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snoozlebee boosted NEW CROSSED WIRES UPDATE IS LIVE! It’s showdown time and nobody’s playing fair.

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oh nooooo i found a swamp dimension based mc mod that has RIDEABLE FROGS

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Smash Bros 5 character request: The main character from the first Nier. Costume one is the anime protagonist, costume eight is jorts dad, and costumes 2-7 are gradations between the two.

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@snoozlebee desperately awaiting Batman TAS 2018 where Jeff Bezos puts on a spandex suit and tries to crush Batman under a pile of deep discounted diapers and coconut water

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what if in modern versions of batman the Riddler had a question mark shaped bulge in his dumbass matthew lesko zentai suit

the joker episode revealed that when joker's low on funds he lies low in a fucking. dumpyass apartment building, and his landlady is TOTALLY UNPERTURBED by one of her tenants being the joker

tonight's batman: TWO WEIRDLY UNCOMFORTABLE EPISODES (clayface split off a part of himself and for some reason it was a teenage girl? and tim developed a crush on her???/ croc and baby doll team up) and a weirdly wholesome episode featuring the joker inheriting a bunch of counterfeit money

there's an episode of THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES where croc and baby doll team up and oh boy it's. a lot

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The sooner Hammer gives up the sooner he will know peace

♛ Read today's update at:

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OK, I made my banner nicer, by virtue of looking at a picture of this character. tonight i learned there was a sylvanian families/calico critters competitor based on an ANIME and oh gosh

btas uses the joker pretty sparingly which, imo, is the best? he's def. one of those characters who suffers from overuse

also holy shit i love every ventriloquist episode

i'm not wild about the post-redesign btas designs but i DO like that they get more of the bat family dynamic in there. BARBARA!!!!! TIM!!!!!

i keep forgetting that like a full half of my older internet pals have birthdays right around the same three day period as me, gosh

if it didnt sound like the most tedious project in existence i'd... want to try making portmeirion in minecraft. oh god

i have no idea what started this painterly rendering kick i got onto this week but TO EVERYONE'S ASTONISHMENT i drew these jackasses again

celeste having a mode that lets you fine tune the difficulty at ANY TIME is so freakin good, gosh

support group for people who have just come to grips with drawing horse legs and want to incorporate them into every character design ever

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Belle: This is my fursona, she's a chamois goat, and a powerful witch who has a book that contains EVERY book beautifully translated into French. She lives in the book dimension and no one ever bothers her.
Gaston: Mine is The Tasmanian Devil, no changes.