I wrote a blog post that's a fairly detailed how-to on conducting usability testing for free software: samuelhewitt.com/blog/2019-08-

My attention to detail for icons is at the subpixel level. It may only count for a few fractions of a pixel, but it's a few fractions of a pixel more legible. (Left: new, right:old)

It's been two weeks at Purism
and it's still surreal that it's my *job* now to work on GNOME

flatpak: nice 128GB drive you got there shame if something happened to it
me: *buys 1TB SDD upgrade for my laptop*

against what I feel would be disingenuous use of this platform I will set up a twitter bridge...what are some that I can use?

Folks livestream their drawing and art, and I've considered doing the same while working on a mockup or icons or something but I'm not sure there's the same appeal.

I attempted to spin my own Mastodon instance in the cloud the other day but it was too complicated.

I wrote a blog post about what I see as the unethical practice of calling people "users" and how we can do better. samuelhewitt.com/blog/2019-02-

I never know what to toot over here. On Twitter I've generally seen something (on Twitter) that provokes me so I tweet or subtweet about it.

the tactility of the board game is half the enjoyment

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trying to get back into chess but playing the computer is no fun

there's some wild masto instances out there

I could do the whole Twitter bridging thing but that's annoying

I'm gonna try and use this more, I put it on my bookmarks bar so I remember it exists.

Wider columns on here on the web would be 👌

Went and got an app for this, Mast on iOS. Pretty nice 👌🏻

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