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Sam Hewitt @snwh

What's up Mastodon?

@sarahjeong hopefully this experiment doesn't end with you leaving Mastodon.

@sil yeah I only got a new phone because I could tolerate a broken screen no longer. But really a phone could last one several years. I think reviewers are as guilty as anyone for driving the hype to upgrade every years.

I have to say, Mastodon is much better for ranting with the ample 500 characters. I have to break them up on Twitter into multiple tweets and thread them.

@haploc well, either they scale back what these devices are capable of doing to drastically cut power consumption or they make them larger to stick a bigger battery in there. We're not going to get back to when phones lasted for multiple days until we have better batteries.

I think you could buy any top-of-the-line smartphone today and be perfectly happy.

I used to nerd out over the updates to smartphones but since we're at a plateau and the two major ecosystems are at parity I don't really care anymore. It's just not that interesting.

It's why I switched to iPhone and I'm still happy (also because it's much simpler than comparison shopping android phones over minor spec differences).

@haploc significant battery life won't change much until battery technology changes.

All the reviewers are fawning over the Galaxy S8 but it's still a boring slab of glass & metal like all other phones for the past few years.

Congrats Samsung you curved the edges of display even more and didn't screw up Android too badly, here's a gold star (or 4/5).

We've hit plateau in smartphone design, there won't be any drastic changes until the technology in them or the materials used change.

@mjd it has, it's issue #109 on GitHub. I only recently discovered it.

Hmm, you can't delete Mastodon accounts. That seems like it would be a problem. 🤔

@garrett well, at least apricots are easy to avoid.

@garrett I've acquired an allergy, which I blame on climate change.

@garrett they're called flowers.

@garrett I love that that exists. Kubrick's obsession for those details I always appreciated.

@micahflee yeahhh, that is quite a 1 day spike.

When someone asks "what's new with you?" I'm just gonna say "bug fixes and performance improvements" from here on out.

@lopatto I guess it's a price to pay for increased longevity.

@brainofdane it'd be a rare treat to die off-planet. Billions of humans have died on Earth, how boring. Gotta do something different. ;)

@brainofdane my goal is to die off-planet.

@brainofdane I'd love to be on a rocket on day.