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My Clip Studio brush set, with over 700 pencilling, inking, and painting tools, is on sale until Monday.

Get 30% off at checkout with the code THIRTY.

russian doll spoilers 

my last two weeks at work have been EXHAUSTING but i think we're finally ramping up to start animating a project and im EXCITED

also b/c like. comparatively animating is a way less brainpower intensive process for me than storyboarding

here's my hot take for this month: way, way too fuckin' busy. GIVE IT A REST, UNIVERSE

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YEE FUCKIN HAW coworker d&d is actually starting up again this week!!!!!!!

i love how every time one of my work friends and i talk about st: discovery at work half of every said conversation is dedicated to yelling about how cbs is bonkers for thinking they have any other content worth subscribing to their service for

also GOD i relate so hard to laius' whole... deal? not the having a cursed sister thing obviously but like. baby snoozy was extremely unaware of how to read people + loved animals and monsters

im caught up on dungeon meshi again..... it's unfair that comics take time to make and also translate

the fewer brain cells a fictional character has the more i love them and everyone on yu yu hakusho collectively has three brain cells so i am Enjoying it

into the spiderverse spoilers (spidlers?) 

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It should be law that if a politician gets owned hard enough they have to give up their seat.

Read the comic here:

lrt: i cannot believe how quickly tisl has become my favorite of my spouse's characters

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I questioned some close friends if the second page of this was too gross to publish, and they all said no, so I'm blameless.

Read the comic here:

i was doing freelance stuff ALL WEEKEND and hoo boy that makes me wanna work on my own stuff/worldbuilding like nothing else lmao


also finally trying to nail down designs for some characters that don't have 'em yet

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"PLEASE TAKE THIS SCIENCE FICTION SERIES SERIOUSLY!" I scream, as I desperately try to delete the "Jizz-wailers" entry from Wookiepedia

blissfully flashing back to the several minutes in which, while watching TFA, i was like "WAIT IS SNOKE A GIANT????" because i had forgotten there are holograms in the star wars universe

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I've never seen Evangelion, and don't plan on it, but here's my suggestion to improve the show regardless.

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