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Streaming Thayer's Quest, a weird laserdisc game by Rick Dyer!

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Today's made a relatively clean landing, all things considered.

Read from the start -
Issue 3 available for purchase here -

dune audiobook update: i forgot this book contains a character named "duncan idaho"

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semi-relieved no one has called me out for referring to Glowing Hearts as "Sexy Magical Jughead Comics" in this.

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Sure is a lot of you got there, be a real shame if someone would READ IT.
(start here:

"so is that helping or hurting the ambiance for dune?" - @idesofmerch on the cat yelling outside our window

every time feyd is mentioned i'm like THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT STING!!!!!!!!!
do i regret this? no.

i love that any time any character in dune is observing paul they're either like "He is the cleverest boy alive" or "this little fool. this dolt. how has he lived this long" and theres like no inbetween

dune audiobook update: im losing it at the guy who's played by patrick stewart in the lynch adaptation being like

this dude that sounds like he's doing a bad chris farley impression

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Get Gary Larson to illustrate the 6th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

me, seeing that the dune audiobook is 21 hours long: jeez, uh. am i really committing to this

look i really cant draw anything without adding whiskers. (possible look for rat hivemind elf character?)

it's nice that im ahead at work but GOD it's been super cold in the office this week and between that and daylight savings im like. the most sleepy

in non-us election related news ive reached the "making note of which dice color schemes/styles i want to get when i finally get some tabletop shit" stage of developing my future d&d character

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This doesn't start in earnest until next Wednesday, but feel free to enjoy the cover and some additional content until then?

Read from the beginning:

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We wound up in a Catholic church to vote, which means my wife had to hear 30 minutes of me mercilessly critiquing said church, as I have very severe ideas about what makes a good Catholic church, despite no longer being Catholic.

(it is the "colony of rats turned into a person" concept, only i've changed it slightly so it's now "colony of rats whose collective consciousness was transferred into the mind of an eccentric elven scholar/herbalist who refuses to put their research up to peer review + now only has control over her body while the rats are sleeping")


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