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Always good to see people unionizing ❤️. Extra amazing if this happens in Silicon Valley

The worst part about recovering from surgery is the bit where you can't go out into the sun, and you feel the beautiful end-summer/autumnal weather slipping away from you.

Well, I suppose the worst part is probably the pain and the sleep disturbance etc, but lost potential is far worse :D

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so, here is a thing i have been working on for the past few years. it's a VST synth, and it's finally shaping up for a public release hopefully before the month is out (potentially going to drop it at revision).

i'm currently reworking the UI – just got live modulation display readouts working earlier today. the UI is completely openGL and the knobs are all drawn with distance fields in fragment shaders


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Reuterkiez is the Prenzlauer Berg of Neukölln

Surprised to read the ingredients on the can of chilli from the local supermarket and notice that chilli was not one of them. Was not surprised to find it had no kick at all though

Trying to perfect our scrambled tofu earlier. 

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DID YOU KNOW? integrated semiconductor circuits are called "microcrisps" in Britain

it's amazing just how easy and quick it is to slip back into various thought patterns, compared to how long it takes to build up good routines.

Even when everything is going in your favour for it, the housing market in Berlin is still a pain. I would hate to be in a disadvantaged position needing somewhere to live right now :(

Wasted the entire friday reading shit on the internet. Don't feel bad about it though.

I wonder if we can push Mastodon usage during in next week?

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