I forgot how pleasant and gorgeous mastodon.social is!

Heard of a cool tech-bro-weeding interview technique the other day. A male and female engineer conduct the interview session together. If, when the female engineer asks the candidate a question, he directs his answer to the male engineer, then he's out. They said it happens a lot

Take a look at your team. Does it represent the audience you're trying to reach?

There is no such thing as a neutral space. An apolitical space is explicitly political.

Transformative fandom allows marginalised groups to create the representation that's missing

Perhaps this talk is less about having empathy for others, but more highlighting how "empathy" in the design process is actually more damaging than empowering

"Who is in think tanks - the people with the ideas, or the people taking the credit?"

As an empathetic person this talk is difficult - I've never once considered my empathy as "pity" for another, or as a means to silence another.

"You can buy 25 different toast printers right now. Is your business ready for this?"

Some excellent analogies on the role of decisions, responsibilities and violence in software and tech.

But, we can build tech to help consumers to measure and understand their energy/climate impact

Dude talks about how technology is most definitely not a trash fire and we need more to solve problems and not take responsibility

"Until we measure what we value, we will over-value what we measure."

"We cannot imagine types of harm we have never seen or heard about." The need for diverse teams and leaders.

Ethical design needs external governance (regulation?) if the design affects these things

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