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"non profit" is such a weird name for an organisation everyone is supposed to profit from

it's nice that nintendo doesn't vigorously defend wii music so people can actually enjoy it

Viber is not a great app over all, but I absolutely love that when you record a voice memo the other person can do the same and you're instantly in a call.
This type of magical UX is something I'd like to see way more of.

The invisible git commands trick works especially well when your user is using a git GUI that cuts of the start of the URL, so they won't even see it and the reason of the failure becomes even more unclear. The error message may even be something like "Clone: git clone <url>. Failed to resolve address for git clone http: No such host is known. ".
Maximum confusion. Very effective if your goal is bad UX.

UX Tip: If you want to confuse and annoy your user, make sure they will select and copy more text than you show in the text box. Examples: browsers (invisible https://), Gitlab (invisible "git clone" ["Why is my clone not working? Why does it say git clone git clone <url> ???"]).

Der scope resolution operator (in vielen Sprachen "::") heißt auf Deutsch anscheinend "Gültigkeitsoperator". Das habe ich zuerst als "Gleichgültigkeitsoperator" gelesen und eigentlich ist das eine gute Idee.

Ich präsentiere den Gleichgültigkeitsoperator:



5 mod 2 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 0

("einfach mal Fünfe gerade sein lassen")

"I think what we'll see very clearly in hindsight is that when we published our content on other people's servers, it always went bad. #Instagram's algo made us sad. #YouTube's algo made us mad. #Twitter's algo mad us sad AND mad. #Google Photos algo, it turned out, made us easily tracked and controlled by totalitarian governments. Oops!" Must-read for #selfhosting and #decentralization to fix the internet ->

When I was a kid I made a tape copy of the Nirvana CD "In Utero" by playing it on a Windows 98 computer one of my relatives had hooked up to a stereo system, but he had a G.I. Joe theme installed, and I was using the computer for other things at the same time, so the copy of the album I had was full of random samples of Cobra Commander shouting at people, and the real version of the album has never sounded quite right to me without the yelling

Me: Yes, I have finally found a way to reset my password amidst all these complications!
Security question: Not so fast

Fuck this. If you use windows and wanna use any of my apps, switch to linux or use WSL. I'm not dealing with this shit

@horrowfide William Shatner couldn't find me at the Aldi. This was a problem.

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