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Sam Hewitt @snwh

Nice to see some people are still using this.

Here's the battery level icons I drew for the Solus icon set:

You know what I don't miss, hashtags.

@ohyran still a better day than Gregor Samsa

@saper @jancborchardt I'm thinking more of something that focused on issue tracking rather than being about version control or an scm

@popey yep, it requires a PAP smear.

@jancborchardt perhaps, but I've always seen Discourse as next-gen forums, I don't think it'd be the best issue tracker. It would be good for user feedback however.

@ikey that is the case with all issue trackers though, especially when they're easy to use.

A great thing about open source projects is that you can file bugs/issues directly, I wish more closed-source projects had an "open issue" system.

If only such a platform existed, where a project could track all its issues but it isn't a source code repository (i.e not just use an empty GitHub repo for its issue tracking).

Several projects I use simply take user feedback via email or social media and that probably isn't the most efficient.

@osfrance no worries, my toot at the time wasn't serious. ;)

@osfrance I thought it was half of a pair of business casual pants.

@brejoc it was most definitely not serious. 😂

@garrett the apple logo on macbooks has a similar story.

@micahflee and the world is facing one of the most anti-science governing bodies of a western democracy in history.

@TraumaD @popey yeah, all their profits have been just going down the tubes.