This, right here, is why companies everywhere should not use social media alone for service status updates.

The fact that Proton's status page says we should go to Twitter for "more information" means that Proton is less accessible to folks without Twitter accounts. And that's no good.

TIL one can style #rss feeds 🤯

You can even provide an info message for people who don't know what RSS is 💡

Here's mine:

It's based on this script:

Cool things people do with their blogs!
Small and independent blogs are always full of surprises. The more blogs I stumble upon, the more genuinely surprised I am by the things people do with their blogs. It seemed like a good idea to summarize highlights here. I hope it might inspire non-bloggers to blog and bloggers to tinker more wit..#Webdev #IndieWeb #blogging(

I remember one of the things that motivated me to look into the state of decentralized social media (and ultimately begin working on Mastodon) in 2016 were talks that a controversial billionaire might buy Twitter.

🖋️ new blog post

🗺️ how to create open street maps vector tiles and embed them in interactive map widgets

👉 completely-self-hosted: works without any third party mapping service (like google maps or mapbox)



Trying out the new Firefox on Android. So far:

• It shares data with their "mobile marketing vendor" Leanplum, switched on by default
• It reset my default search engine choice back to Google

Is this what Mozilla meant by their new focus on monetising products? 🙄

You may think it's pseudocode gibberish, but it's not. You just don't have the right keyboard.

just updated my site and added a few new creative coding projects:

currently doing some experiments with portraits and openstreetmap data. can you guess the city and the person?

This “user named w3c” is “obviously wrong”.

Just discovered the CSS `@counter-style` at-rule.
Looks promising, but only firefox supports it (since v33):

#web #css

Recently I learned about a handy way to prevent scrolling while focusing an element:

element.focus({ preventScroll: true })

Sadly it only seems to work in Chrome currently, but hopefully Firefox/Safari will implement it soon, since it's in the WHATWG HTML spec:

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