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Sam Hewitt

Maybe I’ll give this place another shot

docker doesn't hold my leftover curry as well as tupperware

👋 mastodon I forgot about you 😬

So much for using this regularly

Nice to see some people are still using this.

Here's the battery level icons I drew for the Solus icon set:

You know what I don't miss, hashtags.

A great thing about open source projects is that you can file bugs/issues directly, I wish more closed-source projects had an "open issue" system.

If only such a platform existed, where a project could track all its issues but it isn't a source code repository (i.e not just use an empty GitHub repo for its issue tracking).

Several projects I use simply take user feedback via email or social media and that probably isn't the most efficient.

I still don't know what Docker is exactly.

Has an endearing term for Mastodon users been established? "tooters"? "Mastodonites"? "Mastos"?

I have to say, Mastodon is much better for ranting with the ample 500 characters. I have to break them up on Twitter into multiple tweets and thread them.

I think you could buy any top-of-the-line smartphone today and be perfectly happy.

I used to nerd out over the updates to smartphones but since we're at a plateau and the two major ecosystems are at parity I don't really care anymore. It's just not that interesting.

It's why I switched to iPhone and I'm still happy (also because it's much simpler than comparison shopping android phones over minor spec differences).

All the reviewers are fawning over the Galaxy S8 but it's still a boring slab of glass & metal like all other phones for the past few years.

Congrats Samsung you curved the edges of display even more and didn't screw up Android too badly, here's a gold star (or 4/5).

We've hit plateau in smartphone design, there won't be any drastic changes until the technology in them or the materials used change.

Hmm, you can't delete Mastodon accounts. That seems like it would be a problem. 🤔

When someone asks "what's new with you?" I'm just gonna say "bug fixes and performance improvements" from here on out.

‪I spent a few too many seconds tapping back on a screenshot I was looking at before I realized. I need a coffee.‬

What's interesting is that since moving to the .social instance of Mastodon is the difference in the Local & Federated timelines.

@Gargron thanks for opening up new accounts again ;)