🤙 ayyy I'm back (until I forget about using this again)

The overuse of hamburger menus (or overflow menus) is still the worst and Firefox has essentially two (three if you count the overflow menu in the URL bar). Two vague icons in the toolbar that both serve as to represent menus that are catch-alls for a bunch of things.

How everyone got away with the hamburger is beyond me. It's not simplification of the UI it's complication. Simplification would be paring down unnecessary function so you have no need for overflow menus.

I definitely think the Mastodon columns should be wider (for both writing and reading toots), especially when toots make use of the full 500 character limit. IMO, it would make these large blocks of text appear more balanced instead of cramped and stretched.

Bridging Twitter and Mastodon so your tweets show up here is not "using Mastodon".

If you're using Linux and engaged in development processes or on IRC channels and are familiar with the names of things and what different distros (or even what "distros" are) are and the nuances between desktop environments, then I'm definitely not designing anything with you in mind. You're already here.

It'd be great if you could switch instances but take all your toots, follows and followers with you. I'd more inclined to move to another instance to lessen the server load on this main one if I didn't have to start over.

‪Things you never see: projects putting up developers’ code for vote by the public/community. “Hey guys, which of these code blocks do you like best?” It irks me that it’s done to designers because a) it shows a disregard for their expertise and b) it’s no way to make decisions.‬

I stagger the screen positions of dual-monitor setup in GNOME so I can trigger the Shell hotcorner on both displays. 🤓

(It's also nice because my monitors are at different heights irl)

I will give Twitter one thing over Mastodon: the concatenation of common notifications so one's notification stream isn't a lot of the same 😂

I still see the occasional person on Twitter say that Mastodon will never "succeed", but I wouldn't call what Twitter has "success". Mastodon is good ol' community building.

We don't want to be exhausted by brands and promotion, nor have the platform continue to be unethically designed and lack any backbone for moderation. Federation spreads out the moderation task and the lack of brands and promotional nonsense is good. We can just follow and talk with others which is all people really need.

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Just a few more weeks until LAS 2018! September 6th-9th. Get your tickets today: las.gnome.org/conferences/LAS #libresoftware

Also always good to toss another Google tendril out

I'm gonna replace my G+ use with this instead. G+ seems like a ghost town anyway.

Audio playback quality on Linux is always bad by comparison. When I boot into Mac OS or Windows on my machines running Linux (that output sound) the quality is leagues better. A case of “good enough” drivers?

I decide to replace Windows on my iMac's Bootcamp partition with Fedora. The only pain points of getting things to work under Linux on the iMac were only digging out a non-bluetooth keyboard and mouse and installing proprietary wifi and Nvidia drivers. Other than that it works very well.

clearly I was going for a space theme with the astronauts and the rocket ships

I've definitely had that thought before because I dug up an old mockup:

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