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spent pretty much all day yesterday trying to unlock the bootloader on my phone so i can install lineageos. about the only thing I have to show for it at the moment is that the thing's not a total brick, just somewhat less functional than when I started...

Well thank fuck for that I'm so tired of those inauthentic knock off milk crates

Also now Swiftkey is requiring Google login, so I'm on the market for a new keyboard app. Bonus if it's on fdroid

Our cat keeps telling me it's dinnertime. She peddles in lies.

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In the end, unless you build it yourself, it's all about who you trust.

After stumbling through interactions on our France trip, trying to more regularly listen to RFI and France 24 to keep my brain exercised in listening to French. Just caught a piece on Monsanto; it had never occurred to me that the obvious way for French people to pronounce "Roundup" is "roondoop," and I think that is fantastic

domain registered. fastmail account active. now: the slow slog of updating a million accounts, notifying friends and family of the new address, dl'ing things I want to keep. Man, when I registered that gmail address in the bright optimistic days of 200?, I did not realize how much work I was creating for 2018 me to get out from under the juggernaut

one nice thing about the trip was being in a time zone where the world cup games were at an hour it was reasonable to enjoy at a bar. i would get some judgment from work colleagues if i took my lunch at 10am to have a few pints and cheer against the colonizers though

happy to be home. Lyon is a super cool city, and I'll miss the view from the apartment we stayed in, but happy to be home all the same

In theory this phone call with Mali colleagues is well timed, because it is giving me a chance to practice my French, which I have had limited chances to do since my return from West Africa.

In reality it is mostly giving me a headache and a mild sense of dread about how well I'm going to navigate my next trip to France...

pretty excited about seersucker being so popular lately

my extremely predictable meal as a consolation prize when my wife is traveling: steak, mac and cheese, and a stout

gosh i still love parks and rec so much

tfw sporcle adds a new badge you already qualified for so it just appears in your notifications even though you didn't play anything.

(I might've changed in a lot of ways, but becoming not a nerd isn't one of them I guess)

MIT Solve offers grants to people who propose innovative solutions to global development challenges. One of the ancillary categories is named the "Blockchain for Social Impact Prize" and I laughed so that I would not cry

A French cousin is getting married, and they've asked attendees to bring their favorite local cheese. I am somehow having trouble convincing my partner that as the Americans in the group it would be HILARIOUS if we brought velveeta

so i've now watched Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and Flash up to the Crisis on Earth X for each. And really watching all of them was just marking time until this season of Supergirl came out anyway so let's go already Kara

I mean OBVIOUSLY anything with Cate Blanchett is going to be fucking great, I was just pleasantly surprised the non-Hela scenes were also solid

finally caught thor ragnarok. I actively disliked the first thor movie, and the second was just standard superhero whatever, but this one was a real gem.