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This is an obvious reminder that there are MORE THAN two genders because gender is obviously a social construct.

Gender is NOT the same as sex.

Also, trans people, non-binary people and intersex people are always valid, awesome, beautiful and handsome people!

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If any of you followed me on Twitter (@dylanmc6 and @dylandilly47) in the past, please follow this Mastodon account.

SSTV S2 Image received on 7.171 MHz LSB at 2022-09-28 01:25:03 UTC
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that's great
it starts with a hot take
instances defederate
vantablack is not afraid

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if i'm able to order groceries today

i'll get some eyeliner i can actually smudge with it

then if we can hit up the weed store tonight

i'll shower and shave and wear the dress and do my eyeliner

because i really really REALLY wanna see how that red dress looks with eyeliner lol

i think, that's the center of my universe now. the thing i'm looking forward to the most. the thing i want more than anything

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brief discussion of possible hair dysphoria 

No matter how much I shave, it all keeps growing back.

Luna is asking you to sign her petition for Official Halloween Cat.

Cat EC


It's hard to believe conservatives are still blaming Frosk and Sessler for the G4tv layoffs.

Here's an older #collage I haven't posted here before... a PSA about bears

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(please boost) job search 

hello! i'm vanta. i have over a decade of experience editing videos, writing, using image editing software, making electronic music, and generally creating things with computers

i need a job! definitely something remote, considering i have asthma and covid is a thing. preferably something part time, but i'd consider full if it wasn't too demanding

i can do just about anything! editing videos, writing stuff, social media, etc.


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