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The TEA in STEAM with an interest in the S. I live on stolen Narungga land, half a world from birthplace.

Introvert in person, highly social online, and care greatly about social inclusion.

I study multiple aspects of the Cold War, including comparative technologies, art, and language.

Language has distracted me, now acquiring classic family cookbooks of all those European countries that I stand a chance of being able to read.

Dogfather, spoonie, vintage tractor driver.

Oh, Hélène, you are just too wonderful. The most exquisite, dark Synthwave.

Hante - Between Hope and Danger

Now playing - Luomuhappo - Pog-o-matic Pogómen 3000000 - Because you can't beat some good Suomisaundi on a grey Saturday morning.

Does anyone know if you have to be following/followed by a certain number of people before you can see other peoples' follows/following, beyond yourself? Or if you have to do a certain number of toots?

Ping @vintuitive

Made my decision of the morning: A Momentary Lapse of Reason.

There are certain times of day when primary birdsite feed is >= 30% non-English. I love this so much, and want to see this here, too.

After a day, mostly without power (which also means running water) shout out to the line crews who get way less recognition than they deserve for fixing this crumbling infrastructure.

My brain RN: yes, it's on fire, a bit. Yes, the fire may involve plutonium. And yes, the lab HEPA filters may also be on fire*

*this scenario has actually occurred, I probably shouldn't joke about it, but I'm a sick bastard.

The sky isn't always blue
The sun doesn't always shine
It's alright to fall apart sometimes...

An earworm shared is still an earworm, but it's nice to know someone else may benefit.

Still a mystery why I suddenly thought of Maria Nayler.

Chardonnay on top of Pharmacy Health Chesty Cough generic guaiphenesin cough mixture is a less than optimal taste.

Smoking crack with Bob and John while Ashley flubs her lines for the 15th time today. Dave fucked up his car last week so he's doing a stint with Betty. This thing is falling apart.

You know what's NOPE? DMs showing in my home timeline.

I appear to have a job I ca do whilst cooking, which isn't cooking. Been working through an issue with a colleague on Discord, whilst doing veg prep.

Related: I know that code depressingly well.

*shrugs* People ask me what language I work in, and I say Perl, so this morning the task I'm working on got re-specified as node.js. A change is as good as a rest, I guess. (And I quite like node.)

Shrieks and noises from a nearby property that would have townies calling the cops, but this country boy is wondering: who's got a pig, and can I get to meet it?

Giving Amaroq a whirl on my phone. Firefox works great on iPad, but I think a phone screen is a bit wee for browser, unless they've done some KILLER responsive design. Which I should probably check, having been in that line of work.

I forgot that Ace of Base had covered Black's Wonderful Life. Great song.

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