The end of each season of The Good Place is always the worst! It's the longest possible time til the next chapter!

I love it when hardware is "sorry, cannot turn off". Oh really buddy?

I'm so sick of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube et al. I am not your product! Ugh. Does that mean I'm now officially old

"The only programming language is Javascript"... the dystopian cyberpunk future is too real

Developing apps for iOS is so incredibly frustrating I'm surprised there are any on the platform at all. GRHARGHHGrrgrrr

I think I can feel burnout starting to happen again.

And I read through them. I'm such a tryhard lawyernerd

Any recommendations for Mastodon profiles filled with pictures of , positive , etc?

Founder's log, day 314:

I still don't know what I'm doing.

Looking for more moderators for (paid), DM me if you are interested.

If I find someone I will reply to this toot, so if you find this much later than now please check it for replies before applying.

Xero is amazing to help me reconcile bank transactions... but I still have 100 to go... :(

I wonder, does it make sense to have a @Mastodon account for a brand? Or should we keep Mastodon more personal?

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