I am new here but have opinions about things. Ask me anything!

I am currently in the middle of a debate about the contract between the Icelandic state and the state church by which the state funds the church. Even though the bill is about moving positively in the direction of disestablishment, the debate largely comes down to the question of how much should be paid for the land the church sold to the state back in 1997. The conservatives seem to believe ∞ kr is the correct amount.

Okay, fine. @rysiek may have gotten me to try this again. FINE.


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