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So, everybody should have an ... Interesting.

I love comics, music and being free of god.

The temptation to believe I'll meet my late friends again is almost too strong resist.

So... After 26 days, COVID-19 finally took away an old friend of mine from his 2 daughters and wife. 馃槩

"Nana, nen锚! Que a Cuca vem pegar..." Me pega, @alenegrini! Me leva que eu sou seu!

Besides the ass holes who make fun of mental illness, now I have to deal with the ones who despise my commitment to the treatment. Fuck you all.

On the edge of an anxiety crisis. Heart racing, goosebumps...

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Quick redraw type thing apropos of nothing, mainly because I stumbled across the old version and wanted to have another play around with doing fabric patterns in a similar way. Original is from 2018!

#MastoArt #sketchbook #watercolour #TraditionalArt

"Homem de verdade tem cabelo no peito (para a gente puxar quando ele faz merda)" 馃

Different nightmares, same characters. Always so vivid.

Gente, o ICQ fez oh-ou aqui! As coisas de que o Zuckerberg 茅 capaz.

2021 and I still remember my Universal ICQ Number.

Missing the children I worked with almost twenty years ago. How are they? 馃枻

Grief looks just the _right way_ of feeling that the world is wrong, is off, is broken, isn't working how it was supposed to always do...

It's the "right way" because you know its reason. You accepting it or not, grief makes the world feels wrong.

It's so hard to feel that the world is wrong and do not fall into tears...

My parents hate me. I wake up. My wife is sleeping. My best friend 馃惗 isn't here 鈽狅笍


Se o Trump fosse acionado judicialmente cada vez em que mentisse, n茫o ter铆amos chegado nesse ponto.

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