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at this point i've accumulated like a full laundry bag's worth of wool. i've learned an important lesson about how much material you get per ounce, that's for sure. (2 oz is SO MUCH WOOL. i am never going to run out of this dark teal good lord)

extremely torn over whether or not to give this goblin a little pink butt

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I am so grateful for this weird social media service where "I got into a conversation with a friend and my spouse about chemical reactions and also the genital topology of Barney Rubble" isn't even that unusual of an event, overall.

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goblin week starts on sunday! it totally snuck up on me! but HEYYYY i might as well use it as an excuse to try to finish some more felting

at this point i'm just putting off wrapping the remaining toes as long as i can lmao

on the other hand it's made me appreciate how much of my ability to brave cold weather is entirely reliant on services set up to combat it. if you had to go anywhere in chicago after a snowstorm it was like, well, time to wear pants i'm cool with getting completely caked in salt

getting snow in atlanta is weird for me b/c, as a former chicagoan, my general reaction to 3 inches of snow is "ugh this again" and not "better check to see if a state of emergency has been declared" aaaalso here's this plant lion I started earlier in the week. No armature this time, though I could add wires for the arms and legs and here's the other two core sculptures I started! Trying out as many body types as I can muster
Progress! I need to keep what I did for the base in mind b/c I'm pleased with it turning into teeth once I placed the mouth flaps. Also: the tail nub is very important and I had to document it. :3

OHHHH. I JUST. i just had the worst idea. and by that i mean the best? i need to needle felt some of the monstrosities from heironymus bosch paintings

me thinking about any tv show i have ever watched: which of these characters are most analogous to ray smuckles

oh man i made some nice headway with this goblin today. the head isn't turning out the way i expected, but i got some happy accidents out of it!

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me, the entire time i was watching "9" (2009), the most dire children's movie possible: when's someone going to make a number pun

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