filtering the void
through black coffee
my belly is warm

cat sleeping on my shoulder
drinking coffee for my brain

juggling balls and chocolate eggs the carnage leftover from easter

an old man in blue smoking
mother nature in a park sits
socially distanced from his crew.

shifting time forward has wreaked havoc on my internal clock; instead of waking up at 4AM, i’m now wide awake at 3AM two nights in a row…makes for a long day

Sometimes I get caught up in the chase for the grand gestures, the big moves. I lose sight of the nobility of small things.

Hello good people. Hope you had a pleasant weekend. I’m feeling refreshed and recharged. How about you?

Ok, so here’s a coffee contemplation for you freedom lovers out there:

How can someone be free who is attached to so many things?


Cosmo is in crazy cat mode convinced he’s a barrel racer.

She gets whoozy messing around with mathematics. The obscure symbols are like spiders scurrying from underneath an old chair to her. I had to check for myself. I hit her up with a string of numbers. She failed to compute.

Chasing happiness highs on the hedonistic treadmill is a real bummer.

Saved or damned, I want to dip into the infinite. I came into a different understanding, too bright to look at with naked eyes.

The heat from the sun feels ridiculously good on my face. It’s hard to care about anything else in this moment.

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Give me instant access, zero delay, total presence and I’m marginally happy.

They called me in to exhaust time, to expose the scandalous fault line between space and time, something I did with remarkable devotion given the circumstances of mass illusion.

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