"en foi de quoi" is just fun to say out loud

At Boston Logan, and not sure if it's more hilarious that the attendant announced boarding entirely while another (automated) announcement played on the same speakers entirely negating his efforts, or that Hudson "Booksellers" had to open a new differently branded store called Ink just to keep selling books

Her: Do you want extra butter on the popcorn?
me: Hell yeah!
Her: Vegan butter I mean.
me: ohh. I mean, I guess still yes. Meh.
Her: You should be nicer to the person making your popcorn.
Me: It's not like you can spit in it. That wouldn't be vegan.
Her: *trying not to laugh*

Is Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer a song in celebration of being drunk at work or

coworker just told me he was gonna be drinking a russian imperial stout while watching election coverage tonight, brilliant

have recently been reading a lot of n k jemisin, and she's amazing at showing characters being strong and weak in pain. have also recently been watching a lot of horror movies which is kind of a similar theme, because I love them and because Halloween.

Have also been sick for several days, and finally for the last two stopped with the hard and scary stuff and have been rewatching parks and rec, and tbh it's a balm and i love it so much

Watching a mix of older and newer horror movies for Halloween. One gap in my "classical" horror education is that I never watched the Amityville horror. Now that I am, I'm seeing how the VVitch included a reference to it with the father/husband being largely unable to provide for his family other than cutting wood

Despite the variety of creatures that do it even here on Earth, you hardly ever see sci-fi aliens who eat their own poop.

I feel like there would be a LOT of conflict around social norms to mine stories out of there.

Doing emotional labor at work should be time and a half

Years behind, but enjoying nerding out watching Legends of the Seeker.

That one ep tho where they are all about 'oh hey the dude who kidnaps everyone in paintings, we have to respect and appreciate his feelz cause really he just loves too much'? FUCK. THAT. NOISE.

Spent the afternoon in Philly before catching a flight. Wow if you want a cheesesteak or a sex store South Street is the place to be

Didebuli saperavi tonight. Saving the mukuzani for a fun event in a couple weeks, but i ain't mad about what i'm drinking

Ok enough of that nonsense. Back to reminiscing about my pot roast. I followed a "Mississippi pot roast" recipe, which is a thing I'd never heard of despite being from Mississippi. Even weirder, it tastes remarkably like my mom's pot roast even though I know for certain sure the inside of her roasting pan has never seen ranch dressing mix or a single pepperoncini.

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