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solotoro ✅

Have you ever blind typed something while referring back and forth to other things, only to find that at some point one of your hands drifted one key tp tje rogjt?

"Var." is just crossword editor speak for "misspelled" there I said it

Just got an email from a vendor inviting me to contact them if I want to continue to receive their offers, otherwise they will remove me from their list.

I'd love to write them and tell them how enthusiastically I support making de-registration the default one has to opt out of rather than the other way round, but then if I did that I'd probably get re-enrolled on their mailing list, so I will just have to hope they empathically feel the warm glow of my approval.

My partner expressed surprise this morning that I judged correctly how much new coffee to make without overflow since there was some still in the (opaque) pot. When I expressed my indignation, she said she had perfect confidence in 8am me, it was 6am me who surprised her with his good judgment.

Fair enough.

Our office cleaning services folks empty out trash cans, but not recycle bins. Which means every couple weeks I spend a day or two playing jenga with diet coke bottles before I finally give up and go empty the bin.

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Spent an hour at a trampoline park Friday evening.

I can't remember the last time so much of me was so sore.

Currently have not one but two emails in my inbox from different people hoping "my memory is better than theirs."

Time to crush some dreams.

Just saw this helmet on TV, and it brought back memories. My first helmet looked like this when I learned to ride a motorcycle over 20 years ago. Ah memories.

Want to be a nachotarian universalist? It's easy. There's no sign-up or anything. You just have to recognize the truth of our central tenet: nachos are never the wrong choice.

I am not very good at drawing. I want to get better. So of course the answer is practice.

But it's just so easy to see the day go by and find there was no time for it!

Coworker: Let's check in at noon.
Me: sends meeting invite for 11:45 to noon
Coworker: thanks, I can only meet for the first 15 minutes

Got into the Flarrowverse a while ago, but only now catching up on Legends of Tomorrow. S1 was pretty mixed, but S2 feels like they're really finding their legs.

...But how is it that despite the diversity of the backgrounds, EVERYONE onboard calls that one room the "liberry"??? It is driving me nuts

Pumped to have weather (just barely) nice enough to run the attic fan and get some fresh air. Cat is much less enthused

Someone at my work just sent out an email to the company-wide mailing list saying it's their last day, and how nice that their official last day is Earth Day. For a hot second I read that as them saying today was their official last day on Earth and I was really unsure how we were expected to respond to that

I find myself complaining about the weather a lot. Sheesh when did I become this person?

spring better be FRIGGIN BEAUTIFUL this year This is why I never eat the stuff.

(Cliché salad-hating jokes aside, for real there are so many yummier greens in the world. Also what I said isn't entirely a joke anyway - I legitimately avoid eating lettuce when traveling precisely because it is much more susceptible to this kind of thing than other plants, because it retains so much ground water, it is way harder to wash thoroughly, and it is never cooked).

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