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OH MAN the pdf for the speculative biology zine i forgot i backed is already out, jeez. i gotta pore over this when it's not about time to go to bed

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I made a bunch of repeating pattern brushes and some ribbony type brushes from an old 1900s wall art stencil book

I assume mastodon will chew this picture alive, so if you click the link the example picture will be clearer.

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Testing out some cool new Clip Studio pattern assets made by @DirkGrundy so I've up and sent my Sarouth WIP to the Hexagon Dimension. Works for me!

(want to play with some patterns on your own? the DL and donation links are right over here:

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WELL i guess tusky just doesn't work on my phone anymore. cooooool

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COFFEE: ACQUIRED. Charging up for day 2! Come see us at table D13— our stock is moving fast!

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DAY TWOOOOO come to table D13 for comics and sundries!!! @irisjaycomics

while watching the second toyman episode of animated superman penny turned to me and said "this is the one guy on this show that for SURE knows what hentai is"

i need to remember to actually try and work on that dungeon crawler mockup project i wanted to start

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And with this, the first issue of Glowing Hearts is up-and-posted.
I hope you enjoyed reading it, because I'm already making more.

Read the whole thing here ->


there's def. some games where i can appreciate a hefty time investment - but man o man the gameplay better be VERY satisfying if you're gonna make me stick with it for a long time

swords of ditto looks like it'd be ABSOLUTELY my jam if it weren't, as evidenced by the waypoint playthrough i watched, stretched out so you'd have to play a LOT to get anywhere

man i wish more roguelites thought through their gameplay mechanics JUST a little longer

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HOW IS IT ONLY TEN PM. how is there so much time in a day

ON THE OTHER HAND: having just gis'd this fucker, giving him regular human proportions is just as unsettling. HMM