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banging with Modbus ~ 7 days, data acq, vis; happy to exp. free s/w has progressed in ind. auto, lab instru... learned more.happy for i have proved to my dad, that i can fuck a proprietary s/w very neatly. kudos hackers free know, free culture

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Public transport doesn’t have to be bad.

In Vienna it costs 365 eur for a yearly pass, for five metro lines with a bunch of S-bahn local trains, dozens of tram and a hundred bus lines.

They are mostly clean, on time, metro goes during the night on weekends.

I don’t own a car here.

if you support Free Knowledge, Free Design, Free Software, Free Hardware from clutches of Pats, Ips, CR's, Commercial exploitation, Trade secrets, and if u like GNU based OS distros, then
@arunisaac thanks for introducing it. :)

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‘Former Facebook Exec: ‘You Don’t Realize It But You Are Being Programmed’’

“I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.”

“Unintentional.” 👀

On our radar:

: spread and act, UID is the DOS attack on us, dont be docile. speak up, think, make others think, educate them, go sign your petition for first step: OPT OUT. here:

publication, openaccess - for engineering :

now i need to reformat my papers published using LaTeX into jats format to be available via p2p dat protocol using science fair app.

after academic torrents, this seems to free me from clutches of paywalls, advertised/exploited access.

&society : after updating node, it sciencefair app finally worked. but still i personally regret using node and npm, as the base platform.

its ironic, that technocrats like evil nandan nilekani, actually scale vertically rather than laterally and argue for privatization as solution, centralized rather than growing p2p and distributed networks in internet.... is literally makes such elite individuals a plutocrat, resulting in a monarch condition. Never expect political, economic democracy and liberty with such systems in planted in place. They literally live with our blood and control. 😡

the whole notion of deriving universal identity (fancy for linked id) from intrusive or bully uniqueness is just a naive extreme technocratic bias that does not have any scientific principles that favour neutrality and democracy in it. -To-bully-ID projects like UIDAI/Aadhaar.
this is just a result of frustration from elitist point of view of the society.

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The Aadhaar issue is getting a little ugly now that govt is starting to attack the anti-Aadhaar folks as 'vested interests'
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Industrial Production growth during the current pathetic chest thumping BJP rule with majority and the previous coalition governments with INC. Interestingly, the growth is high when the coalition had the communist parties.
!India #industry #growth

@arunisaac @solariiknight @prashere @piratesin
to understand about UIDAI, and its paspects, current working model, answering questions about it i have had in myself, and see how it gets framed..... i have started writing about it myself... here... : ... currently in the phase of adding statistics, and political analysis. i hope i will soon finish it.

individual complaints and criticisms are not enough for action, collective network effect is needed to invalidate aadhaar and its mean paternal, fascist seeds.

It is like.... all mighty, all powerful, all loving government of Union of India ----- need's money, needs power, needs ur liberty ----- but still loves you.

7. then let us trap inside a DB
8. let us propaganda ourselves as careful DOCTOR, who needs private information of everybody to solve the proverty.
9. Let us increase private-public partnership so that we can create new jobs.
10. let us confuse the apex court and people by making a law which basically again confuses, but in reality we shall be the bully but a neat DOCTOR who will take care of the patient.

3. do not provide access to rightful public good and service if they dont have a Unique ID.
4. keep it in a well gaurded, server with unknown location - with all the collected biometric ID's. It is never breakable physically as well as digitally.
5. show examples of how central web based soc.nw's already commodified individuals privacy, and declare that it is ok to be transparent to state in all matters - but with no optout tactic.
6. let us not give them rice, then they will have no choice

Some how the pluto+technocrats in India & government thinks and believes that tech. can solve all possible socio-economic problem. Their idea :
1. take away uniqueness by trespassing personal liberty and give back a identity which is universally identifiable.
2. give everybody a mobile-smart phone with Reliance-Jio or some other corporate monopoly to establish a universal centrally tappable communication infrastructure.