Billion dollar idea: password reset reminders for your work account that don't come exactly 30 days in advance of your password expiring, but instead always on the nearest Monday

Thinking about a new career as a toy piano tuner

Do people actually read pdfs one full page at a time? I always get so confused and annoyed when I get one that is set to jump pages every time I scroll. I scroll every few lines while I'm reading, or at least I never read all the way to the bottom before scrolling on.

Didn't know I was writing an AITA post, but that's kinda what this ended up feeling like. So ... am I?

It's actually only turkey if it comes from the turkey region of France. What you ate yesterday was sparkling Ottoman Empire

I have Song for the Dumped stuck in my head, but all I can think about is how fucking transactional the singer thinks relationships are, no wonder she dumped him

No one told me how much of newborn parenting is data entry. This baby app knows as much about the kid as google ever knew about me, and the only reason I can tell I took time off work is that our work database doesn't have an Android interface.

When newborn couldn't sleep last night well past the length of their book, i started reading to them from my own book. I didn'
t notice when reading silently, but Left Hand of Darkness has a lot of weirdly difficult to pronounce made up words.

Currently have 103 unread messages from duolingo. That owl doesn't take a hint

Flying American means I am protected from the Delta variant, right?

First swim in Walden pond of the season. It was ... bracing

if you email me and skype me within five minutes, I will know that you think your issue is high priority. This will not change my own assessment of its priority (except possibly for the worse)

Last weekend I was hanging with a group of young millennials/zoomers, and one of them thought saying they were "honestly so sick of hearing Free Falling" was flexing on how eclectic their musical taste was.

Doing a thing kind of like the origins of gumbo, except instead of making a stew to use up all my leftovers, I'm making a pot of beans and using up all the half-empty side-sauce cups from the last three or four places we got takeout from.

No, I'm not ANGRY your recipe calls for only one garlic clove. If anything, I'm grateful you made the effort to let me know your recipes are trash

I don't normally think of the town I live in as "magical," but today I saw a child chase a goose and neither that goose nor any of the several others in the area harmed or even threatened that child, and I can't really think of another word for that

I keep sending "unsubscribe" messages to my coworkers, but it's no more effective than doing it for spam :/

help i funded a kickstarter and now kickstarter thinks i care deeply about all the kickstarters

US Pol 

So would we call voting to dismiss the impeachment more an accessory after the fact move, or more a giving aid and comfort to our enemies move.

I am apparently incapable of saying the phrase "Enjoy your soup" without sounding sarcastic.

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