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The most important "fundamentals" in modern technology is third-party developers.

This has obviously been true for mobile for a long time, and it's going to be increasingly true in cryptocurrencies. I also see this battle playing out in VR.

Under that thesis, Twitter should be devalued for destroying their dev ecosystem. Maybe someday.

macOS updates are making me envious. I haven't been to any of Mavericks, Yosemite, El Cap, Sierra, and High Sierra, yet they are going to Mojave!

Homelab is such a rabiit hole. I mean look at this thing: And people below are asking if it has an API. I'm still trying to understand why a powerstrip has a Ethernet port. 😂

Anybody wanna turn this into a startup? It's licensed under WTFPL!

I’ll never be able to figure out how this thing got into our ivy pot, but it’s been growing fine. I’m hoping it’s some squirrel or chipmunk who planted something in there and in a few years I’ll be making lightly salted roasted nuts 🤤

Last night my wife and I were walking on the street and saw a lot of smoke out of a trash can. It smelled pretty bad. I was like oh shit we should probably call the San Mateo fire department. Then this Hispanic guy who was also passing by looked closer, and he just picked the burning box out. And it turned out that was it. I felt kind of ashamed that I didn’t do anything, but there wasn’t much else left for me to contribute. So I just stomped on the flames. Then we said good night to each other.


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