You may think it's pseudocode gibberish, but it's not. You just don't have the right keyboard.

just updated my site and added a few new creative coding projects:

currently doing some experiments with portraits and openstreetmap data. can you guess the city and the person?

This “user named w3c” is “obviously wrong”.

Just discovered the CSS `@counter-style` at-rule.
Looks promising, but only firefox supports it (since v33):

#web #css

Recently I learned about a handy way to prevent scrolling while focusing an element:

element.focus({ preventScroll: true })

Sadly it only seems to work in Chrome currently, but hopefully Firefox/Safari will implement it soon, since it's in the WHATWG HTML spec:

great talk on old + new browser apis: "the most annoying website"

There's a secret reason that programmers love to promote "Learn to Code" initiatives. No one talks about it, but I'm about to break the silence on this wide open.

I could get professionally banned for saying this, but the truth must come out!

Are you ready?

Okay, here it is:

We're seriously hoping someone new will come in and fix all this bullshit we're dealing with. Seriously - it's bad. Help us. Please? SAVE US!

I’m done with Chrome as they try to force Google login—and thus tracking—for all their users.
(currently seems to be reverted but certainly showing the goal of the browser/company).

just noticed my home town in the background of a collegehumor video about contaminated water. not quite sure what to do with this information.

(the video: )

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