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@mbjunior Video description on how to hack the "Keurig 2.0" (probably not the same machine as you have though, but I guess it's the same principle) by some random otherwise-not-a-hacker person:

No further DRM discussion in the video though, except that the consumer was disappointed with Keurig.
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I'm torn between giving this a very cool or absolutely ridiculous name

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A nice article about scientific experiments in sustainable living from the 1970s.

They fizzled out unfortunately, like a lot of sustainability activity during the 80s and 90s, but might be ripe for revisiting.

One line stuck out, describing the lifestyle: "it almost looks like a parody". Funny how happy, healthy living has become that...

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Syndicalist types who are serious about implementing workplace democracy need to get over their aversion to finance and engage seriously with it as a practical discipline, not just as a rhetorical tackling dummy. Capital appropriates the whole product legally because it assumes the liabilities of production, and if workers want to appropriate the whole product we have to know how to assume those liabilities intelligently and have some notion of how to bend finance to a moral end.

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Open source firmware for generic Hoverboard Mainboards for cool projects like driving armchairs, person-tracking transportation robots and every other application you can imagine that requires controlling the Motors.

Stream to Twitch with FFMPEG

This is a live stream recording about how I figured out how to share my screen to Twitch with only FFMPEG. ``` ffmpeg -f x11grab -video_size 1920x1080 -framerate 24 -i $DISPLAY -f alsa -i default -af acompressor=threshold=0.089:ratio=9:attack=...

@demonshreder thus "socialization of technology" is again a double edge sword with better handle than free software or worst open source word. I dont want to use intellectually playful recursive acronyms. People hate that, worst they many times feel dumb and even worse I might be felt dumb most times. I do believe that democratization is possible only when both enclosure is preventable while taking ownership socially. Otherwise it is a pipe dream.

We hackers and developers and designers at the near top if intellectual strata were very happy to speak abstractly and prescribe so and so solutions to every problem we cone across. We even get laziness when we need to go use our capacity in ground, where opportunistic neoliberal and capitalists get hold.

How come are we going to revive the strength of commons in a society of such cultural hegemony. Gramsci might prove instrumental.

@demonshreder We also speak a lot about commons, while we have largely forgot to celebrate it. Because individual property has made our thought DNA greedy. In our locality even the synonym word புறம்போக்கு being used as culturally bad.

Thus by social, we have to revive collaboration than participation, and revive social ownership models rather than individual entrepreneurship.

Thus to combat this neoliberal or anarcho capital mode of economic relations, we need to rethink and reintroduce social ownership rather than individualism. So far, I could only see GIT dies this so nicely and elegantly. Its simple graph theory that got worked socially in a certain techno-social group.

We read a lot about political ideologies, its spectrum, its devastating power, its instrumentation for creativity etc....

Only by propagating technological development as a social phenomena, rather than a method and niche art for nerds and geeks like us, where people dont give a fuck about sharing and participation the liberty gets ingrained. But this comes with a cost of potential enclosure by dominant players.

AFAIK, the word "social", got a multitude of strength even in thus age of wrathful centralized social media platforms. Atleast people consider them self to participate even when they are not critical about it.

Politicization is possible only after participation. Only by making the platform more transparent, participative, collaborative, cooperative, we can emerge as a social productive civilization.

@demonshreder I have seen people muddle between hard and fast rules defined by communities counting from dialectics between their ideologies rooted in socioeconomic struggle. For instance the civil war between free sw and open source. While I prefer free software for pragmatic philosophical reasons.... I have chosen "social technology" through which social properties can be ingrained.

We are transcending from creative social beings to consuming individual beings. Can it be defined as transcendence ?

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